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  1. The stand suggests a Dell monitor, but what's the things bolted on top and bottom, if you don't mind my asking? Really like that wide desk pad, I need to get one of those.
  2. It came up in the xCloud thread, where we got into a really interesting discussion about the network routing from you to game streaming provider. I was trying to convey that if xCloud works for you, you might just have more efficient routing. Paper studying Stadia using wireshark etc: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.09786.pdf Pertinent bit: What I didn't realise at the time of the fascinating routing discussion is that this is exactly what Google has done, by having edge nodes. So maybe that, combined with internet-enabled controllers and maybe the AI stuff, is why it's better for some people than xCloud. So the only thing we know for sure are edge nodes and a few ms saved with the pads.
  3. Just search for "google stadia input prediction". I guess it's prediction and so will have misses versus hits.
  4. Oh, really? On the one hand, playing the old SW games in coop was amazing, but the moving split-screen of modern Lego games makes me actively motion sick so I've not played them for a while. Got two consoles now, so that helps.
  5. A pro Microsoft post incoming, feel free to skip. The last few pages have been really interesting, sparked by @HarMGM's thoughtful post. I'm generally "in" on Microsoft stuff, have been forever. Our household has bought 3 Surface devices. I've paid for more of their OSes than I've yarred. But where they've got corporate generally right, they continually get consumer wrong. Not necessarily the wrong thing, but the wrong time/approach. There are so many examples of this I don't know where to start. And, of course, it's hard enough to get a small company pulling in the same direction, much less the sprawl of MS. My sense is that the broad 360-end/XB1-start period at Microsoft was a misstep. The whole leadership got stuff wrong, or executed things in a way that were wrong. That seems to be changing, in loads of ways but specifically for gaming Phil seems to have a clue what people want, and they're executing on that. Would they have bothered if the XB1 vision was what we wanted? No, of course not. They'd have probably steamed ahead with 360 momentum and who knows where we'd be right now. So when I see Phil quoted as getting excited that MS now own the Hexen IP (I mean, when did any of us last think about that?) then I'm hopefully. Not in the console warz lol you have 97 studios but where are the games way, but in a "I'm bought into this ecosystem anyway, and getting good value out of it, so looking forward to seeing where this goes" way. I hope this newer way of doing things at MS means they don't fluff this bonkers amount of property they now have. https://www.vg247.com/phil-spencer-seems-rather-excited-over-activision-blizzards-library-of-ips At the end of the day they're just providing shareholder value like anyone else, but while they continue to give something good in return, I'm in. I had to think how long ago I'd last paid for a full price game yesterday. Turns out it was nearly 2 years ago, ANCH. Thanks, Game Pass.
  6. I don't install any of those, chiefly because data caps. This is where xCloud comes in, if they're available (EA Play ones aren't). Honestly, it looks like a chew but once you build up the streak it's easy enough. I am full on dad gaming and go days between playing, sometimes. Here are the heavy hitters: - in the Microsoft Rewards app (console only), you'll get an extra 1k points every few weeks once you get the streak going. You get 7 days to do those sets. Sometimes it's "use bing 50 times", which is trivial if you're searching for guff at work. Sometimes it's earn 3 achievements - just play! I do LucasArts remasters. Sometimes the wording suggests you need to pre-order a game, but really you just click on it to see it in the store. Easy. - Also in rewards app are 2k points up for grabs each month. Typically also "3 achievements", answer this quiz, get an achievement from {bunch of popular Game Pass titles}. - In the Game Pass app (console and mobile) you'll see a bunch of quests, the most important of which is the 1k. 45 lots of daily quests, which means 22 and a bit days of 1) playing a game pass game and 2) opening the mobile app. If you're not planning to play on a given day, install Microsoft Solitaire, which is now ad-free with Game Pass, so counts as playing a Game Pass game. I used to pay for this, so that was a nice bonus for me. You'll need to do most of the weekly quests to hit the 15 needed for the 1k points, so when possible, do the "play x" quests via xcloud if you don't want to download. Nice and easy now you can xcloud directly from xbox app on mobile/PC, or directly from console. We could do with a guide to this. It sounds like an absolute chew but isn't. I'm not super worried about the workaround to get cheap GP (my $1/3yr deal runs out this Summer) because the method above is easy enough to get GP with points alone. For anyone actually having the time to play a lot, it must be a doddle to get even more points.
  7. Oh wow, in. This is despite completing the original saga on my own, the complete saga with my wife, and then doing the complete saga again on my own because one of the kids wiped my save that was close to 100%, and now it's back to close to 100%.
