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  1. My copy came this morning and it came with a SteelBook, which was nice.
  2. Is there any difference between the mini DIY workbench and the standard one, apart from the size?
  3. Anyone got any recommendations of movies on Amazon Prime or Shudder?
  4. Looks a bit Fisher-Price.
  5. What are the hours for the fishing tournament? Seems I missed it.
  6. Can you access all that information outside that email like you can on 3DS?
  7. Anyone playing this with a Hori Split Pad Pro? I'm wondering what the d-pad is like for this. Don't like playing it on the standard joycon .
  8. Is the Hori d-pad joycon any good? The standard joycon is horrible for Tetris99.
  9. I got the Animal Crossing Switch in the game for buying the real thing.
  10. Are there any basic tips I should know about for this? I've got the 3DS version so I've got a rough idea what I'm doing.
  11. How much space does this take up? Just got the Animal Crossing Switch and I don't have a memory card.
  12. You could get adapters to use SNES pads on the 3DO.
  13. Can you modify the controls in original Doom on Switch?
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