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  1. £14,500! 8 x 3070's ought to be about 4 grand (at RRP, yeah, I know...). Another grand (tops) for the frame, CPU/mobo, RAM and power supplies. So somewhere around £9000 profit? Madness. Its about 60 MHash/s for a 3070. So 8 x 60 = 480 MHash/s - and that would earn about £20 a day in Ethereum (then subtract your electricity costs) Even if you wired that thing up to the streetlight outside to steal "free" leccy, it would need to be on, mining constantly for TWO years to break even!
  2. Yes, the way ACC auto picks the moments for the highlights reel is a bit odd at times. It will frequently show the leader passing a backmarker, while ignoring a battle for position or collision further down the pack. And events I know I want to see are often missing. Shame there isn't more user control over what goes in them. As @milko says, set your game to autosave the replays, and you can watch back the incidents that way...
  3. My name is still wrong Meers - Alastair if you don't mind Also, looking at the simgrid results table Daniel Witschi seems to have the fastest lap with a 01:41:925 - so I think the extra points need looking at @davejm? (does it show fastest laps even if they are invalid?)
  4. I bloody love Kyalami! I put in a personal best in the practice session, and then beat it again in Qualifying to nab 7th position on the grid - which I was really happy about Got a decent start and capitalised on others having incidents ahead and ended up running 3rd! I knew it wouldn't/couldn't last, and sure enough the natural order resumed as the faster guys caught me up. I dropped a few places and settled into running, I think, 5th? Then a few laps later I made an unforced error, went wide, and that allowed a mid pack group to catch me up - next thing I know @m
  5. Once the simracing.gp server is up (after 7pm UK time), you can search for "rllmuk" in the ACC server browser and you'll see the race server also appears... just join that one rather than the full time practice server. The full name is given on the simracing.gp race properties page if you need it (https://beta.simracing.gp/events/15F53df_i-jK6ZkpW-PzN) and will be called "simracing.gp | rllmuk Racing | Season 5 Round 4 @ Kyalami #1CCE6"
  6. Sorry if I'm being Captain Obvious (tm), but the rllmuk practice server that's up now, *isn't* the server that we race on later. You need to join the simracing.gp one once the event timer fires it up... I'd hate for you to miss the start of the fun by being in the practice server all night. Good luck later!
  7. Me: I can guarantee that on the last lap I will *gently* kiss that kerb as I begin to relax with the finish line in sight. Also me:
  8. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/xiv-assistant.38013/
  9. At Kyalami I struggle with exit corner traction a lot following turn 10, Leeukop. I get on the power after apex, and then as the corner progresses the rears spin up and I have to put in an armful of oppo, and in doing so time bleeds away. I see some others example laps where they just seem to be able to mash the throttle and drive off that corner without any issue and I wonder if my Ferrari is broken I can delay the power input, or only give it maybe half throttle until I'm pointing straight down the hill again, but that feels horribly slow - and I'm too impatient ! me:
  10. Welcome! I'm English and my English is also terrible!! The more drivers on track the better, look forward to racing with you soon
  11. I really struggled in a practice drive just now. The rear of the car was very very loose - using the default aggressive setup for the 488. Track is ace though!
  12. And another small edit please.... I'm an Alastair, not an Alistair. But you can call me Al
  13. This real names vs forum names thing is a bit of a pain, isn't it. No one has objected (yet) so I'm going to take a punt and post these. They uploaded overnight, but they're *still* processing the HD/2K versions this morning. Excuse the blurriness until that completes - someone needs to lob some more coal in the YouTube conversion server!
  14. Has anyone paid for sim-racing coaching? I know some of the faster chaps on here have been on board to offer tips with others, which is great, but I've often wondered how good the paid-for coaching can be. So I found this video by "Worlds Fastest Gamer" and now real life GT3 driver for Team RJN motorsport, Jaaaames Baldwin, to be very amusing. He basically pretends to be a bit crap to a Coach Dave Academy trainer and then sends it on the last few laps to improve by 4+ seconds. His summary is, the coaching is great, very patient and some great tips. But its a fun watch...
  15. Is anyone NOT OK with their real names being revealed? All the highlight videos I normally post are now going to show driver names instead of forum names. Shout now if you'd rather I didn't upload them publicly (I do have both races BTW. Also, is the server configured differently for creating the highlight videos do you know @davejm? The videos are waaay longer they they would be usually. 12 minutes ish, vs 2 or 3 minutes from the old server... ) I'll probably post them in the morning as a result - they're taking an age to upload.
  16. Does at least one of us have to be in the sever at 7pm to stop it from shutting down as a no show event 10 minutes later?
  17. server goes live for practice at 7. Qually starts at 8.15 (UK times)
  18. I sold that exact wheel and shifter a month or two back for £150 (via facebook Marketplace, locally) which I was very happy with. I think you'll get over a £100 easily.
  19. Pre-orders are being taken for October delivery arent they @davejm ? That's going to be an agonising wait
  20. The simracing.gp website gives you the unique name of the server for each event (and the password, but that's the same as its always been), and a little copy button. I'd just do a search for the server called "BIE2Y" I joined from within the game's server browser last week... you don't it from the the simracing website. I assume you can do it via Crewchief - but I don't use it, so I don't know.
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