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  1. It's definitely satisfying an itch that, years ago, would have me paying for MMOs.
  2. I've quickly realized this is the perfect game for dipping in and out of with family/friends. If you're low level, you can still do content with your higher level friends. As long as you're careful, it's also a great way to level up faster than you would on your own. Plus, given the whole point is to repeat levels, there's no real downside to doing whatever level. Like, I'll tag in as 2nd player for whatever my kids what to run through, it's all good.
  3. Oh man, just when I think I'm done and need to take up Elite for my space-faring impulses. What I need is time, not more games
  4. The green gem things? When you unlock the blacksmith, you can reroll items and get enchantments back out of older kit. I had a level 6 wolf but he wasn't cutting it any more, so sent him to the smithy and used my Llama meanwhile. He popped out 3 missions later level 28. Found some armor with 150% pet attack speed at enchanting III. It's ace, except he aggros half the map. Man I wish I'd got into this game sooner, loving the way you can dip in and out, I play on and off with either kiddo (alas, no 3rd pad, nor does the game do both local + Lan multi-player, unlike Minecraft proper).
  5. Wowzers, that's into serious money. These new Xbox ones are just $99, and I can rewards points them.
  6. That's awesome to hear. I'm halfway to buying a set on points, assuming I cave and gamble on the SSD expansion eventually being cheaper. Be good to hear your long term thoughts, once the inevitable quirks start to manifest.
  7. You know, just sack off Gold now. If it's going to be removed for F2P games, it seems absurd to run these two services separately. Stop paying to give us free games, assign those people to work with publishers on Game Pass, and just merge the two. That Xbox Live is getting rebranded Xbox network seems a good a time as any to do this. Yeah, I know GP is twice the annual cost or something, but come up with another tier if you have to. Or lower the default tier. I dunno, haven't done the sums here, just flailing.
  8. It's killing my Pi because it's laden with videos, but @djbhammer is doing an ace job of keeping the first post up to date with information for new and prospective Series owners.
  9. Can I ask a stupid question - I chiefly use a set of 9.99 Sony ear buds, because they're the only brand I can still find that don't go right down the ear canal, which I hate. So, there's the low bar for my sound quality. How do these Xbox ones sound? I assume, for me, they're going to be superb. I've got no frame of reference, though. I'll never justify $499, but $99 seems reasonable. I've got the Atmos app paid for and ready, for what it's worth.
  10. That's essentially what FPS Boost for BC is, but it needs to be done manually by Microsoft. It sounds like absolute voodoo, as you'd expect from the BC folks, but presumably hand-picked stuff as they have time.
  11. Oh interesting, hadn't read that.
  12. The Series S will be a little unfortunate to start with. If not Series X|S optimized (which needs the devs to do work), then I understand it uses the One S version of the game, whereas the Series X is treated to the One X version (again, if the devs originally added this - might be 4k60, for example). Help is on the way, though. There's a new feature called FPS Boost which tinkers at a DirectX level to get 30 fps games to run at 60 fps, including on the Series S: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/17/22287001/microsoft-xbox-series-x-s-fps-boost-feature-games
  13. I suppose 30 fps becoming unstable is a greater issue than 60. I do wish we'd do away with hyperbole like "inverse snobbery", though.
  14. Anecdotally, we're keen on a Switch Pro in this house not because BotW, which still looks stunning every time I see the kids fire it up, or Hyrule Warriors getting janky, but because our island in ACNH is complex enough to occasionally drop frames. For whatever reason, because there really isn't much going on, and it never occurred at first (while island was simpler), it stands out as the game where the whole family comments on "ANCH is getting buggy again". Is it otherwise 30fps? I assume so but never really sat and figured it out. The point is, had it continued to hit whatever its frame rate
  15. I don't think you should call it that because it reflects poorly on you and this community, but horses for courses, etc.
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