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  1. I'm starting to, especially as you have to do over with points to have another go at the stars. If it let you replay without doing that it would surely hand more replay value. But yeah, having to pause the game to see the challenge progress is daft.
  2. Thanks for posting this and the subsequent stories. Without room to grow, there's no real benefit in doing so (unless you're suddenly inclined to consider karma or similar), so why would people? And so they persist, whether believing their harmful words or not. Society makes no progress either way. I think genuinely forgiving people might actually be one of the more difficult things you can possibly do. He says, as someone the entire world is designed around and has received no harm.
  3. Did you get it after? I'm having a quick blast on this again and noticed the message at the bottom. To be honest though, it looks really nice running on the XSX anyway, so wondered what 10 bucks could improve. Not that I mind paying. Quite tempted by the car pack which has that giant Beetle monster truck type thing, too.
  4. That's not a bad idea, if the socket is up to regular connecting/disconnecting. You assume it would be as hardy as USB A but who knows. I keep flip flopping between a huge spinning rust drive and this damn expansion. The eternal over-analyst. Sigh.
  5. Oh man, I'd not seen that. So, so far ahead of his time.
  6. I wonder if he'd applied the tech to bikes, rather than cars, we'd have had mainstream e-bikes decades earlier.
  7. Consider buying (or getting the free PDF) of this book from Raspberry Pi Press https://store.rpipress.cc/collections/books/products/the-computers-that-made-britain Some fantastic behind the scenes on the development of the Sinclair devices, and of course many others that were foundational to the 80s UK computer scene.
  8. Oh man, I didn't realize this is why I saw some Sinclair posts pop up on Twitter. Gutted He's absolutely the reason I got into tinkering with computers and where I am today. My friend had a ZX81, which was objectively terrible but also absolutely brilliant at what it enabled. My cousin had (I'm pretty sure) a Spectrum 16K, which he bumped up with the RAM add-on (and later got upgraded to a 128, which had the amazing fins on the side). My journey started in (IIRC) 1985 with the Spectrum+. Ironically, it was a slight step backwards as I'd had a Coleco Vision the Christmas before, but games for that were painfully expensive. But holy crap, the memories of my Spectrum+. Having game coding competitions with my mate I walked to the school bus with. Saving up 20p here and there to spend 2 quid on a Mastertronic title from the newsagent. The intense thrill only equaled by the massive come down of the big arcade ports showing C64/Amiga/ST screenshots alongside the speccy, on the back of the box. Regrettable, I sold my +, unofficial Interface II, lightgun, zipsticks etc, and 150 original games to pay for a Megadrive bundle with Sonic 1. I did pickup a 48k rubber key version years later though, which I brought to the US and is in my basement. Not sure it still works but I don't care, I just want the device to endure, the experience itself can be readily emulated. Man. RIP Clive Sinclair, absolute legend.
  9. I went all-in and grabbed ultimate for $30. It pays to be patient and just grab these things when they're old I did the same thing for Origins.
  10. Oh sweet, didn't know that was on sale. Ta! Grabbed it too.
  11. If you open My apps/games thing and then go to Full Library, there's a button on the right for Games with Gold. It's showing 137 games in there, is that everything I've explicitly clicked to get with Games with Gold, or just everything ever given away with Games with Gold? I only ask because the subtitle on the button is something like "with your game pass ultimate" and I wondered if there was some ultimate perk I wasn't aware of. Or perhaps it just means Gold comes with Game Pass now, and I have Ultimate, so that's effectively what's giving me the Games with Gold? Either way, I went looking for AC Black Flag, hoping to buy on the cheap, but the store only listed it full price. I clicked it anyway and it said I could just install it, having had it with Gold previously (totally forgot about that). I suppose it's because had Gold/GP not been active, I would have needed to buy it.
  12. Oh I really like this. You could have the stated number of anomalies with Neo essentially looking the same age. But - how does Zion end up with so many people when the Architect tells Neo to hand pick a few people to rebuild Zion, after the machines destroy it (which they're now good at)?
  13. I take it back, I'm on a media blackout for 4 but I'm totally here for how much time Alex spends musing about the trilogy. I think the films answer number two. Morpheus reckons it's... I forget exactly but some date in the future, but they don't know exactly. But perhaps it's much further into the future than they realize, because they have no knowledge of the anomaly iterations. I wonder if the 90s thing was just a 4th wall nod to audience goers. But, they didn't (re)create the peak of civilization because if iterations are 100 years then Neo just happens to bust out at around "the peak". You could probably seed the knowledge in the x number of people Neo chooses to re-seed Zion, but if there are people born in Zion then they're definitely going to set a physical time (and I assume this is where the ~100 year thing comes from). But I don't think Neo returns to 1899, he's.. what, in this 30s? So he isn't born until the ~60s. That's assuming the physical time of ~100 years is true. But what if it's ALL bollocks, and they plant everyone except those that bust out after the iteration start? Like the kid out the window from the Animatrix. But Neo has a physical body aging, and Neo is always Neo (we see video clips of earlier anomalies on the Architect's monitors*), so how does the Matrix reset to anything other than Neo being as old as his body? Sorry, I realize none of this is coherent, I'm just brain dumping. But it's why I love these films so much. Also, in 4, I assume we're into new waters because the Matrix is typically reset in the 90s. I think we probably also have to consider that they didn't have answers for any of this at the time, but have had to consider it now for 4. Fascinated to see where this goes (just to answer a question earlier in this thread about why anyone would care about this new film). *I love that in the original interrogation screen with the 3 agents, the camera zooms in on Neo by first travelling "through" one of the monitors in the Architect's room.
  14. I used to get this before I bought and installed the Dolby stuff, going way back. I haven't noticed it on my XSX, but I use headphones on the pad much less than I typically do XB1.
  15. Live seems to be down for some, so bumping this for folks who may not be aware of service status pages.
  16. With a particular camera setting, right? I did attempt that and was sure I was close enough to the Sydney Opera house, but it didn't trip so I went back to troubleshooting the weather. I think I'll leave it in case I need another FS achievement to hand. Alas, I barely have time to play it properly so it's been reduced to a glorified Google Maps.
  17. TehStu


