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  1. Biden finished his acceptance speech and my Series X shipped. Related? Sure, why not.
  2. I think it would be correct to say it'll do nice XB1 games, many bumped to 4k, but I don't think it would make a better 1080p machine and anything Series optimized is going to look better?
  3. Hmm, anyone hear if US orders are shipping? Haven't heard a thing since the pre order email. Getting quite close to Tuesday.
  4. Now we just need a PC owner running 3090s in SLI to show how much consoles suck and we've done the entire thread! We're getting so efficient at this.
  5. I love FH4 but hells bells the load times. All the more annoying when I discovered you can teleport around The Crew 2 as quickly as you like. Game changer. Literally.
  6. WHAT. That used to be measured in cups of tea brewed, not seconds.
  7. Yikes, good to know. I tend to do them with browser in the morning and double check last thing at night with a reminder on my phone. Back up to 83, I forget what silly number I got to before and broke it by forgetting one weekend.
  8. Full steam ahead with our Tom Clancy future.
  9. If it could at least get the assets loaded, even if you're dumped to a lobby or equivalent.
  10. Have they finished the whole development environment yet, with the PC / Series X/S / etc. targets? I vaguely recall something mentioned earlier this year, but can't keep track of anything.
  11. It's just going to look really weird if it doesn't generally come down in line with 1tb storage prices. At the end of the day, there's still a drive in it.
  12. My Switch does 900p on my 4k TV though, seems to manage. Plenty of folks managing with vanilla XB1/PS4 on those same TVs for years. And then since the One X did some native 4k, and the PS4 Pro some clever faux 4k, we've been told endlessly that proper 4k "doesn't matter". I dunno, this all feels like the equivalent of rolling political punditry to sell advertising.
  13. But it's laughable to imply the Series X/S won't be a huge step up.
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