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  1. Watermelon shine get mother fucker. 19 year old me would be so proud.
  2. I am loving all 3 of these games, even sunshine, although I am getting frustrated at certain shines. It definitely doesn’t have the polish of other Mario games though, it’s very obvious. To me though, a bad Mario game is still a good game. I still prefer odyssey over all of them though. Galaxy comes very very close, but it’s the move set in odyssey that makes it for me. Going back to it after playing all stars really shows how agile Mario now is. Surprisingly 64 is probably the second best, handling wise.
  3. You have to have a cold, cold heart not to enjoy mario sunshine. This is the first time I’ve replayed it it since it was released on GameCube, and was a little worried because I know it gets a lot of hate. I had nothing to worry about, it’s bloody lovely.
  4. Same here. Managed to get 100% in both games and managed to get one of the secret characters.
  5. My go to is a trick on a half pipe, revert, then manual, maybe a another cheeky trick on the other side, revert, manual, go into a grind, keep the grind going as long as you can, then jump off and hopefully get a manual. it’s not easy though. My best combo so far has been around 650,000
  6. Of course not. It’s more of a wind up dad thing. Anyway, I’m gonna go on and now and send the items and cash back to you in the post.
  7. She’s 13. Perfect age to antagonise her father
  8. Wow, that escalated fast! Apologies for anyone who got a visit from me over the past couple of days. Matt from ‘Da Wae’ was responsible for all these crimes, but I can hand on my heart say it was not I that committed these atrocious crimes but my daughter who finds it incredibly funny to go to peoples islands and go in the rob, after I reprimanded her the first time and told her the guys on the forum aren’t happy. She found it hilarious. I’ve kept her away for a while but this week it seems she went on a murderous rampage. Maybe lockdowns getting to her. Bit miffed
  9. I'm on the turnip exchange and found an island for 515. Im currently 4th in the queue. 17 people behind me. Island is called 'Yvsland' (no fees)
  10. First game I’ve platinumed for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. There’s not many games out there quite like it, and although it is repetitive, the constant upgrades kept me going all the way to the end. Your shark looks so cool at the end of the game - I opted for the bone armour.
  11. I felt the same. Really wanted to love this but apart from some good moments, on whole it left me a bit underwhelmed.
  12. Just keep eating fish until you get to level 4 I believe.
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