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  1. Humble Bundle sliders, where I can indicate how much of my purchase goes towards the poor saps just trying to pay the mortgage.
  2. Yeah, quite a bit saved up. Will probably spend it on hardware, though.
  3. I just realized I have 1 year left of that $1 + cheap 12m gold codes to get 3 years GPU deal. I don't think I'll be doing Ultimate when it comes time to pay proper. We're constantly playing GP stuff, but I rarely stream, I don't really care about EA titles and the only perk I really used (though I claim them all) was 6 months Spotify.
  4. You can't accidentally run over pedestrians, either. They seem to have thought of everything to make it a kid-friendly GTA type thing. Also yes you can get on the trains, for inquiring youngsters who will ask.
  5. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/06/28/xbox-cloud-gaming-now-running-on-xbox-series-x/ I dunno, certainly implies it'll all be XSX if they've finished upgrading datacenters.
  6. Just hit the $100 gift card total (~91k). Considering I blew all my points on the XSX last October, and then whatever I had handy during black Friday deals to get another pad, that's not bad for ~8 months. Again, as long as you're playing games anyway, it's trivial effort. Although, like a plum, I only realized the other night that the 2500 streak bonus in the rewards app only applies every 10 weeks, for some reason I had it in my head it was every week once you got to streak rewards being 2500. Anyway, upwards and onward to the SSD expansion or whatever.
  7. Actually, I was looking for a shooter and this is going to be it. Loving it all over again, and doing it on legendary is quite a challenge (normally do all games on normal). Plus it's gloriously colorful and smooth on the XSX.
  8. I just fired this up on my phone, with an XB1 pad wired, to do the MCC game pass quest. It's on my play list but I don't have spare data to grab it right now. Anyway, I thought I'd experiment and it was just flawless. I tried to make the smallest movements and there was just no perceptible lag. I realize there literally was, and evidently there's no Stadia AI trickery that I'm aware of, but when it's good it's flawless. It makes me wonder why it's so variable for folks.
  9. Huh Maybe it's just a new bundle of it.
  10. I don't really want to post the details publicly, but yeah, have been directly involved in a case where the company retaliated against the reporters. Not at Activision, to be clear.
  11. Thanks for making this thread, I stuffed a post about it in #metoo in off topic, but everyone should be aware of Activision's bullshit. Fuck these guys.
  12. Oh shit There are several devices, but that specific one there is $200. These are just general hotas controls that'll work on stuff like Elite too, right?
  13. Oh that's not too bad then, on par with watching a HD film or something.
  14. Oh, that's quite a bit more detail. How much data does this use? I didn't even know asset streaming was a thing.
  15. That's brilliant, thanks. It didn't occur to me to click My games & apps from the guide. It wasn't super obvious that you can hit the menu (burger) button on the pad, with Quick Resume selected there, and pin it to Home as a group. Apparently, I have 9 QRs on the go, some we haven't played in ages but it's nice to know they'd instantly pop up. I think I don't mind the reduced space on the storage that lets this feature work.
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