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  1. I'm disappointed that they didn't include the run/ dash/ roll mechanics from SOR3. Axel's walking mobility feels so inadequate compared to how some of the enemies dash around the place. The short reach of his regular attacks compound the issue as it can be difficult to get in range to attack quickly.
  2. Actually I tried a similar thing using record of akuma doing hard sweep knockdown followed by safe jump follow up. I got the "technical" to appear upon hitting the ground but my character still gets up with exactly the same timing and having the safe jump land on me.
  3. I stopped playing before ultra came out but delving back in, I can't for the life of me get delayed wakeup to work. I've mashed every button on the pad and every timing in the training room but no luck. Could someone kindly enlighten me? Thanks.
  4. I really thought that I was going to hate Lords of Shadow but ended up finding it very enjoyable. I could care less about the button mashing combat but the art design, music and overall atmosphere really nailed it imo. Just looking through the in-game art gallery and sketches it obvious that it's a real labour of love with some real talent behind it.
  5. I fell asleep during the SF4 Evo stream last night. Is there anywhere that I can watch yesterday's action?
  6. Despite being fun games, both Virtua Tennis 2 and Mario Tennis 64 suffered from infinite rally syndrome once 2 reasonably skilled players got going.
  7. Very late to the topic. I would definitely agree that 2000 bet on the flop is way too much. I'd bet half of that at most. It might make weaker hands call and also makes a fold easier it out drawn later. Pot sized flop bets are something I almost never do. They actively create horrible all in or fold situations when you don't want them.
  8. I think that Sony should still offer a PS3 console with backwards compatibility. Charge a little more and at least give customers the option. I've only ever used my PS3 for playing PS1 and PS2 games. Ok maybe ICO and SOTC HD but that barely counts as a PS3 game.
  9. Slightly unrelated but I noticed that Wrecked Revenge Revisited is the deal of the week. This is a game that promised so much but failed to live up to the glory of Mashed and its release on XBLA has been a train wreck. That game itself isn't half bad but it's plagued with bugs and was never patched. The developers did a runner presumably after realising how much of mess it was. The game freezes / crashes pretty much every game session during both online and offline play and requires the xbox to be turned off and rebooted. I'm sure this can damage consoles and it's ridiculous that neither supersonic or microsoft resolved this. To see it pop up as DOTW just rubs salt in the wound. A word to the wise, avoid this game like the plague. Send the developer or microsoft an angry letter if you fancy playing the game.
  10. God help us when this is the only way to buy games. Sky high prices and no chance to sell on when finished with.
  11. I've never heard of it but might try this free walking dead stuff as it's free. If I set up the download on my pc will it still be free when I turn on my 360 in a few days time?
  12. I played MMA using an original SNES pad and a converter. The buttons are mapped out in a much better way and I think you could use X to shoot. It would've been pretty unplayable on the terrible GC d-pad even with the right button mapping.
  13. Do you play on 3rd Strike on 2DF Shend? I'd love to play you sometime.
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