  8. I didn't get to play Enduro Racer in the arcade, but I just wanted to say that even just seeing this thread title made the Winning Run theme from Super Hang-on pop into my head. Lordy, I miss AM2. Can you imagine a full Super Hang-on cab but with Forza Horizon type graphics?
  9. It was all I could do to contain a proper belly laugh while I fumbled to make sure Teams was muted.
  10. For what it's worth, UWP has been unofficially dead for ages, but officially dead as of fairly recently. The actual features of UWP can still be used and that's one of the directions the new Windows SDK allows. It'll take a while for official apps to move in this direction, never mind third parties. I know the conversation was about something else, but once you hit a certain streak, yes, you can quite easily get GP for free by participating in Microsoft Rewards. That's going to mean you're primarily playing on your Xbox though, so whether it's worth it is going to vary considerably. Not sure if non-Xbox folk knew that, so thought I'd drop it in here. Hopefully doesn't look like a mansplain.
  11. I think my point stands though? I don't think the EU will rubber stamp it because the US will/may.
  12. Right, but it's not just the US regulators, presumably. Facebook have been told to sell Giphy by the UK's CMA.
  13. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/01/reports-graceful-exit-for-kotick-helped-convince-ceo-to-sell-activision/
  14. I've got a to do on my fridge to sign my daughter up for a battle.net account, which just reminded me - will things like Battle.net go away, I wonder? Transfer all that identity management to your Microsoft account, as they did with Minecraft? Same for Bethesda too, assuming they had their own thing.
  15. And World of Warcraft basically took over the MMO market after launching in 2004 and caused everyone to try and emulate it. That it continues to pull in the numbers it does is remarkable. Every mobile MMO I see is basically rebadged WoW.
  16. But do go quote those pro Kinect 2 hive mind posts.
  17. I assume they mean Kinect 2 with the XB1. It's such an astonishingly implausible statement that it's hard to take seriously. Which, of course, we shouldn't. We keep a tediously old database going here so you can just go back and quote old posts, folks have no need to imply what the hive mind here stated on any specific thing.
  18. Yeah I thought it was 6, but when I stopped flapping and objectively wrote out each machine I had, it turns out it was exaggerated in my mind slightly. (1. launch model died, 2. replacement DOA, 3. eventually sold second replacement to move country, 4. bought one in new country, eventually this died but I repaired it, 5. bought a 360E to replace #4 but it's fixed, so all cool) Wow, look at you go. {unicode gold star in large font}
  19. This. If Microsoft now have the depth of studios to (eventually) make all those games they don't have, like giving Fable to Playground, then this is more to keep the companies close enough to force them both to innovate for consumers. I guess we'll have to see how it pans out for the likes of COD, but generally, you want them both working for us, not either one running away with it. And, honestly, now that Nintendo have found their "niche" with the combined handheld/console strategy, I love that they're just off doing their own thing. I'd love a second Switch, were it not for their daft stance on save game portability for certain titles.
  20. Citation needed. Dig up the XB1 thread, it's here somewhere. I dropped the 360 (having owned 5 of them) and went PS4 on the back of the XB1 announcement. Although, so many people now have 24/7 camera/microphones that the objections to Kinect seem quaint. In fact, Kinect wasn't doing what folks routinely now allow in their homes.
  21. I have almost this exact same setup. Yes, once all your kids have accounts (e.g., under your family account) they can access your purchases and Game Pass stuff on either console. No need for another GPU sub with that particular arrangement. For example, I'm on my PC for Minecraft while they're on the Xboxes. Admittedly, I haven't bothered to set the home console for either of my kids as they don't really own anything, Minecraft market purchases aside. Off the top of my head, XSX is my home and XB1 isn't and so I leave myself logged in.
  22. Sony Interactive Entertainment? Other bits of Sony seem to be doing OK, enough to roll out a second prototype of their EV platform, recently.
  23. How long does it take to create brand new stuff? How long ago did Microsoft buy studios already committed to other projects? How long does it take to integrate big teams so they're running efficiently? What people demand of Microsoft are good games, right now, but no not those games other games you know, without buying studios but also somehow not paying for exclusives. And honestly, I don't care if any of that is incorrect or I'm misremembering bizarre conversations on this forum over the years, because it's all nonsense. Spencer is obviously setting up 1st part stuff for the future. We don't know what that will look like. Could be cash cows made exclusive, could be that and something else. Who knows. Lot of silly crystal ball gazing going on here.
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