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  1. It would be an instant buy if you could unlock the original.
  2. Why do you hate yourself?
  3. Sumire

    The Division 2

    Kind of pissed me and my mate logged in last night and that first event is apparently finished and we have to wait another week. I really cant be arsed with crap like that in games.
  4. NICE - Just played through the demo on PC. As usual there are some little extras to make it last longer longer if you are into that sort of thing. I thought I did good getting 6 figurines..urm, I guess not.
  5. Sumire

    The Division 2

    Could be fun. Maybe what I originally suggested would be better as a Halloween event so it doesn't offend too many none Zombie fans.
  6. Same - seems i cannot even play DOA6 offline then...
  7. Sumire

    The Division 2

    I know zombies have been done a thousand times, but how good would it be if some sort of virus was sent out over the cities when you complete the final wave and everyone turns into zombies. This game needs (zombie) dogs as well - and zombie raccoons.
  8. maybe it was the guy who offered him a million that won it.
  9. Thanks. Some amazing bargains there!
  10. I just completed this game (pretty rare that I finish any games these days) and over all, I really enjoyed it. I do think they shot themselves in the foot so to speak regarding the pacing as it did seem pretty slow the first half of the game. It does get so much better though. I have to say, I did not have one issue with the game in terms of crashes/bugs etc, but I did buy the game a little late, so I guess most of the issues were ironed out by then. Another reason not to buy games at launch. That and they cost more... I will be going back to finish some things up as it is fun messing around in the game world.
  11. So, Mina is supposedly out today. Does anyone know if she gets her own stage as well?
  12. I found it a little hard to get into this at first. I kept coming back still as it is a quality game with some amazing graphics, the voice work is fantastic. There is some really goofy stuff in it though, the whole Boozer relationship thing is kind of funny when it isn't meant to be. The later parts of the game really do get better and I am glad I stuck with it.
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