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  1. I quick hacked someone to death last night and they died (or got knocked out, I'm never quite sure) leaning on the front of a car. As I'm walking around looting, he slides down to the floor and the car suddenly flips on the roof. That's about as close to a "yeah, I'd report that to QA" bug I've encountered in 40 hours so far. 20 EUR feels like a steal. I'm starting to spend a bit more time down town recently and sweet jesus, I'd forgotten how good it looks. So many people, cars, Blade Runner neon that makes you squint, etc.
  2. 40 street cred so got me the net runner legendary deck. My word, I fry two people, and usually two more standing near, in one shot before they even know I'm there. Doing it from above on a building looking down is hilarious. I gotta stop arseing around playing digital Batman and do some bloody story missions.
  3. I've been waiting for the sequel to arrive on the Xbox, be a bummer if it's PC only, honestly. And the Japan DLC for the first over, which I have on Switch.
  4. Not sure I'll get to Valhalla, bit burnt out on these things. I'll definitely check out the YouTube videos, cheers.
  5. Wondering if I have to explain it that it was only mind-blowing to me . Although I haven't done the Atlantis expansion yet, I was kinda burned out after spending so long doing the main quest. But in the prelude to Atlantis:
  6. Overcooked is the most stressful game ever created. It's worse than being at work. No matter how I go into it logically, employing all the process analysis and Lean I've learned over the years, you'll still hate who you play with. That's bad when it's your kids. Overcooked 2 tried too hard, the levels are bullshit rather than fiendish. Everyone should try it at least once for family gaming night.
  7. Level 22, 40 street credit. I haven't done a proper mission in a while, I'm just driving around like Robocop cleaning up the streets. So much fun. Also, quick hacks at a level that can one shot a lot of perps now. So i hide and fry, then sweep in to slice and dice the rest.
  8. Yeah that's quite a chunk of change. I'm sure an A2 would look like magic, it's currently connected to a non-LED TCL with only dimming zones and a few years old now. Edit- sod it, ordered the A2. Will report back on Friday.
  9. Thinking of moving my XSX to the bedroom. What's a good non-massive TV to pair with it these days? Currently have a 40" 1080p, don't want to go too much bigger. Is it a case of just grabbing whatever Samsung QLED or LG OLED? The 48" LG A2 (could probably just about justify the size) is $569 in the sales right now, for example. Edit - so that's a 60hz set. To get VRR or 120hz it seems like you need to get a big tv. I'm assuming the A2 still looks good?
  10. I'm bouncing back and forth between XSX and XB1 and while the latter obviously looks much worse* I was pleasantly surprised to find it pretty stable, actually. No more quirks than you might encounter in a Ubisoft sandbox. *although, honestly, good for an old machine in the same way RDR looked bonkers on a 360
  11. That makes sense, given half of Roku's revenue is peddling data on users now. Figures the sticks would be subsidized.
  12. The streaming stick (box?) has been cancelled, apparently. Phil says the device would be too expensive. I guess there was a bit more to it than a Fire TV/Roku style streaming stick with pad support. Shame they couldn't do some sort of deal with a subscription. The roll out to TVs is probably going to be glacial. https://www.vg247.com/microsofts-streaming-device-keystone-shelved-because-it-was-too-expensive-says-spencer
  13. Yup, treated myself to the Akira bike. It's almost like a mini game driving across the map, I don't quick travel unless I'm really short on time.
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