    Oh man, I cheered when you dropped that cargo off. After some proper despairing lols at your expense.
  18. TehStu


    Think I need to build up some levels and cash, and maybe unlock the AWD for the GMC flatbed. I bought tyres with good grip in the mud for both scouts but I'm not high enough level for all weather tyres on the flatbed yet. Got some towers to start unlocking, methinks! Now I know what I'm doing, I might be able to do towers in Alaska with the Scout 800, too.
  19. I toggled Live Weather off and changed to a number of different things (fine, storm, snow, etc.) and it wouldn't have it. This was over a number of minutes too, as I did the full reset and QR quit. Typically, achievements pop quickly for me so no idea what was going on there.
  20. I suppose if it's the console where the owner has to stay signed in, it's a reminder which profile you're on (and the ability to switch) if you forget and just launch a game.
  21. TehStu


    I mean the map is painfully exaggerated to make it all about the core mechanics, but everything I've seen about proper off-roading seems to be represented here? For example, I managed to get back from Alaska, which the tutorial really ought not to have sent new players to so early. I figured I'd first switch to my Chevy pickup to explore Michigan and unlock towers. I did so by (frustratingly) driving the GMC flatbed you get at the start all the way to the tower where I left the pickup, only to discover you can just use the D-pad to quick change between your own vehicles. Good grief. Anyway, I started lighting up towers and discovered the Scout 800, which is so much better. This thing launches up into the air and bounces around like I see other 4x4 vehicles doing in videos. Feeling like chocolate, I tried the King of the Hill task and kept rolling the damn thing down the hill and stalling the engine. I'm really trying not to be pissed off so quit and came back to it the next day. It occurred that I ought to be crawling along in L gear, not hooning it in auto, so basically crawled up to the flags. It did require me to let it roll backwards under gravity and then inch forward again, repeating that a few times until I was able to make sharp turns on an incline. But I've seen people do this sort of slow crawl with RC cars in this rocky park we take the kids to (to see fossils). So I guess unless someone does this sort of thing and then also says it's unrealistic, I think it's probably just realistic in the sense that this isn't what we think of off-roading. And wouldn't dream of lugging a sodding flatbed full of planks while off-roading. I do dislike how it basically forces you back to the garage unless you want to wearily cross the map again and hit up a petrol station on the way. I mean I am learning routes and know how to avoid some of the pitfalls, but still. So, my predicament. I haven't finished fetching all the upgrades or watchtowers, but wanted to fix a bridge. I see I need 1 planks and 2 concrete blocks, and I've pretty much driven all the routes needed between where the stuff is and where the bridge is. Ace! So I buy what I thought was a 2 cargo trailer, hook it up to the Scout 800 and drive to where the metal is. Wow, LOT different with the trailer, damn thing gets stuck on rocks much more easily. Was winching a lot. I get there and metal doesn't fit. Sigh. But concrete does! Well, 1. So I lug the concrete up to the bridge and nearly quit a couple of times after getting stuck in mud and on rocks in ways I didn't before. But I finally get it to the bridge with a smidge of fuel to spare, fill her up, get to the bridge and... they won't take the concrete before the metal. Argh. So I dumped the trailer there. No idea if it's permanently there and if I'm out of pocket now, guess we'll see next time I play . But I think I might go back to getting all the towers and upgrades first. Complete aside, but what do the season passes include? Any DLC vehicles? I was half tempted just to fetch the Jeep Rubicon, to see what all the 4wd fuss is about (feels like Jeep owners look down their noses at Subaru owners).
  22. If you're looking for a quick achievement for Flight Sim (for the 250 points thing), change the weather during free flight. That said, I couldn't get it to unlock until I added wind. I even hard reset the console thinking QR was interfering with an achievement dinging but no, simply changing the weather seemingly wasn't enough. It unlocked shortly after I changed the weather and added a wind layer.
  23. Some of the language around whether the ecosystem constitutes a monopoly was interesting, with one eye to DoJ vs 90s Microsoft, but that's a massive ruling. Good stuff.
  24. I like big trucks and I cannot lie, etc.
  25. Did they fix the Android version bug where save games literally don't save anything? That was a joy to discover. edit - sigh, this is another timed exclusive I see.
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