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  1. Thanks. I messed it up and linked it to some old ubisoft account i had, but it works now.
  2. Ok, cheers for that.
  3. Should be ok for co op with mates I reckon..maybe. Is this actually available on Gamepass Ultimate for PC or do you have to subscribe to Ubisoft+ to get it?
  4. Yeah, good point. I have to say the Xbox One X seems really well made, tons of connections and weighs a tonne.
  5. Sorry, misread. I was just going to put it on Ebay as a bundle with the Kinect, a few games etc.
  6. I have a Series X now, so I presume, no real need to keep it now other than another Blue-ray player I guess
  7. I am just parcelling up my Xbox One X now to sell having got a Series X. I just thought I would double check on here, apart from the Kinect stuff, is there anything else the One X can do that the series X cannot?
  8. I remember seeing the adverts for for Kinect, it always showed it set up in a massive living room, not representative of anything like what a majority of people would actually have in order to even set it up properly and have a chance of it even working - not that it even worked well in the ideal environment.
  9. I think this has to be up there as one of the worst from the MSX days
  10. Late to the party as only just got a PS5 at Christmas. Over all, I did enjoy it. Graphically the indoor sections looked stunning on the PS5, outside looked pretty good, but I always liked Batman Arkham Asylum better. Cut scenes looked great, and I do agree with the comment about him being weak in them. Gameplay, well, they nailed the web slinging as it was already great in the first one, more of the same over all, which isn't a bad thing. I thought the main thing that let it down (apart from BLM) was it was not as good as the the first one in terms of the bad guys. Yeah Rhino was ok, but I was not a fan of the rest of it.
  11. Vibration on helmet...game changer there.
  12. The first three were an instant thought. Phantasy Star Online - Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox. Star Wars Galaxies - PC Zelda OoT - N64 The Elder Scrolls Skyrim - PC Ninja Gaiden Black - Xbox
  13. We just completed this. It did take a few attempts on the last bit that for sure.
  14. This is a game I love, but hate at the same time. I ended up getting it on my Series X in the end and play with my mate on his One X. Some of the bugs we have come across so far and crazy. Crashes to dashboard, guns disappearing, unable to fire, repeating sound glitches, interactive element button prompts not appearing, black screens, music not playing, health bars not appearing. For my mate on his One X it takes ages at times to load the textures in on the floors. - These usually happen at least two to three times a play session. Still good fun though.
  15. I do take your point. I suppose you can make excuses like that for a lot of the issues with this game, too many people involved, takes too long to make decisions etc. I think the average consumers who paid the £60 at launch were not too interested in the excuses as to why certain things had to be omitted or why there were so many performance issues with the game, bugs etc. It is a failing of the company if those problems exist and if they cannot implement changes quickly and efficiently to add features into the game and sort problems out. They seemingly easily made the decision to release a buggy poorly performing game though and take peoples hard earned money.
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