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  1. Just tried this on original hardware and a CRT and it looks pretty impressive even in this state. Obviously well worth a download if you are reading this thread.
  2. I seem to remember Perfect Dark Zero had pretty good graphics in its day. The game was a big disappointment though.
  3. I cannot understand why Amazon never seem to have had any in for ages. I thought they would be able to secure the most stock out of all of these retailers. Anyway, looking the the size of that though, I might just wait for the "slim" version haha.
  4. Snap!, I just completed it as well. I played it on release and got distracted by other games, as it is a big time investment, so I decided to restart it again a month or so ago. I did most of he shrines, but never went out my way to find all the seeds, cos, well, I have other games to play. I obviously did all the divine beasts, and most, but not all the quests, skipped some of the side quests, but might go back to the game again to mop some missed items. I think the stand out things for me was the way you can approach combat and some puzzles in different ways, which e
  5. The thing that got me interested in coming back to this is some artwork of what looked like the Castlevania castle...
  6. Is the solo content any good in this new expansion? I always kind of liked just doing my own thing in Wow. I did try SWtOR, and while the solo content is really good, the actual planets\locations are so boring.
  7. Try d3d12_resolution_scale = 2 as well
  8. Now I have found the config file and changed the "license_mask to 1 for an XBLA title" as someone else mentioned earlier, it works almost perfect now.
  9. Thanks, so yeah it is in This PC: Documents\Xenia
  10. Mine runs 60fps with frequent bad stutters on a RTX 3080. Did you find this config file as I cannot see it even when the game is running?
  11. I wish they had just remade ME1 to a really high quality like Resident Evil 2 instead of this approach.
  12. I had them in my "wish list" last night and they are no longer there this morning. I cannot add them to my wish list either now.
  13. Yep, good idea, and the games go on sale a fair bit as well. I am not sure how many are available now, but I think most of the good ones are on there.
  14. If you are not bothered about playing on a CRT I would recommend the Arcade Stick Pro and do the Hylo hack on it and maybe even swap the buttons out and stick although that is not really needed as they are good anyway. I had a AES at launch and owned some of the more expensive carts and the Arcade Stick Pro is just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper.
  15. Yeah so do I, considering games like Last of Us 2 looked and played fine.
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