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  1. It just has iPhone 1 bezels, it'll be in a pair of rose gold D&G glasses soon enough.
  2. They need to burn down the entire rewards back end and start over. Starting with an app that takes longer to load than games with 4k content.
  3. Bugger, will remember that next time! Reaper Bones is, oddly, the thing my daughter wants to work for. She found their recruitment table in the sewer in Port Merrick. We couldn't work out what you need to do, but... I strongly suspect some PvP is needed, given they take player flags.
  4. Where is the equivalent of Train Sim World but for sailing boats? I'd be so up for that.
  5. Oh yeah, the lad loves PvP in games. We're sat in port and he starts firing canons out into the sea. Dude! You'll attract attention, argh. No fear. I'm painfully cautious, in comparison. We'll be all about PvP at some point, it's inevitable. Must remember to point my canons vertical for now, another friendly sign apparently. While I remember - as I was finishing up last night, I pulled into port and there's another sloop docked. Rather than pulling up alongside like a bus, I dock with the bow pointing right up to the peer so I can quickly hop on and off and proceed to offload. I didn't see the player, but his ship suddenly makes a loud noise and sinks. I couldn't work out if your ship remains around a while after signing out, or if the bobbing up and down close to dock in rough water eventually caused enough damage? Either way, I picked out his merchant flag from floating in the water. The merchant NPC said I needed to take it to the Reaper Bones but I was on Plunder Outpost, which I don't think has one. Pity! It was too late at night to sail to Port Merrick or whatever. I did have fun learning how to spear barrels with the harpoon, though. Now I know how to pickup random barrels I see floating out to sea.
  6. This game is amazing. First of all, I think the art style disguises (at least in screenshots) the incredible lighting. I've talked about this before but it's just incredible in motion. It's also very quickly become my favorite multiplayer game with the kids. We've practically lived in Minecraft (and Dungeons, etc.) for years, but all working together to operate a boat is just so much fun, especially because you essentially have to sail the boat, not just go through the motions working the HUD. Anyway, the story so far. I'm a Gold Hoarder emissary now (when playing on my own, until the kids feel more comfortable with the risk/reward). About 80k in the bank and I fancy going for a Brigantine, so we can customize it. My daughter has been playing on her own, and even accidentally did the whole of the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean story on her own. She prefers to be up in the crows nest when we're all sailing together though. It's time for my son to get behind the wheel so we're trying that tonight, and I'll be up front on navigation, capstan, and front sail. None of this "left a bit, no right a bit..." nonsense, I'll be navigating giving compass directions and he can figure it out. Never too young to learn. When we do eventually get to an island, my son likes to run around chopping up skeletons etc., which is fine. Lets my daughter and I focus on solving the riddles, which she's excellent at. And last night I read you can hold RT while holding the compass to get a pad vibration per step walked, so digging up chests ought to be a doddle. Hilarity ensued last night - we were on an island and a storm followed us there. Not a big deal, although they did learn the need to remove storm water from the hold. But we're walking around the beach and my son gets hit by lightning! I'm like dude get in the bloody water, you're on fire. Nice touch though, I think that's the first time in any game I've seen actual danger from being outside in a storm. One minor thing - we rarely encounter people, I think I've seen 3 other players so far. One guy was on an island when we arrived and was helping with mobs but blimey, he stuffed this book in front of me to read and I wanted to say "holy shit dude, we're fairly new and I don't understand a word of that quest you're doing" but as I was limited to emotes I honestly didn't know what to do for him. Wondering if I should fetch a cheap keyboard or something? Same thing happened before, 2 guys were on my boat (empty at the time) and I was immediately on alert, but then one asked if I was OK through text chat and by the time I figured out how to emote they were gone. I've since read that having your mug of grog out is a way to show you're friendly, so I'll do that in future. Anyway, if you have the luxury of multiple devices (we're fortunate to have a PC, Series X, and XB1 here) you should absolutely play this game with your kiddos. Kicking myself for not doing so earlier!
  7. Oh, good call. I honestly don't remember.
  8. I'm on season 6 of Clone Wars and we're very obviously setting up Episode III. They're not even really hiding that Palpatine is Sidious, I assume this is for the younger viewers. Another megaton name drop! His EU books were brilliant. Although I'm slightly annoyed they renamed the planet, I guess making it close enough so nerds will know what it is, and yet not the actual name because that might imply too much EU stuff is suddenly canon.
  9. There's correlation between increased gun ownership and increased child mortality due to firearms. It's the leading cause of death as of 2022, according to the NEJM.
  10. Biggest takeaway for me is that the 4060 seems reasonably priced. Or not unreasonably, at least.
  11. The post did make me think of the fair trade and similar food I specifically buy, like the local black-owned company we get our coffee from. But then I also go to Walmart, because everything is expensive these days. I have quite pathetically told myself it's OK to get AC games in mega sales, when you can get the ultimate editions for 20 bucks or something. That's when I nabbed Origins and Odyssey. Minimize the payout. Good job, Stu. Having said that, I was massively into Harry Potter. We have two sets of the books (US and UK), got the films on DVDs and eventually blu ray, and quite enjoyed the first Fantastic Beasts film. But I haven't seen the second and third, I'm assuming the timing lines up with JKR spouting off. So it's possible to knock something on the head while being into it. Perhaps the thing to do is not fret too much about making sure you don't buy an AC game, because that's like pissing into the wind. What about actively doing the opposite? I've never played any of the big Itch.io bundles that support amazing causes, but I buy as many as I can. I just really want to support inclusive devs.
  12. Wow. I remember that first area the player arrived at and I was not that efficient at dispatching everyone, I promise you. Also, I tried to jump down the building, like they did, but missed and nearly died.
  13. Can confirm you need a Meta account, at least if you didn't previously have an Oculus account. But that Meta account is distinct from Facebook at least, because it let me sign up with the same email on my Facebook account.
  14. If you'd like to continue to play classic Doom without a sour taste in your mouth:
  15. TehStu

