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  1. It's weird that I keep finding out about these trailers from this thread rather than from work. :\
  2. I feel like they're just trolling me now.
  3. I always assumed that bit in Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen has gigs filming fan-fiction was completely made up...
  4. Yeah, I wasn't totally hooked and then, ironically, I got the grappling hook and it had me 100%. Haven't unlocked the second area yet as I'm trying to hoover up everything in the first, first. I just *love* it!
  5. I don't think it'll be sequels that ruin things - it'll be everyone making a copy-cat movie tarnishing the original's legacy.
  6. Eep, I don't have any cable/satellite. I hope this is legally viewable online. I wonder if Yahoo are region-locking it? I wanna' support the production of more episodes.
  7. This is out tomorrow, in case anyone needs reminding. Currently sitting pretty at 86% on Metacritic.
  8. Only just started on this about 2 weeks ago. I'm on season 3 already. Bloody love it!
  9. What I love about that video is how he doesn't really look around, so that although it shows the first 18 minutes of the game, there's loads within that 18 minutes that it doesn't show. SO. HYPED.
  10. Ugh. I was looking forward to this game but that gameplay looks *terrible*. Bullet-sponge enemies who barely react until they die, overly long attack animations that somehow still lack weight, crappy explosions and particle effects. They have a *lot* to fix before the release if I'm not gonna cancel my pre-order.
  11. It goes on general release here on the 27th of February, I believe. I'll certainly be watching it again.
  12. Avoid the new trailer of it, again it spells out everything.
  13. The sets look a little cheap, but otherwise I'm intrigued, which isn't something you can usually say about the drek that sci-fi's outflow pipes spit out.
  14. I hope they've made provisions for people in the UK to watch it. I'd assume they have advertising partners already over here so there's no reason why not.
  15. Demon's level design kicks Dark Souls 2 squarely in the knackers. At least it doesn't pretend the locations are next door to each other.
  16. I wonder if, as a result of the magic being nerfed, people are less-inclined to wear magic-defensive gear? I only ask as I've been part of the Griefer's Guild (Belltower) this week and Soul Spear is hitting pretty much everyone for half of their health, which has made for some extremely cheap kills. Not that I'm averse to being a shit.
  17. Just came back to this and it seems really fucking rum that they can retroactively ruin the classes I enjoy playing as. Faith, in particular, is a fucking joke now. At least magic seems less broken.
  18. Easily the best of the Christmas specials, I reckon. I loved how creepy it was given the fluffiness of all the other seasonal episodes.
  19. The US trailer also sets up the idea, and while again - I'd advise against watching it - it's a *really* good trailer with a lovely 80s vibe. EDIT: Now with official Youtube link for better quality.
  20. New UK trailer. Very short. Sets up the premise but don't watch if you want to go in UTTERLY cold. The main reason I put it here is to demonstrate how completely like FEZ the soundtrack is. Just listen to the first 30 seconds for that then and turn it off if you like.
  21. If you're mentioning Kneale, then The Stone Tape properly freaked me out in parts.
  22. Yeah, I would. It's got a really simple, creepy premise which it thoroughly explores and sticks to pretty rigidly (i.e. it doesn't cheat like many horror films do). Go in blind. I've not seen a single review which didn't spoil the film's central idea in some way.
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