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  1. Yeh, god forbid I end up a fucking cunt like you and this lot. Actually, I never said I didn't like the console it's nice to be selective though. My dull inner monologue was an attempt to lighten the mood, but wankers like you just want to keep sticking the boot in. You fucking all star! Seriously, what the fuck happened to this place?
  2. I know, I spend ages deliberating on things before deciding to buy or not. I've got the feeling there isn't much room for a price cut on this thing though, at £199 it's a decent price I think. Although, if I got one, at least I've got a load of people I can add as friends now
  3. Err, yeh, I know you're not, bad jest....urm, soooo...should I buy one?
  4. Stop being one then please. Seriously though, every time I've tried to move the conversation on a few internet heroes come out and try to drag it back. I'm happy to be the villain here, etc etc, moving on though, ps vita, yeh?
  5. failed lurker I am. Bigots, *sigh*, I'm not going to labour on it. Suffice to say, my reasoning for perhaps wanting one of these is not identical to several of the posters in here. I'm really quite up for a PS Vita, my honest intonation was supposed to be a little playful, not "this thing's crap, what the hell is 3g, oh yeh, does it pirate games?" So yeh, lets move back onto talking about how awesome this thing is! And where I can get a good deal on one. ed: I'm going to have to buy one now just to spite you fuckers Also: "At launch the PlayStation Vita web browser will not support the proprietary Adobe Flash. However HTML5, Cookies and Javascript will be available.[55]. Sony also has put in the PlayStation Vita official Recovery Menu." hmm, WebGl support perhaps? You can see my awesome triangle in all its glory!
  6. oh hell yes (thus the braveheart joke..christ, serious thread is serious), when I'm surrounded by bigotry my hands are fairly limited. Prono mario just really seems up for an argument (as do a few others, there's a real sense of bitterness in here), it's fine dude I'll leave you to your precious Vita. (oh I'd realised my mistake in how I'd phrased things, I just hadn't realised the level of intolerance in this thread) Yeh, I'd been looking at that, that little device was a factor in my reasoning. I shall give it a second look, ta!
  7. Amazing, you're quite right. I'd love a smart phone that could play games in the same way this does! This offends you for some reason though? ed: Heh, yeh, I reacted negatively? The bunch walled into this section of the forum go through negging my posts and complaining my questions are retarded (without initial attempt to answer them or point out the supposed errors of my ways), and I'm reacting negatively. I know it's great to be on the internet, see a question and think "hah, look how dumb that guy is, lets show off how superior I am", but a bit of empathy doesn't go a miss. It's a discussion forum, I pretty much knew the answers to the questions but thought I'd get involved in some discussion, try and get a personalised feel to these points. (also, two of my points have raised debate and at least some disagreement). I actually don't think my questions are silly, they're perhaps common. I'm guilty of not explaining myself very well. ed: I did actually read a few reviews before posting in here, but found information a bit diluted and next to nothing was said about the 3G functionality. In terms of piracy, yes, I'd be guilty of playing the odd snes game which I don't own. Modern games which can be purchased, I don't pirate. So if you guys literally meant "he's after pirating vita games, BURN HIM!!" you'd be very wrong. Smart phones, I don't like purely because I forget to charge them and battery life is a pain (I'd probably be more inclined to remember to charge in this case), I'm happy with the text / phone funtion (I like having a crap phone which lasts ages, then another device I could use for browsing / playing). I wanted a feel for how people were using these devices, but I get it, dare to use the device for anything other than playing Vita games and I'll find myself struck down and sent to a fiery hell (how silly of my to think a device which comes with a browser could be used for browsing, I notice my comments regarding WebGl just get ignored, convenient). Seriously, what a bunch of bigots you are. I'll get my coat...*shakes head* pathetic! ed ed: Sorry for all the edits, I'm genuinely surprised by this little corner of the forum. I thought the discussion forum in general was fairly open minded and receptive, even to what might be the odd idiot question. ed ed ed: Apologies if I'm generalising people and if my questions were distressing for people in here. I just hope you can all find it in your hearts to let me live, let my join this community and mend the errors of my ways. FREEEEEDDOM! Ok, now I'm being silly.. ed: oh oh, and for the record before I came in here, I'd read the first few pages, about the last 20 pages and several reviews. I loved the post whereby one guy (i forget names) came in stating how crap he thought this console was (I can only assume he got negged to dead, I was reading it on a mobile phone..), only to come back several pages later writing an essay about how much he loves this thing. There is a lot of creaming over this device in here, it's just hard to tell if people are trying to justify their purchase to themselves though...In recent pages there wasn't much information that could be so useful to someone new perhaps looking to buy...
  8. Ah, crap. *breaks down into tears* why is this game hurting me so much..
  9. Ok, I was going to point out the straw man but maybe that wouldn't be totally honest of myself. Is there a good content system where by such good old classics games could legally be acquired? I notice there's PSP mini support. The last (only) hand held I owned was actually a game gear! So I really don't know what you can do with these things. I was honestly quite excited at the prospect of this, sorry that I've rubbed you all up the wrong way (gets out world's smallest violin)...
