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  1. I had this same issue, I restarted the PS4 in safe mode and did the rebuild database option and that fixed it for me.
  2. Managed to finally unlock the F2000 on the 360 version over the weekend! I did it playing the CTF game mode, with two fairly even teams the game lasted 30 mins, which seems to me the longest concentrated spell you can get in the Metro on the 360 version. I went support packing the M249 and the airburst. Haven't used the M249 in ages and had forgotten what a beast it can be, and great fun to use!
  3. The assignment to unlock the F2000 on Metro is starting to frustrate me on the 360 version. Having to get the 10 kills in the Metro itself isn't so bad, but the 2 kill assist ribbons I find is the really difficult part. I've been playing the map on conquest and rush attempting to do it but no luck so far.
  4. Gah, game contains comic mischief I'm out* *joking of course, actually super excited
  5. Have to admit I would love to have seen a headquarters type game mode, the domination mode tends to be just legging it from one flag to the next and loading them up with C4, so headquarters may have suited this more. I really like the operation 925 map, but the others to be don't feel as fluid for getting from to point to another if you want to flank. I'm also not that the greatest player on the 360 version, but since the last patch I really struggle to win games :-P I fear my win to loss ratio will dip below 1 if this continues.
  6. Do you have to have a scope equipped on the sniper rifle to get the assignment unlocked? I was thinking of going with a Mk11 Mod with iron sights and playing more like assault and trying my luck that way.
  7. I unlocked the L85 last night for the assault class, but it feels weak when compared to the famas I had been using, shame as I was looking forward to that particular rifle.
  8. I think this has been mentioned already, but sniper rounds can also take out mines!
  9. I must admit I felt that slamming cars into the wall on corners on PGR was a touch "ungentlemanly", however if it happened then I wouldn't kick up a fuss as it is part of the game. What did annoy me though was sometimes if you over cooked a corner and piled into another car by accident that some people would go mental and just whine and whine about it. Some of the informal rules though as mentioned can act as a barrier to playing a game that has been out for a while. I remember first playing Ghost Recon online on the PC, sometime after it had been released. The server was setup to spam everyone with "n00b on map alert" if they broke some rule (like staying still for too long), of course being new to the game I was tripping all sorts of these unknown rules, so hence I never went back to it.
  10. Sorry to keep the feral druid and rogue dps conversation going, but I had an observation to add. I don't mind the fact that cat druids may be doing close to a rogue in terms of damage as I suppose in a raid utility is worth less than pure dps, but it would be nice if they boosted the utility of rogues a little as well. At the moment the cat druid brings a leader of the pact aura, an innervate and a combat ress to the party/raid, so perhaps rogues could be given something in terms of an aura or a better set of debuffs to put on the damage target (perhaps even a cheaper mount? ... perhaps not then). They seem to be going down this route by the sounds of it from the posion debuff mentioned earlier which is nice to hear. From the perspective of 5-man heroics, people would have normally preferred a rogue damage dealer over a druid just because of the sap, whereas having roots work indoors should help with that. Tis a shame that fury warriors don't get a form of cc as I feel that would make them a nice choice in 5-mans (not really an issue for raids).
  11. I've played this for a couple of days now and have to say I've really enjoyed it. The first time I played it I nearly gave it up due to bad lag and getting killed before I could get anywhere near the gold crates. I was about to concur with some of the negative posts here then gave it another go this morning and the lag was gone (perhaps it is due to high server demand later on in the day), and had some fantastic games. One thing I really like about the Oasis level is that towards the end when you are in the streets you can enter every building, sounds a stupid thing to say but I've played so many FPS games where the buildings are just there as obstacles rather than something you can enter and use. Because of this I've witnessed some fantastic defences staged from the buildings surrounding the gold crates. Overall I would say the map is very well designed given the attack and defend nature of this game mode, I love the hill up to the plantation where you are temporarily deprived of solid cover and need to dive into the bushes. What I don't know is how well the maps will work for the coming conquest mode. On the negative side I would say the weapons do take getting used to, in that sometimes I can nearly empty a whole clip into someone to take them down, this probably isn't helped by the fact that I'm normally panicking and spraying bullets everywhere. I enjoyed this more than I have Frontlines (which still seems to have bit of a following so you can normally always get a game).
  12. I think the genre of game needs to be considered, there are some games where I don't mind extra detail at the expense of frame-rate. These tend to be slower paced games like RPGs and exploration style games,. An example would be shadow of the colossus and splinter cell chaos theory. I loved the detail in these games, which added to the immersion and I could forgive the frame rate drops and screen tearing in order to achieve this.
  13. Perhaps sixaxis control could be used to guide a hand around and turn this game into an extreme petting zoo simulator (all the petting with zero risk). I'd buy that ...
  14. Don't think I'm becoming tired of online games, but I fear sometimes the best online experiences are behind me. When I play online I never seem to be able to hit the highs that playing the original Ghost Recon (night docks!), Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Operation Flashpoint: Elite gave me (I miss those games .... sob).
  15. Hmm, horses for courses I suppose ... (actually it was slightly tongue in cheek when I said that) I suppose films is probably the way ahead, if your wrists are limp then holding a book for a prolonged period could be difficult. If you don't fancy any of the TV boxsets like BSG, alias etc... then perhaps you could go high-brow and use the time to watch something like Edgar Reitz's 15 hour Heimat on DVD?
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