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  1. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine on N64 did get a very limited PAL release. GAME in Milton Keynes had is at the same time as Paper Mario and Battle for Naboo. In the States it was through Blockbusters Rental or LucasArts web-site only. although you can get copies from US Ebay reasonably cheaply. PAL Lords of Thunder on Mega CD is another extremely rare item. I've only ever seen one copy (and to think both me and 213 passed it up :-(
  2. Wild Riders was the cel-shaded bike game.
  3. I'm never really sure what people expect form Nintendo to be honest. Yes they have made mistakes and yes we would all prefer them to treat Europe a little better (releasing Animal Crossing here sooner for example) but the quality of their games is not a problem as far as I can see. Their big name franchise titles have ranged from good to outstanding (particularly on GBA): Paper Mario 2 Metroid Prime and Echoes Wind Waker Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga Wario Ware etc are all exceptional games. While Wind Waker didn't live up to Ocarina or Majora's Mask it is still way ahead of many games out there. Sometimes I think people expect too much. Nintendo have ALWAYS made the same games. You know they will make a Mario game, a Zelda game, a Mario Kart game, (as well as any Mario spin-offs that they can), some Pokemon games etc. They are arguably the premier Developer in the world at designing and making this type of game. The games are not designed "for kids" but are designed to be "universal". In the way that Toy Story (while looking on the surface like a "kids" film is enjoyed by all ages) I think it is telling that Nintendo got Retro Studios to develop Metroid Prime and its sequel for them. It is not a genre in which Nintendo have a great experience so it makes sense to farm it out to people better qualified to do it. Many Nintendo games take serious dedication and gaming skills to complete properly (and I'm not talking about the infuriating way in which many games these days seem to have adopted the thought that "as Pokemon's mantra of "gotta catch them all" has been hugely successful lets artificially increase the games longevity by some meaningless collection of figurines/trophies/items/pictures etc) I truly belive that the worst thing Nintendo could do would be to try to internally develop "mature" or "realistic" games to compete with other developers.
  4. It is appallingly bad. On the plus point they do call their car "The Dragon Wagon" Which made me laugh. A lot.
  5. Fantastic game with an amazing 3 player mode (genius that players can log in and out as you play so that you could play for an hour then say the third player had to go out they could log out and the ir character would continue with you and then when they got back they could log back in and just continue) So many memories. Hiding in the barrel and running through levels, fighting Father Christmas, the 4 seasons bit, the goggle-eye face Little Sprite pulls on the air-ship (and nowhere else in the game as far as I can tell), wondering just what a Rabite is, argueing over who played the Flammie Drum in order to fly Flammie the Dragon, powering up the weapons and spells (loved the spike glove/gauntlet - especially powered up), whipping across gaps, annoying the other players by treading on a re-set switch, the final battle and then re-visiting the lands :-) While at university me and my flatmate and my flatmates girlfriend played through the entire game in 3 player in a four day, no sleep marathon (during which we made the shocking discovery that Tesco Raspberry Ripple Mousses (99p for 10) bleached the colour out of our sofa if left spilt.....). We were so tired that we thought we may have hallucinated the Father Christmas bit so played through it all again just to make doubly sure :-) Top game.
  6. Decathlete/Athlete Kings on Sega Saturn (and to a lesser its follow up - Winter Heat) Bishi Bashi Special.
  7. Awesome game. The Megadrive game is a point and click adventure. There are two Mystery's to play through. Both feature the collection and use of items. You'll trigger lots of classic Scooby Moments (chases through multiple doors etc). Awesome sound and animation. I was SO glad that this didn't end up being forced through the usual "cartoon/film licence to platformer" Convert-O-Tron 2000. All the dialogue fits with the themes of the original 1968 TV series. It is THE essential Scooby Doo game out of all those available on various formats. The SNES game is a more traditional platform style game although more exploration based than most by using the up and down arrows to access more parts of the levels through doors etc The energy meter is replaced by a scare-meter. Again superb presentation and audio visuals. Both excellent games and both from Sunsoft I believe. Neither got a PAL release. Both were release din the US (I don't think they made to Japan either) Well worth tracking down. The Megadrive game in particular is fantastic and a must for any Scooby fan.
  8. Yup - graphically stunning and loads of variety too. Some inspired boss designs. Rock hard too. Worth persevering with though. Loved the Zodiac boss in particular.
  9. Streets of Rage 2 and 3 for me followed very closely by Final Fight. Beats of Rage anyone......... Final Fight Revenge (ST-V and Saturn) is OK. It basically plays like the early Street Fighter 2 games (and a little like Street Fighter EX). 2 to 3 Specials for each character, simple 3 to 4 hit combo's. Some nice touches from the scrolling series like being able to pick up weapons that litter the arena's etc. It's actually playable enough its just that people expected more because of the name/franchise (most people wanted a 2D scrolling beat-em-up with 4Mb Cartridge enabled animation overload). We can put it on to play at JollyFest if enough people want to try it.
