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  1. @davejm - can you put a practice server online and link it to the rllmuk racing website? I'm keen to do some laps (on pretty much any combo... not too fussy) and the visibility of my times gives me an extra impetus to push a bit harder, or some, back again and have another go.
  2. I've driven a bit more today (day off!) and I'm not sure the McLaren is the right car... Ive now found that if I trust the downforce, I can take almost all the corners flat out - which isn't quite so much fun. Maybe the Formula Vintage Gen 2 is the right class after all? Also, theres a nice period correct F1 livery pack for those cars we could use: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ams2-f1-1969-season.54050/
  3. Spent a bit of time in the sim-rig this evening trying out 1970s Spa. It's got that "Fat Alfie AC mod track" vibe. Lots of great old school textures - especially the advertising hoardings. Grass, posts, fences and trees everywhere. Lovely touches of the Belgian countryside - houses and parked up period-correct cars. It's gorgeous. To drive it is very different to modern Spa. Wide open corners taken flat out in lots of places. Radillon/Eau Rouge is totally different. I mean, its the same set of corners and hill, but you have to break for a much sharper initial left, then head up the hill right, and left - but avoiding a barrier now on the left, and the grass on the exit on the right has no runoff. Almost zero room for error. In the 1970 Formula Vintage Gen 2 Brabham, it was fun - but theres very little front end turn-in and grip. So then I tried the later 70's Formula Retro Gen 3 McLaren MP4/1C. So much faster. Still flat out for large sections of the track - but much more exciting overall. Loved every minute of it! Brilliant fun.
  4. Yes please!!!
  5. Another big AMS2 update today - the official release of Spa 1970 and the new car mentioned last page, but now with some oval US tracks: Changelog here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1066890/view/3458229997612646707
  6. Anyone watch Top Gear this evening? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001fhy8/top-gear-series-33-episode-4 I was amused to see they took a few "off the street" people (with admittedly a bit of karting experience, or similar) and set them on a path to compete in some proper GT racing. As part of their story, they took a trip to the McLaren centre and met Lando who sat two of them down in their (cheap! Logitech!!) simulators. They fired up ACC to practice on. They all ran the McLaren 570S GT4 around Donington, and I was interested to see what their times were... Lando did a 1.38.520, and the two newbies did a 1.43 and 1.44 respectively. I just checked - my fastest time round Dony in a 570S is 1.38.6 I could have almost have kept up with Norris! And most of you boys would have kicked his butt! Very interesting, I thought...
  7. Very true! I just dug out this screengrab from when we practiced at Silverstone in July 2020. So in my case I've got from 2:08's to 2.00 in two years... And these are pre the 1.8 patch lap times when the cars were faster (the currently applied nerf added about 0.5 to 1.0sec in laptime). Clearly my increase in pace is due to all the expensive sim-hardware Ive bought since then. I must buy more
  8. Oh god no, when I drifted it I lost 2 seconds in that sector alone. Good excuse to repost this bad boy:
  9. I watched it thought the exact same thing. Highly trained assassins duelling it out, and not one head shot? Ridiculous. Its all body shots and then get in close for swords/knives and kung fu - because it looks cool.
  10. I thought it was a decent game - but I *really* enjoyed it with all the shinies turned on when I got an RTX card... looked phenomenal. Looking forward to another outing with even more effects!
  11. I can see OJM Chicken, Phil and Whacky Teddy all got great point scores despite not completing that many races - I guess with more attendance they'd be challenging for top spot. But hey, you showed up and raced consistently and scored those point legitimately - congrats on a well deserved 2nd place! In our little battle at the start yesterday, I got a decent start to nab your 3rd from you and I was able to punch in a few 2.00 laps - but I really struggled with consistency. There are so many corners that I just cant do well unless all the planets align and lady luck gives me her blessing. I seem to lose loads of time by screwing up my line through "The Loop" that then hurts my pace all the way down the Wellington Straight. The first corner Copse is basically a lottery on if I do it cleanly, go really slow, or go wide and pick up a track limits warning. I can easily end up unintentionally Tokyo Drifting my way through the Maggots/Beckets set of corners. Every now and then I get it right and find Ive gained 0.8 second. And Abbey - flick it right and hope for the best? Anyone else puckering hard there? And hands up who has Brooklands and Luffied sussed. I hate Silverstone
  12. I've just seen some interesting news off the back of EA announcing the binning of Project Cars franchise... Some modders have developed tools to unpack and repack PCars track and car data files for a while now, but haven't released them because the game didn't officially support modding, and EA wouldve tried to shut them down. However with the news above, one modder has decided it's now time to release one of them. And with AMS2 being based of the PCars Madness engine it now seems that it ought to be possible to: a) move all the existing cars and tracks from PCars 2 over to AMS2 b) create new content and package it up to import into the game... This *could* be huge news! Imagine all the AC content getting posted to AMS2...
