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  1. I had a terrible time with the timing until I realised that everything firing bluetooth signals everywhere in my house was causing lag for me. In the end I got one of the newer pads which can communicate via the USB (what a stupid oversight that was on the first generation pads...) and it improved immeasurably.

  2. I find it really weird playing RE4 and being rooted to the spot when I aim the gun, so I'd love to see a remake which brings it more in line with modern control sensibilities, although I appreciate that has a HOST of knock-ons which may negatively impact the experience if they're not catered for properly.


    Plus, I've not played RE4 in about 8 years, so it'll probably feel pretty fresh for me.

  3. 13 minutes ago, matt0 said:

    I really need to start Grimrock 2. I bought it in a Steam sale, so obviously have never actually installed it.


    Erhmagerd! It's SO good! A massive leap over the first one, which itself was already a belter of a game.

  4. I fuggin' love first-person dungeon crawls but I couldn't get into the Etrian Odyssey series, sadly. Random battles just don't do it for me. :(


    Ah well, I'll always have Grimrock 1/2 and Arx Fatalis...

  5. For me, the Mentalist was the worst for this because of a decision the showrunner *didn't* make - i.e. not deciding who Red John actually was until the penultimate season. Weirdly, they had the kinda' perfect finalé in Strawberries and Cream but then they completely blew it by doing four more increasingly forgettable seasons aftewards.

  6. Well, for me, they stuck the landing.



    Although in hindsight the "case" of the episode didn't add up to much more than a hill of beans, emotionally it completely worked for me.


  7. Just to be clear, PIKO interactive came to us quite a while ago. Had we refuse to let them publish our remake of it, I very much doubt they would have done so (has anyone seen them doing this elsewhere?) because even if they had the rights to the original, they most certainly didn't have the rights to Tomaz's code or my graphics.

  8. I don't want to know any cast spoilers, certainly not whilst I'm about to start season 6. All I know is there's some blonde woman in it now instead of Ziva.

    Generally what other procedural crime shows are there at the moment? All but the Cyber strand of CSI have finished (I'm alone here in actually enjoying CSI, even if it isn't as funny or warm), Hawaii Five-0, what else?

    Worrabout Elementary?

  9. For stuff I wasn't so familiar with I watched everything I could (or read stuff on the internet) but there were a buncha' properties I was intimately familiar with where I'd been wanting to write for them all my life (I'm looking at you in particular, Dr Who). Luckily, because the cast was generally the people who knew the characters the best because they were the real deal, they'd tweak the lines in the sessions to get them as close to on-character as possible, which was a massive help.

  10. Did you do the script again? What was it like to work with all the IPs?

    Cutscene script only this time (plus a few odds and sods) and it was, as you'd imagine, ace. I can't really talk specifics, but it was a lot of fun. Busy, busy fun.

  11. Just started playing it today and although I'm obviously biased (as I worked on it, but not in a gameplay capacity so it's mostly fresh to me), I'm really enjoying it. Whizzed through 5 and a half levels without stopping. Just trying to save up that first million so I can buy the x2 multiplier red brick.

  12. Had a go at the first Jetpac (couldn't understand the second*) and Atic Attac which positively cries out for map drawing but for me the highlights were always going to be the N64 era games.

    The problem with drawing a map for Atic Atac is that there's one room which fits inbetween a bunch of other rooms. It shouldn't physically fit in there. Vexing!


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