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  1. Hey @Thor, glad to see you still lurk here. Any chance of you dipping your toe back into a few ACC races?
  2. I've just done my practice session in the Porker - so you will not be alone on the grid, my Germanic-wheeled friend!
  3. The Metro Exodus Ray-Traced only Enhanced PC edition came out last week. Ive been playing it , and it runs brilliantly and the lighting is gorgeous. I never played the non enhanced edition TBF, so I cant compare it to the original. But as an example of what lighting can look like, its a real winner. The "get the train from the hanger" indoors level was gob-smacking in the lights/shadows department. I suspect the DLSS 2.1 implementation is really helping the performance here (Ultra everything @1440p with DLSS on Quality is giving me 90fps -ish on my 3080) Also, Nvidi
  4. Its a green Merc! Damn that looks bumpy. Imagine the in car footage from Oulton.
  5. That server is spitting out a lot of data! Just took a look at all the laptimes and so on. One thing that caught my eye was the red "C" icon on some laps. e.g. What were you doing @Meers?!
  6. Its in the highlights video (timecode 4.45 ish), I bounce up on two wheels as I hit the curb sideways, and amazingly collect it all up and carry on without having a massive accident No real harm done. Glad you enjoyed racing in VR. I got a similar cheeky punt in the rear from young @davejm in the second race. Couldn't save that one though... Congrats to our race winners tonight @texlex45 and @SharkyOB Highlights from Race 1: Highlights from Race 2: Bonus "Code Brown" moment I had in the mountain sect
  7. Excellent post - welcome to the world of VR - its amazing Although TBH, my first thought was actually "oh shit, he's going to be even faster now!" Looks like you may have a new championship challenger in the shape of @Erik, based on his rather brisk practice timings...
  8. I was in the same Discord channel as you, chatting away to you and got nothing back. Rude! (good luck getting it sorted for tonight)
  9. Pics of it all set up please. Do love a good "here's my sim rig" shot
  10. I inherently liked the bloke doing that video update.... hes got a decent sense of humour
  11. 5 mins of qually here means one out lap of about 2 1/2 mins, and then you might JUST squeeze in two flyers if you made it out of the pits sharpish at the start of the session. Otherwise, or even if you have to fall back much to get a decent gap - it will just be a single lap and its going to be chaos
  12. Bathurst? CRASH-Hurst! My "CC – Car Control" rating took a beating practicing tonight. I must have dropped 5 points (now I'm low 80's) I tried a selection of cars. I was about equally fast in the Cayman and the Alpine. But the Alpine was constantly trying to kill me. Wow, the lift off oversteer on that thing, it just snaps round so quickly. And at the top of the mountain section with the two very fast lefts, I often have to have a little lift to not hit the wall or go onto the kerb on the exit before the little straight - and round the Alpine goes! So
  13. Hmm, still couldn't see it just now. Will try again this evening. Had a practice (locally) on Bathurst instead - with the BMW GT4. OMG, it felt so slow. It seemingly refused to accelerate, or felt like I was driving with the brake lightly applied. My best lap was a 2.19. Terrible. Something must've been wrong. I cant be *that* far off the pace, surely?!
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