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  1. Halo - 10 MK:DD - 5 this was when edge lost all respect for me. Wii sports - probably end up being and even bigger system seller than tetris. the $$$ is more important than the edge 10.
  2. Wii First - wii sports the perfect multiplayer game, had some mates over for new year - some never played games some hardcore - the hardcore like it but are slightly miffed at loosing to nongamers Its a machine for everyone and it proves it right out of teh box. Suprise game - redsteal - i avoided it like the plague after the online backlash - got it for christmas - only a few levels in but so far so good, i prefer the controls to COD - very sensible not too over the top - its good for spectators too! Zelda - great game - does it justify buying a wii for though.... dont know aside from widescreen there is no real bonus to it - the controls work well but are not spectacular like wii sports- i'd say not if you have a GC with zelda, but a must for those who lack GC or have a Wii and want an instant classic. Virtual console - a lump of shit on day one, now I cant stop playing sim city! I also enjoy / get frustrated in equal measure by donkey kong country (looks great), and also castlevania 4 (looks crap - nice tunes though). internet browser - a god send - makes wii the total package! overall - best console ever - and it will only get better!!!
  3. Hi, im looking for a dance / house remix of this for the new year, any recommendations? free mp3s would be best. cheers in advance
  4. I am suprised how good the wii version was. Seeing the screen shots in various mags made this look like a late n64 game, seeing it side by side with x360 shows that wii is capable of next as well as new generation gaming, will xbox360 look so good on my crt? im sure the (admittedly huge) graphical gap on my pc screen will be shortened by scanlines. Graphically its xbox 360, then ps3 (in all its colourless glory) then wii - obviously. So two things from this video - wii is going to be fine with cross platform games - just as you can tone down resolution and texture detail for pc games to run on lower spec pcs - developers will do this for wii games (and use lower poly models etc) - but the game can be the same. And xbox360 is by far delivering better bang for buck. That video was gorgeous.
  5. or a completist I will be getting both B) Wii for playing GC for comparison and for the collection
  6. 2 cnsoles per generation : £300 roughly 50 games per gen: £2000 X 6 gens (including handhelds) = (300 + 2000) X 6 = roughly £13K plus also retro collections £1K Arcade going £500 easily (small amounts over the years) Roughly under £15K Now calculate how much you would have spent over your gaming lifetime if you smoked instead - 20 a day. me = 12years proper (without parents funding games) 12 X ( 52 X(7X£5)) = pack a day for 12 years = £21,840 Total answer = gaming has saved me nearly £7K and has been good for my health.
  7. BUBBLE BOBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my saturn is set up just for it
  8. iam disgusted with the wii price. An innovative new controller, a collection of games, the wii channells, a wireless adaptor etc.. for a new launch machine like this i demand to pay no more than £50! Look at apple, i mean, when they release a new iteration of ipod the price is always falling as it is just a retread of their old products - hey - i bet i could pick on up new for a tenner seeing as they have had so many spinn-offs I think all giant electronics companies should run their businesses to the point that they struggle to turn a profit, then we would get our consoles at a fair price and the hunger would lead them to innovate - just like sony and the ps3....
  9. http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/...28055015400.jpg What a wonderful shot. I cant wait for WII anymore! An excellent thread!
  10. Does anyone have a list of games / peripherals? is there to be S-video / RGB cable at launch? my local Game dont seem to have a clue
  11. If they go on like they are I think the only way they would survive is by standardising the hardware with xbox - for example if ps4 supported XNA and was in line with xbox 1080 spec wise. It only takes one generation to loose the market - ps3 could turn out to be sonys saturn - simply throwing money at the machine and developers wont work when you have microsoft as a competitor, and sonys own IP isnt very strong in comparison to their competitors. I think their stratergy is wildy different to psx - back then it was simple cheap development backed up by a continuous brand marketing that got them the games to take market share. PS2 was carried through on the back of the brand name and GTA - their marketing and PR was drastically poor. This generation they have an expensive to develop for, expensive to buy machine and they have nothing - nothing to excite people two months before launch - so they talk of networks and pc console convergance. OMG. oh and this is living... what the hell is that all about? Sony are very likely to be in their third place this time around.
  12. Are they? Wouldnt suprise me. I have a Sony WEGA tv and it is lovely (considering it cost £200), but the rest of their stuff is just shite (IMO). Apple have taken over the walkman, Panasonic are leagues ahead when it comes to bang for buck and quality in videos tvs etc.. And competition in the PC market is too hot for anyone to really dominate - and seeing the battery incident I certainly wouldnt buy a sony PC product, leaving only playstation - but Nintendo have innovated the game space beating the PSP (do they profit on units sold?) - sonys rep has been hit by the farce that was UMD, and as for console space if wii doesnt take off like DS then they still have to worry about 360 - microsoft are percistant like the borg - their services sound brilliant, their technology is sound and it will only take enough of a price drop to capture sonys Ps2 audience. Look how far xbox brand has come since the £500 launch... they adapted quickly... they are ruthless. And in the meantime while we wait for ps3s launch we are thrilled by news that you can take pictures, and like share it, oh and play megadrive ... in the future .. at some point... RIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDGGGEEEE RAAACCCEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! HD! They had it all so so right with PSone.... Another market leader thats got caught up with its own hype.... How many generations will they survive? I'll give them 1 more after ps3.
  13. QUOTE The discussion then moved onto the portable space. Interestingly, the PSP has actually had a higher adoption rate than the PS1. Looking at the 18 months after launch of each system, the PSP sold 5.30 million units in America compared to the PS1's 3.48 million, according to SCEA internal sell-through data. Furthermore, while the DS has been an unbelievable success in Japan, in North America since the PSP launched it's outsold the DS, roughly 5 million units to 4.1 million units. Life-to-date, however, the DS still has a larger installed base in North America (5.6 million vs. 4.9 million). So PSP has sold 5.3mil in 18 months but life to date it has sold only 4.9 million edit - didnt see already pointed out.... With great numeracy skills such as this no wonder Sonys in such financial trouble..... How hum, at least their battery division is doing hot business..... So what does the Sony brand stand for today - Hugely expensive, poor quality goods, deluded PR and continually failing proprietry media... If it swasnt for PS - a brand which is going to suffer a great deal with the next war wii and 360 I cant see sony lasting another 10 years as an electronics giant.
  14. Ive been looking up RGB mods for NTSC gamecube and have found that the ntsc cube can output RGB by modding a component cable - this uses the digital output (which the wii has) as their Analogue out had no RGB. So i assume if it was an easy (if expensive) cable mod for gamecube it will also be possible for wii - unless of course nintendo have already thought about RGB and market their own cable (if not third parties). I assume that RGB will be included as will a PAL 60hz mode - another thing I have not seen on the spec list. Nintendo's spec lists have never really been indepth and meaningful so I doubt the absense of RGB on the list = no RGB at all. - not that i am an expert of course.
  15. indeed. shenmue 3 for me... i'd happily pay £1000 for a copy whatever it came out for. I saw shenmue 1 run on a DC after it had died and I instantly wanted it.... I bought it when I had cobbled enough cash (£60) and bought 1 and 2, I then enjoyed a year of quality gaming with most titles costing £5 new.... I would buy any machine bearing the sega logo after that ... (infact I bought the xbox because of the sega pack on dreamcast goodwill alone)
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