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  1. Is this the right place for a LL 312 lapsed XB1 player (admittedly with 2114 hours in Destiny 1)...? I want to finish the first raid, crack the lairs, actually be able to do some nightfalls and so on.
  2. 2114 hours on Destiny 1, 3 characters at LL 400, and pretty much everything done; but on D2 it obviously never quite clicked. Makes me genuinely sad that I’ve not cracked 100 hours on D2. I’m LL312, haven’t got past the baths in the raid, and haven’t finished the CoO campaign. Anyone out there on XB1 who might like to do some stuff together, especially raiding, to get me set up for Warmind and beyond...? Really enthusiastic about the way the game plays now and I can’t wait to get into it more.
  3. What sort of time? I've got a decent chance of getting on tonight, but possibly not until later?
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