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  1. Well, you still have to click the wreck, but selecting the loot option also flys you into range is you're not already. Sounds like they made some mechanics changes to make the cramped touch UI easier. 270 hours until Level 5 so I can get that damn Corp management skill. Balls. I notice you can't buy Biology skills yet, I guess they can ease those features into the game as they reasonably expect people to get to the appropriate sp total or something.
  2. If you're not interested, just say.
  3. The platform holder would die on its arse without said developers. Ask Microsoft.
  4. Hmm, some of the bonuses I've seen look like loot boxes, which suit whatever faction the mission givers are? Like named armour repers and stuff. Anyway, noticed you can create chat channels. Created rllmuk. Click the SMS App type icon in the chat window (middle icon), click +, then enter rllmuk and click Join. You'll then want to click rllmuk in the list on the left, above System, Help, etc. Edit Chat icon to access to the channel highlighted red. Once you're in, you might want to hit the filter, green, to hide the Help channel. So much text it drowns everything out.
  5. Makes sense, just noticed they're usually called "acquisition" something or other, too. Also just noticed that Encounters have little arcs, so there's a bonus reward if you complete the set. When you're in the encounter mission details, click the little row of icons above the isk reward.
  6. Anyone done an encounter where you need to deliver, say, 100 units of pyroxeres a few jumps? Do you need to buy it, or collect it and deliver? I'm doing a courier mission right now and it explicitly tells me which station to fetch the thing from, so I'm guessing the large payout for the other resource delivery is because you need to source the materials yourself.
  7. I was thinking more the fact that stuff on Android Marketplace was often free, and so tended toward the "you're the product" model. I assume this is why the App Store generally made more money until Android's raw numbers won out? I've ejected all this older nonsense from memory, probably recalling it incorrectly.
  8. Something else we can thank Google for, I reckon.
  9. Honestly, we could do with more money in the hands of developers, not trillion dollar companies. That way, development of small projects become sustainable, and we don't need big data bullshit becoming the monetization de jour. I would have thought Apple would be all over that.
  10. Doing some encounters. Lordy I've missed this game so much. Even the music relaxes me. I need to get a proper PC one of these days. Anyway, as I haven't played seriously for years, some interesting observations - unsure if these are also on desktop version, or if optimizations for mobile: - if you click a target and select orbit, it automatically picks the optimal distance for your weapons. That's something you had to know yourself and select very specifically on desktop EVE. Like it - once you start your turrets firing, they'll move to the next locked target once destroyed. Again, used to be manual - selecting a wreck and loot means you automatically approach it and hold a distance to loot it. Such a time saver - if you've run an encounter and don't know how to get home, go to your inventory (it's the cube under your picture on the 3 quick slots). Go to personal inventory, select the relevant station, and hit Jump (bottom) then autopilot (over on the left). Tips for noobies: Get out there doing combat related Encounters asap. Swap out those civilian modules for Mk1 whatever. Note the higher capacitor requirements, because it's entirely possible to have a set of modules that run your capacitor dry eventually (which might be OK, if you damage quickly enough to finish encounters before then). Figure out what sort of tanking you need to do, as I'm not sure I saw it explained. Example, Caldari shield tank edit - just notice the basic Omega login rewards include 2 or 3 ships during the 30 days. Can see that giving players a serious leg up at the start of the game. Edit - looks like tech levels are skill points based? Like, hit a certain skill point total. In the beta, you needed to attain levels of specific skills, and I've spent ages trying to figure out what they were. Nope, just raw total, it seems.
  11. Ok, bought that one. Looks like skills train a bit faster, too. https://evemaps.dotlan.net/ For newcomers, may be of use. The political stuff only applies to EVE Online, but it's useful to have a map. There's probably a super high res single graphic out there. I'm in The Citadel. Looks like you need Tech 5 unlocked for Corp management, don't mind prioritizing that unless someone gets there first (play time is going to be super sporadic, hence being stuck on a phone for gaming).
  12. I agree with Will, as is so often the case
  13. Literally this. The Amazon App store is a joke, and a recent story suggested Google were asking Samsung to ditch their store. And of course, Android is worthless without Google Play Services (see Amazon). We lap this up though, because Apple and Google are cool and we hate Excel at work.
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