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  1. I'm not putting my lips on that.
  2. In which we learn of more Blade Runner.
  3. Wait, Sony own Funimation? We resubscribed the other day for a specific anime, the app is so much better. Wife and I agreed, again, that we wished Funimation would buy out Crunchyroll. Their app has sucked since the get go. Constantly logs me out on any device, sucks on Xbox, PS4, Fire TV, 4k Roku sticks, anything. But their simulcast catalog and other stuff is brilliant, so you can't not have it if you're into this stuff. Anyway, I hope the first thing Sony does is fix the damn app. Edit - I should read the article first See, these mergers and a
  4. Cast your memory back to AC Black Flag and how much it looked like last gen in high resolution. Not as remotely good looking as Origin or Odyssey. That's Valhalla, probably.
  5. We knew months ago that this was their strategy. Maybe we need a strategy thread? Merits of well defined generations vs blurry lines, etc. edit - you know what, I'm absolutely sorry. Try as one might, there's no way to deescalate this. Just going to check in on Darren's morning countdown pep talk and avoid stuff for a bit. Maybe we'll all be happier once we have a new tech box our TV stands.
  6. Subjective. Not unreasonable, but entirely subjective. I'm stoked for 4k@60 NMS, deliberately missed the mid gen refresh.
  7. Sounds like we're going to have to eat this one, guessing software is easier to delay than hardware. That's on top of Microsoft's differing approach.
  8. Could someone explain the Xbox connection? What's the difference between the two that was announced today?
  9. What's the PS5 launching with? Genuinely paying no attention. Are there typically a lot of launch titles that aren't cross gen? I'm too old to remember. Given Microsoft's approach is quite different, I wonder how atypical Sony is being, covid aside.
  10. Megathreads mean we keep having these same discussions that you rightly out we can have.
  11. They are both launching hardware too early.
  12. I'm not following, what's the thing here?
  13. We've gotta end this discussion. Both "sides". There are going to be good games available for both, at launch. Rather than janky cross gen and first party stuff not properly stretching each system's legs yet, they're going to be a bit different this time, thanks to BC.
  14. I can't find the thread, but I take back what I said about the first next gen game in playing. While waiting for FH4, I'll be playing: 4k@60 NMS. Holy shit, I'm so stoked for this. Favorite game of last gen off to a bang on this gen.
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