  10. Thanks! I'll elaborate on my other questions. Browser support, WebGL is a graphics API which has come along with HTML5, I was interested in the development possibilities I have a very old phone, which isn't fit for browsing. I'm not a fan of smart phones and was wondering if this thing could be my mp3 player / browser while on the move. 3G question was a bit daft, but I wondered if this was a monthly contract thing I'd have to set up or, well, I guess I better google on that one before I get nailed to a stake
  11. Why are you so defensive about this thing? It's just a console. Great for you. I honestly was genuinely interested. I was merely pointing out a few things that put me off, I had expected you guys to say "yeh, it's a bit sucky but here's some reasons why it doesn't matter". Instead I get the mob, people who seem to think the games on a console should purely be defined by the specification. I'm interested in the great games that show off what this console can do, but I also like simple classic games. I'm sorry if my questions are "retarded", again, save the keyboard heroism, use some manners and politely point me at google if my questions are upsetting for you. Strictly though, is it a games console? The ps3 was marketed as an entertainment system. This thing plays music, videos and games, did you know you could play games in a browser? Who'd have thought..
  12. Are you being sarcastic? Same reason I play snes games, mega drive games, spectum games on my multi-core, gigabytes of ram, surround sound, 4 disk raid 10, directx 11 based graphics card PC. Because it's fun..who'd have thought! *facepalm* ed: Seriously guys, cut the elitist crap, a bit of common courtesy isn't hard.
  13. Like I say though, I lost over 30,000 souls on the journey back to him (both times jumping off a ledge rushing). I reckon I put over 100 (upon reflection perhaps it was more like 50, I can't remember, it seemed like over 100) attempts into him, mostly trying to backstab, it then took about 10 attempts by parrying. I have no idea why I didn't spend the souls first. Lost my humanity again lately. Every time I reverse hollowing I die within 5 minutes. ed ed:
  14. Havel dead, 4 parries. Found some semi-transparent men in some garden type place, kicked my ass. This game just keeps giving..it to me...painfully.
  15. One thing I could do with help, I bought the heal spell miracle but have no idea how to use it :S couldn't point me at an idiots guide?
  16. Hah, yeh, got bored of trying to back stab.
  17. I've now lost over 30,000 souls trying to kill that Havel thing. I can get him down to about 25% health after 3 parries, always goes wrong after that. Why am I doing this to myself...
  18. Heh, yeh, reminded me of The Clue a little.
  19. I hate humanity, when ever I do a reverse hollowing within 5 minutes I'm always dead. I'm making my way through this game nicely, I figured I'd give the Hyrda a go, it's now chopped up into little pieces, ended up with 10,000 souls and an option of upgrading the drake sword with the dragon scale(is it worth it?). I thought I'd hold off spending all my souls for a while. There was one black night dude that was bugging me, the one that can one hit you that lives at the bottom of a bunch of spiral like stair cases (before the Taurus). I'm tougher now, I'll kick his ass. I made my way in his direction with all my souls, he one hitted me. I figured I'd finally use my sacrifice ring, seemed like as good a time as any. I took a stupid route in front of the drake / dragon, I thought I could roll / outrun it's flames, it killed me :| ring gone. I tried a different route and sliced my way through the usual zombie crowd making my way back to the tower. Got my souls back! Then got one hitted again even after getting a load of back stabs on the guy. The route back was easy, I sprinted there, thought I'd get fancy and did a running jump at one point and landed sword down on a zombie. I get back to the night, at this point I'm pushing 20,000 souls, get one hitted again..ffs. Sprint back, do my running jump thing off into an abyss. Souls gone... Anyway, I've actually buit up another 8,000 souls just running back to him and getting killed over and over and over and over... Fun times! I did have a question! Is it worth upgrading the drake sword? ed: I forgot the best bit, I didn't even swear when I died! I'll have to apologise to the neighbours for all the previous deaths..
  20. When does this kind of thing happen? I've only had one successful summoning but haven't seen any raids or much else...
  21. Interesting: http://tomkinstimes....ool-struggling/ Liverpool (All Comps): P40 Win%=50, Points Per Game = 1.78 Carroll starts: P22 W13 D5 L4, Win%=59, Points Per Game = 2.00 Carroll doesn’t start: P18 W7 D6 L5, Win%=39, Points Per Game = 1.50
  22. I tried the elite knight armour, hated it. Instead have upgraded my black leather armour. I now need "large" titanite shards, which I've not seen in the game so far. Killed that butterfly thing at least. At level 28 with 15,000 souls and an inventory fully of random stuff such as dropped soul items. What does a talisman do?
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zB9-8Civ8Q Something good from the game?
  24. I think I've picked that up but hadn't given it a second look as I love rolling around, I didn't actually try it on so perhaps I can still roll about... I also picked up some armour that was sat in front of the hydra, is that any good? I've been putting most of my souls into dex, str, stamina and some towards whichever contributes into health.
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