    Edge 385

    Is this me? I appreciate that, and I said I don't normally pay any attention to them. I wasn't here to seek out review scores, I was here checking something. Proclaiming Legends to be a miss just sounded weird. If you want to be told something isn't very good based on a number, so be it I guess. I promise normal service will resume without me questioning the point of this and related threads.
  16. TehStu

    Edge 385

    I hadn't realized people still rely on reviews, honestly. I don't read these threads, I only checked on this one because of a specific issue. Given personal tastes etc, I personally find it unusual to be told a game isn't very good. Now, Legends is kinda unusual and not without issues, but I'm enjoying it with my kids. I really didn't want to get into a debate, but appreciate my cryptic response didn't help. I didn't want to not reply though, given you had. Edit - read the rest of the thread here. Blimey. How I approach everything is so diametrically opposed to how everyone else does. You know what makes me play a game? People here enthusing about it. I don't really take anything else into consideration, unless it's something I was going to play anyway. I'm in the wrong thread, I know.
  17. TehStu

    Edge 385

    Have you played it?
  18. When there's some actually news about this, could someone start a factual thread, please.
  19. Oh I didn't realize there was some Elite style trading to be done. Yeah, I'm up for some of that.
  20. Starting to get the hang of this. By handing in a few glowing skulls, I'm already level 10 with the Order, although I haven't tried their quests yet. Skeletons seem to pop when you're digging up gold hoarder quest chests, although there's so much fruit in random barrels that it's OK. I spend most of my time wondering when I'll get ganked. Like, I'm almost loath to leave stuff on the ship while I go off grabbing other stuff. Am I overreacting? I've only encountered 2 other players so far, and that was while docked. They were on my boat, which freaked me out a bit. I stood there armed with the blunderbuss but after a few seconds one asked if I was OK. Before I could figure out the button to emote some sort of text response back, they'd already left. Is PvP common? Another weird thing - I was about to set off when I noticed boxes of silk, and other stuff laid out neatly on the dock. On a whim I picked one up and went to sell it to the merchant, but he said he had sold that particular box. So making sure no-one was about, I quickly nicked all 10 or so (bit of a pain, I haven't mastered pulling up tight against the dock so getting on my boat invariably means a brief swim), sailed to a different outpost and made quite a bit of money and levels with the merchant lot.
  21. It's weird to spend like 10 - 15 seconds showing them every time I play. I'll try restarting instead of quick resume.
  22. Yeah it's not while using them map, it's when I first sign in/resume. It always does the thing where she mentions the festival and then it draws on the blank map one by one the locations of festival events. Every time! Must be a bug, I guess.
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