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  1. This reminds me of the co-op Steam game "Alien Swarm" - except swapped from top down to 3rd person.
  2. Its my Birthday today (49, woo!) and my daughter (12) made me a little animated "Birthday card" which she sent me this morning. Thought you guys would appreciate it. I knew instantly the car/track/corner and where she'd sketched the clip from too IMG_0749.MP4
  3. Well that was a rollercoaster of an evening for me. I joined the server expecting qually, only to find the screen saying "30 seconds to race start". I lobbed in 60 litres of fuel in a panic, and hit drive. Discord was silent and I thought - shit, I've ballsed up tonight's timings. When you guys did the formation lap/practice start I *genuinely* thought that was the evenings race start! I was so confused when everyone stopped after a few corners. It threw me completely So then on to *actual* qually and I bashed in a 2.02 - which I was really pleased with having done
  4. After a bit more offline messing - I think I'm going with the Lambo EVO for this season. I've had a stab at a green themed livery too:
  5. Had a practice in the NSX GT3 Evo as I really liked the look of it. OMG, what an unstable car. I was spinning two or three times a lap. I think in 8 test laps I didn't complete a single valid lap. It doesn't suit my driving style, clearly. I then swapped to the Ferrari EVO. Much more stable. I bashed out laps quite easily. But my fastest time was a 2.05.7 - and in the Merc previously I was doing 2.03's I think. Hmmm...
  6. I assume we get to pick new cars to run for Season 4? I quite fancy a swap away from the bruiser Merc TBH. Do we need to state what we're entering in the forum, or just is it a "run what ya brung" on Thursdays opener? I'll get designing a new livery - I'm still including my "trademark" green chrome though! Sorry @Meers
  7. My game looks good in the replays, but in VR it doesn't look anywhere near that! I was half listening to your upgrade parts list on Discord while I was driving - what bits are you missing now? What's left until you can build a new PC?
  8. Great racing tonight guys! I had some really good duels with @mrben09 @davejm and @Count Buffalos across the three circuits. I hadn't practiced at all this week and just jumped in the Audi because it was safe/idiot proof. It drove well enough but was pretty dull TBH - wont pick it again. Highlight videos are uploaded - but the HD and 2K versions will take a while to process... Race 1: Race 2: Race 3: @extremepabs - on lap 3 you show off a lovely drift - well held!
  9. A teaser for a new wheel has popped up. No details - looks like a Ferrari F1 style rim. Hopefully its a new base that's Direct Drive to compete with Fanatec's Podium line! https://www.gtplanet.net/thrustmaster-new-wheel-april-20210208/
  10. Not a bug, but a massive QOL improvement - why havent they added a "favourite" button for multiplayer servers yet?! For VR users it really would be a big help not to have to keep typing in the server name filter and searching...
  11. OK, I've done the recordings of the last two sessions and they're uploading now. Will post the YouTube links in a bit... I personally loved the tandem drifting by @Count Buffalos and @SneakyNinjaat the start of the Snetterton race I see they've introduced a few bugs in this British GT release. One is a graphical glitch in the replays - the dust clouds created by cars going off track, seem to get stuck "on" and the animation for the dust just loops over and over during the replay. It even survives a rewind past the point the cloud was created, so that you can "see the future"
  12. That was fun! What a great bit of DLC. Having to learn 3 new tracks in one night gave my old noggin quite a work out. Throwing in a different car for shits and giggles too (I went BMW, cant really say why...) also added to the mental load. Oulton was bumpy as hell! Donny was like a billiard table in comparison. I thought my force feedback had crapped out on me as I pulled out of the pitlane. I did at least know the layout, so was able to get to learning braking points a bit quicker. Really enjoyed that race. And then I got 3rd place at Snetterton. New fa
  13. Meanwhile I'm still disappointed that Kunos never added Ray Tracing to ACC - they clearly had it working at some point:
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