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  1. Asda do a frozen one and a fresh one which are nice, but then I liked the Chicago Town one so maybe you don't want to listen to me!
  2. There's a Shaun White snowboarding game that you can use the balance board with. Or the Wii Fit games have mini-games that use it, not sure how suitable they are for a three-year-old though!
  3. Their vegan cookbook is 99p as well, in the also bought section of the link above.
  4. Damn, was hoping those Linda McCartney pizzas were vegan!
  5. Used to love Cauldron sausages. Wish they were vegan!
  6. Phase Shift has just been released on Steam and lets you play drums. Think it does vocals too.
  7. It has an "automatic" mode where you don't have to powerslide but you still have to steer/accelerate. Boom Blox would be good for the kids if you have it? Just make sure they put the wrist straps on!
  8. rocksteady


    I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anything to catch on fire in Canada!
  9. rocksteady


    You can use a slow cooker can't you? Not done it myself but think you can just set it up at night so it'll be ready in the morning.
  10. SCART will look better than RF too.
  11. This came up in the related videos after the above:
  12. Yeah it's strange how quickly the "normal" becomes "abnormal". Congrats on the weight loss too!
  13. Got a different controller you could try? Could just be a dodgy Z-button.
  14. Used to use Alcohol 120% back in the day to burn ISOs, pretty sure it has a setting for burning PlayStation/PS2 discs.
  15. Man. The next time my GF complains about how much time and money I waste on games, I'm going to point her in the direction of this thread! Kudos for sticking with it though!
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