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  1. I've been using the Omega for about 18 months now and it's been a revelation for me. I'm one of those really fidgety sitters, I move about a lot, I sometimes sit in it cross-legged, I recline a lot when gaming, I push myself up using the arm rests, it's handled everything I've thrown at it so far. It is also easily the most comfortable chair I've owned, at home or at the office.
  2. Takizawa

    It Takes Two

    Yes for sure, I paid £22 for the Origin version and I can play with as many people as I like without them needing to spend a penny. Incredible value, really. Now I just need some of those friend things.
  3. Takizawa

    It Takes Two

    The section is just incredible, you need to do one small puzzle to progress but the area is absolutely filled with detail and neat little interactions, I spent a good while there with my co-op partner just messing about. The end of that section though, fucking hell One of the best co-op (and just gaming) experiences I've had in a good while and a definite early GOTY contender.
  4. I have KDB as captain and took Stones out this week as he's been in and out, it was inevitable he'd play and score today. Pep roulette strikes again.
  5. Ghost of a Tale is a really nice little game with a lot of love put in to it, I'm hoping a few might be pleasantly surprised by it.
  6. I so very nearly didn't do it. Obviously Stones and Dias would have been in my starting 11 if I hadn't.
  7. You're not bad at this photo mode thing, @Thor.
  8. I assume they took one look at your outfit and saw this as the only way out? (Cool jeans though)
  9. No idea sadly, they're called Frayed Recycled Jeans if that helps. Quite like my new jacket.
  10. I wondered that, I suppose if you didn't want to be sporting a Tyger Claws tattoo? There may be some with additional perks along with smart targeting, but I haven't seen any.
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