  13. For my replays I have the Epic setting selected (@1440p), contact shadows set to on, DLSS off (yep, that can cause some ghosting) and I have TAA applied in the Gen 5 variant. HTH. I wish it looked like that in VR!
  14. And that's a wrap for Season 11! Congratulations to Ryan for giving us all a good drubbing! Well done to runner up @SneakyNinja too!
  15. So ACC is the newer game, but its not really the sequel to AC - it was a sideways move for more focussed competitive racing sim. There is an "Assetto Corsa 2" in development currently - which we are assuming will be a moddable larger scope sim racing sequel to the first one. Confused yet
  16. It's coming to the end of its scheduled DLC releases and has been out for a number of years. It's still a sim at the top of the pecking order though. ACC pretty much cant be beaten for competitive GT racing. (but that's *all* it does) Is it worth getting - on PC, for sure. Although its a sim and not as much of a game as Gran Turismo. On console, I've not personally tried it, but its supposed to be a bit behind in both updates and DLC releases. Not all the reviews on console have been as glowing as on PC. It's missing the ecosystem of Low Fuel Motorsports, or SimRacing.gp championships and stuff on the consoles too. Hardware support is also much more limited on the consoles too. On PC, anything with a USB plug on it is fair game - and thats likely the format where all the cool dashboards and triple screen set up vids have come from. "driving amongst real-world traffic" - now this makes me think - did you mean the original Assetto Corsa? That's a much older game - still brilliant mind, but needs modding these days (again on PC) to look as you'd hope. And add real world traffic. It can have a much wider range of cars and tracks - basically everything possible has been added over time via mods. On Console its probably *not* worth getting these days, simply due to the lack of modding. HTH
  17. Anyone up for a forum Sim-racing meet in London? F1 race themed bar - with 60 motion F1 simulators making use of the rFactor 2 platform, team-based and all-venue racing formats, along with different modes for all ages and abilities. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.f1-arcade-venue-offering-fans-the-ultimate-racing-themed-experience-set-to.3r119PuMXnEH5HQl9t2aU6.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Ogilvy&utm_campaign=20221107_F1Arcade_Unengaged&utm_term=20220101_BreakingNews_OptIn_Unengaged https://f1arcade.com/ Booking is from £14 per person per race (no details on race length given)
  18. A little review of Rennsport's Alpha build. Doesn't look too bad - certainly not utter shite like the video above implied - but on the face of it, its just another ACC/GT3 racer, and I dont have a burning desire for another one. I'm actually more interested in why he blurred out his wheel rim - some new hardware under NDA perhaps?
  19. I had a great race tonight. Really enjoyed my battle with @davadvice1 in the mid part of the race. And very happy with getting into the 1.24's eventually too - having not troubled that in either practice or qually sessions. I even picked up 6th place on the final lap as @Ian Paskin span in sector 3 and couldn't get back off the gravel quick enough...
  20. On my Quest 2 I also think it looks way better. Its both a sharper image and better performance
  21. Over 30 seconds quicker! Sheeeet.
  22. Is it a happy server? It fell over on me yesterday, mid practice, and then didn't seem to come back up for the rest of the day. Today I saw it was alive again so I've done a few more laps, but the times aren't showing on the rllmuk practice website. Have the logs got stuck somehow maybe?
  23. Another Dev update talking about some of the new content planned: https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/automobilista-2-october-2022-development-update.27369/ Highlights: 2 new tracks and a teaser: Spa-Francorchamps 1970 - a 14km recreation of the historic layout Nürburgring 1971 layout another track they are looking to add to the game in 2023 (rumoured to be LeMans) A new car: Corvette C4 GTP Low downforce and oval variants for some existing racecars Helmet Livery Customization Radar HUD integration further developments to the Advanced Mechanical Damage Model (e.g. engine failure) The future is looking great for AMS2 IMHO.
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