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  1. I haven't read the books - so Ive come in totally cold to this story - and I've watched the first two episodes and have bloody loved it! The casting worked well, the effects were top notch and the whole thing felt grounded and polished. Lee Pace was great, even if he was just recycling his Ronan the Accuser character. I am really looking forward to the next episodes.
  2. That's not what that means according to Urban Dictionary!! https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=windmilling
  3. My guesses include: 1. That is a 3000Watt doorbell chime 2. Vigorous horizontal jogging in the bedroom directly above this 3. unintended consequences of a cheap baked beans super-sale at the local supermarket Any of those close? edit: nice spoon collection
  4. Can you tell it's Friday? #workinghard
  5. @milkoYes, I commented last night that they really need to implement in car model head turning at the very least - so we can see when we are looking at each other. As it is the other car's driver just constantly stares ahead all the time and it freaks me out. It's almost passive aggression The Quest could easily add in its bare-hand tracking tech too. Matching your exact hand movements on the wheel and shifter and waving to fellow drivers would be brilliant. I have to try and tune out when the in car model is shifting with their right hand while my gear stick is mounted on the left. If I focus on it it makes my brain do a weird. In summary I *love* VR for driving - but its still possible for it to be even better:
  6. I loved that. Some of those old cars are just I enjoyed the "race" at the end too. I thought the bit with me ramming whoever it was who'd done an Austin powers and got themselves wedged in between the Amubulance and the Fire Engine was a highlight
  7. What time shall we try to all show up on the island then? 8pm UK??
  8. Also had a quick go and found the frame-rate (on a 3080 on PC) to be horrible. Even with G-Sync enabled it was very off putting. I cant tell if its the animation rate, or the actual FPS, but I found it unbearable. I also got stuck in a menus twice in 15 minutes, unable to quit out (XboxOne pad button and the backspace key both failed to do their jobs!) Too many games to play right now - so uninstalled it.
  9. The roads are narrow and quite slippery. There are quite a lot of areas up the side of the mountain that have large drop offs and no guard rail. I'll be picking something other than the Cobra or the Viper I think. Looking forward to exploring and just chatting. edit @Meers That rim looks the nuts. Very envious!
  10. I assume you've loaded up all the car packs too I dont think you can join without them, even if you dont actually choose to drive one of the modded cars
  11. I went to Race Department and used the following link to install the X-Bow https://cdn.esport-simracing.com/content/cars/ks_ktm_xbow_gt4.zip Whatever we both did - its fixed I can join now, using that car. Previously the X-bow mod I had was 74Megs, vs this one at 82 Megs
  12. @davejm I get a checksum failed error and get kicked if I pick the KTM X-bow. That's an addon car too, and I can see from Race Department that a few versions have been released... Could you add the one the server is using to the folder. Ta!
  13. Done!
  14. It was a sarcastic hated it. I bloody loved it!
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