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  1. I bought that adaptor and it doesn't even recognise the stick. I will swap the buttons I think. Do you only need 6 buttons for stuff like Street Fighter 4 and 5?
  2. Ok, thanks, that is good to know.
  3. Do they ever discount DLC in the store? I am after the DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.
  4. Yeah thanks guys, some good things to try there for sure. I was looking at new fight sticks, but if I can get this to work obviously that would be awesome as I love this stick. It sounds a bit lame, but I love how the buttons light up lol.
  5. Yeah, you would think it would just work considering it was for Xbox and Microsoft are Xbox. The problem I have is the trigger buttons just do not seem to be recognised. It works fine on Killer Instinct on PC though.
  6. looking for a bit of advice. I bought a MadKatz Xbox One Killer Instinct fight stick back in the day, which was awesome, but I have not used it for years now. I tried it on PC today, and it just doesn't seem to work on games other than Killer Instinct. I tried other drivers, but some of the buttons are not recognized. Looking online it seems I'm screwed, and obviously MadCatz went bust a while back now. Can anyone recommended a good fight stick that just works on PC that I can buy easily? Looking to pay around £100 or so. I see a lot say Switch/PC, PS4/PC etc, but do they actually
  7. I picked it up dirt cheap a while ago now, but yeah, I would rate it as "ok" "average" It does pick up a bit, but not a great deal. If it wasn't for the Star Wars license it would be even more forgettable.
  8. I just hate they way they censor things in Japanese games a fair bit now compared to say Nintendo and the Switch who do not seem to care these days.
  9. That reminds me, wasn't there some prototype projector type gaming light that Microsoft did, sort of an evolution of the gimmick. I do not have that ambilight, but it does look cool. I know you can buy an aftermarket one, but it is pretty expensive.
  10. I just thought i would revisit this thread with my recommendation for some games that look really nice now more and more of you are finally getting your cards. Obviously I am only listing a small selection of titles, but here are a few I picked out. - Personal opinions of course, you may not agree! Assassins Creed Odyssey. - It already looked amazing, but now I can actually run it in 4K. Granted, it isn't the best optimized game, but I think the RTX just pushes though most of it on max settings. The only things were it struggles are volumetric clouds which kills the framerate when
  11. I got a 3080 recently and have been trying a few games that support it. It obviously looks really nice and for me worth it as it brings more immersion to certain games. I would still rather go with a higher framerate though, but DLSS seems to help a lot in that regard when done right.
  12. Yeah, I tend to boost just after I inevitably fk my cornering up.
  13. Yep, I have this problem at the moment as well. Basically if you drift, even the slightest amount they come flying by me.
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