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  1. They just spent three years on making Star Wars so I really doubt there's an appetite to do another long project any time soon. And it's sure as shit not a big enough property for a console maker to consider bankrolling a sequel. I know there was a desire from some of the people within the company to do it, but despite them entertaining the notion, nothing's ever come of it so I'm basically certain it'll never happen.
  2. Weird, I've been following this on Twitter for AAAGES but it went silent a while ago so I assumed it was dead. Happy to see it looking so spiffy.
  3. I dun a bit of work on Death's Door. Happily I've played basically bugger all of it so I can look forward to going in largely cold when it comes out.
  4. I had a terrible time with the timing until I realised that everything firing bluetooth signals everywhere in my house was causing lag for me. In the end I got one of the newer pads which can communicate via the USB (what a stupid oversight that was on the first generation pads...) and it improved immeasurably.
  5. I find it really weird playing RE4 and being rooted to the spot when I aim the gun, so I'd love to see a remake which brings it more in line with modern control sensibilities, although I appreciate that has a HOST of knock-ons which may negatively impact the experience if they're not catered for properly. Plus, I've not played RE4 in about 8 years, so it'll probably feel pretty fresh for me.
  6. I've really enjoyed Timespinner. It doesn't outstay its welcome and although there's a few aspects of it I'm not mad keen on, for £10 it's a really solid Metroidvania.
  7. Erhmagerd! It's SO good! A massive leap over the first one, which itself was already a belter of a game.
  8. I fuggin' love first-person dungeon crawls but I couldn't get into the Etrian Odyssey series, sadly. Random battles just don't do it for me. Ah well, I'll always have Grimrock 1/2 and Arx Fatalis...
  9. For me, the Mentalist was the worst for this because of a decision the showrunner *didn't* make - i.e. not deciding who Red John actually was until the penultimate season. Weirdly, they had the kinda' perfect finalé in Strawberries and Cream but then they completely blew it by doing four more increasingly forgettable seasons aftewards.
  10. Well, for me, they stuck the landing.
  11. Just to be clear, PIKO interactive came to us quite a while ago. Had we refuse to let them publish our remake of it, I very much doubt they would have done so (has anyone seen them doing this elsewhere?) because even if they had the rights to the original, they most certainly didn't have the rights to Tomaz's code or my graphics.
  12. Tap and release.
  13. Don't repeatedly tap RB when you're in the air, tap it once *just* as you're about to land.
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