  10. Personally I always preferred Tekken 2 to Tekken 3. Better range of characters and better bosses (Angel and Devil as opposed to Ogre and True Ogre), no Eddy and Alex/Roger was way better than Gon. But I can see why people preferred 3. Tag I enjoyed for what it was and yes the Tekken Bowl ruled. Tekken 4 is OK it just feels......unfinished. Hopefully Tekken 5 will be like Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2 was to Street Fighter Alpha/Zero. i.e. the first game is almost put out just to recoup some development costs and then the second game is a refniement of it all and more "complete". Having said that though I think fighting games in general have had their day, at least for a while. Everyone seems to think that because there was a genuine phenomenon around Street Fighter 2 (and then to a similar extent around Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2) that this will always be the case but you only have to see what a limp reception Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur 2 got.......
  11. That's the American intro song *shudder*
  12. How can you say that about any tune that rhymes Psycho Fox with Docks :-) Isn't there a line "Wik-Wak we say, Sega games load straight away". Genius!
  13. One day I'll own Checkered FLag and I'll run a side-by-side comparison with Megadrive Virtua Racing and all sorts. It will be Flat Shaded Polygon racing heaven. Maybe.
  14. So it was the Master System Convertor - I rock :-)
  15. Digital Pinball is also an excellent game!
  16. I'd pretty much agree with DCM although personally I'd rate Sonic CD slightly higer than Sonic 2. Just a personal thing but Sonic CD grabbed me more. Fantastic music, excellent game design (to finish it properly restoring the time in each zone lengthened the game considerably), a much cooler Mecha-Sonic and some superb level design. Lots to unlock and a proper Time Trial mode. Sonic 2 on Megadrive was also cool. Sonic Adventure I absolutely loved. I played the Japanese version constantly through to completion despite not having a clue what was going on for large sections of it :-) Finally - don't forget Sonic Pocket Adventure on NGPC - an awesome Sonic game with lots to discover and so many great moments.
  17. Or maybe a Master System PowerBase Convertor?
  18. Loved SNES Pilotwings but adored the sublime Pilotwings 64. One of the few games I've absolutely perfected. 100% on everything in the game. I SO want a Cube edition. Of particular note is the inspired/unhinged keyboard-esque music during the Jumblehopper levels. Completely insane but strangely fitting.
  19. I own it too. Play it fairly regularly and love it every time. Got it way back in the day before the price went through the roof. One of the benfits of keeping the faith and sticking with my trusty Saturn through the good times and the bad.
  20. I can vouch for 213 and can honestly say that every event I've been to that has been organised by him has been truly memorable and in a class of its own. Just how games events should be, inclusive, educational, fun, interactive and hands on. You'll get to play really rare games that you've always wanted to play as well as weird stuff you never even knew existed. Who knows what treats might be revealed. You'll meet loads of like minded people and generally have a great time. Truly something for everyone.
  21. Yeah the Trocadero rocked (apart from the truly pathetic "Beast in the Darkness" debacle). My flatmate and I used to go in there all the time back when it was £12 entry fee and then everything was on Freeplay. So, so good. Having said that - several times when we were there we would notice that there were only around 20 other people in the whole place.......
  22. MSR didn't come out in Japan (surprising as they'd love the slide happy play style) Virtua Tennis 2 I think did (not sure - may have been called Power Smash Tennis 2 or summat) Shenmue you would be better off with either a PAL or US copy (in order to play the game in English). The original Japanese release has all voices in Japanese and subtitles/text are also in Japanese. However they did release a port of Shenmue in Japan with English voices called ShenMue International (or ShenMue US) which had the English voices. Sonic Adventure also got re-released in this way as Sonic Adventure International.
  23. Yeah there were 4 32X CD games: Night-Trap Corpse Killer Slam City featuring Scottie Pippen & one more that escapes me at the moment Basically they run smoother, better frame rate, faster transition between scens, more colours and a larger viewing window than the Mega-CD only versions. Sadly no stand-alone games that were developed using the systems in tandem (too much effort and too small a user base I'd imagine) so we can only guess what they would have been like. Much easier to port the FMV games and run them better.
  24. Yup. All made by Core. They also did WonderDog, Jaguar XJ220, WolfChild and BC Racers. Soul Star was excellent. It featured into the screen shoot-em-up sections (like Galaxy Force 2 or StarFox), then Turbo-copter and Ground-Walker levels (done with Mode 7 style rotation and sprite scaling etc). Some fantastic music in the game too.
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