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  1. True to the " 'muk motto" I came into the race tonight very rough with almost no practice. I had a great initial tussle with @mrben09 and @davejm which resulted in a few place swaps over the first few laps - but sadly I then ballsed up by tapping Dave in the boot lid in the braking zone into Turn 1 sending him spinning out. Sorry mate! Like the good gentleman I am, I then waited for him to adjust the stereo and do his hair in the rear view mirror before deciding to restart his engine and carry on - by which point I was dead last. Cross with myself for my stupid error, I then didn't pay attention on the next chicane and hit the wall causing front end damage. So I pitted, repaired, refuelled and headed out 2 laps down. But the car felt good and I put in consistent clean laps after that. I could see I was closing in on @mrben09 and managed to overtake him as he exited the pits after his stop, and soon after I caught up and overtook the car in front of him too. Obviously a few folk retired or got DSQ'ed but amazingly I ended up crossing the line in 8th. I have had a really hard time with work recently and I was also struggling to find the motivation to jump on tonight. But I had a great time. 2 hours of my brain thinking of something totally different from work (and having fun!) I feel massively refreshed! Great close racing by the guys up front. The replay video shows so much overtaking for the lead. Nice work!
  2. I'd be up for a London meet, or a "racetrack near London" meet. I managed to meet up with @SharkyOB and give him a rllmuk racing sticker recently too, BTW.
  3. Releases this Thursday! Now with jiggly boob physics
  4. I'm sitting here reading the forum, wanting to race and I still cant join you this week. I'll be back next week though... dont lose faith in ACC @davejm
  5. Yeah, this is me just about to get in the old Sim-rig. Gotta be worth another 500 ranking point for the one handed log-holding alone!
  6. Agreed - those guys were fast when there was no traffic about. Trevor was easily able to catch me up by 0.5 to 1.0 sec a lap when he had clear air. But as soon as it came to racing/overtaking, he was missing his braking spots, dive bombing and generally a red mist seemed to descend. He'd fly past, go wide, or off, and I'd then I'd go back in front again, get a 1.5 second lead as he rejoined and then the cycle would repeat a few laps later. At the first left and the hairpin I held my breath expecting a shunt each lap. Just got hit the once - so no real harm done - just my tattered sanity
  7. That ranking increase is a bit odd. I guess I gained a few places from my starting position - so I'd expect that to count ...but then so did you Dave. I find it interesting to see that Trevor, who caused multiple incidents (see the video below) still gets a decent score there. Anyhow - had a great nights racing. Brilliant to be back! Here is my highlight reel:
  8. I'm really looking forward to spending some time racing tonight. Like most of us it seems, I've had very little seat time in the last month or so. Mostly due to it being so damned hot. I've just remembered to put the magic VR hat on charge so it's ready for tonight though. Annoyingly I'm not available for the first two proper races of the new season... got a work trip to the US getting in the way. Not that it will affect my ranking in the championship much I suspect
  9. Yes, you can roll about to dodge bullets - you're not misremembering it. I *loved* playing tabletop Car Wars back in the day too. Happy memories of playing that. I still have all the rule books, maps and car counters in a cupboard somewhere
  10. I've tried putting in a few laps on the Imola practice server this week. It's still unpleasantly warm donning the magic VR hat! About 5 laps in and I'm a sweaty mess... Also - who is Oliver Miller? I dont know how his logged time compares to "the regular fast guys" - is 1.43.7 decent? Regardless, I can't quite match it
  11. @Meers There was a link on the last page - £1 for ten!! https://www.stickermule.com/uk/deals/a113a377?ref_id=7527502701&utm_medium=link&utm_source=invite Alternatively, I'll send a few out by snail mail if you PM me your postal address... (hint its cheaper to just order ten new ones!) @SneakyNinja - I like your cut out shape, thats' better than my plain oval. Dammit
  12. My custom stickers arrived. Lovely high quality printing, but they're a bit smaller than I had imagined...
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