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  1. At last a trailer for my second-favourite movie of Fantastic Fest this year. Luckily it really doesn't spoil anything and so is safe to view. Can't wait to see it again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxlhR-PKKIU (weirdly, the music is by Disasterpiece of Fez fame. In fact, it's kinda' distracting at first as it almost sounds like off-cuts from said game)
  2. During the last season or so it's just become a parody of itself. Properly treading water with the same joke premises over and over. Pity, it was once a pretty good show.
  3. I seem to recall something about Tim League looking into opening an Alama Drafthouse over here. I bloody love that chain. instead of adverts they show weird shit before showtime and the films actually start ON TIME. At least during Fantastic Fest they do.
  4. I don't even remember starting this thread. Cheers for raising it from the grave - that was a good read.
  5. Completed this at about 25 hours. Really enjoyed it. Loads of puzzles of all kinds and great variety in the locations and monsters. The only annoying thing was the amount of traipsing, even after you unlocked all the shortcuts.
  6. It always seemed crazy to me that this was still on current-gen when their far less ambitious looking Hellraid title was targetting next-gen only.
  7. I think you might still enjoy it because it has ace robots in it. Although as I recall, it used the phrase "black light" a lot, which thanks to CSI is now synonymous with spunky sheets in my head.
  8. So basically, had nobody done anything (because defoliants don't work that fast) everything would have worked out just the same. It felt like someone thought that Dr Who was all about running around and forgot that there had to be reasons for them to run.
  9. Saw it at Fantastic Fest. Really, really good. Don't read 'owt, just watch it.
  10. Loving this so far! Only just ventured out of the very first area (apart from a short sojourn into a crypt) and it's marvy! Love all the new classes and skills. I'll definitely be going through this one at least twice.
  11. Oh, I don't think it's a plot breaker by any means and I really loved the episode, but it seemed an odd thing to add given how illogical a move on the part of the bad guy it was.
  12. I think the holograms of the surroundings was enough. Seems odd to deliberately add something to the plot which isn't logical.
  13. Right, so in order to decrease the odds of someone useful being killed you'd have as many of them as possible, rather than simulating a bunch of fakes to make up the numbers.
  14. But he didn't know the criteria by which it selected its victims, otherwise he would have supplied that information to them in order to further their research.
  15. If the other guests on the train were simulations and the ones that were there were invited because of their expertise, then why was the old lady and the daughter on there? Great episode, though.
  16. I think it's gonna' be brilliant. I loved Bridesmaids and The Heat and the scriptwriter of The Heat wrote some wonderfully scabrous dialogue for that movie. I'm sold on this.
  17. Yeah, the complete contempt for even basic science put me off, too. I'm usually happy to give Dr Who a free ride, but as well as the shonkiest physics ever (high tide *everywhere* at once?!) this was also bullshit earth-history retconning par excellence. Although the thing that rankled most was that it felt like a bait 'n' switch from what the episode was sold as (Aliens but with spiders) and what it was (Crap).
  18. This thread has started me rewatching the show. Started yesterday. I'm on episode 13 already. Loving it all over again, although it was weird seeing Nick Offerman in it.
  19. Really enjoyed this, although when the... Pretty funny movie, too, although I'd not call it a horror-comedy.
  20. Great movie, this. Nice to see something largely improvised which didn't meander meaninglessly.
  21. Great, the whole thing hung together really well on all fronts. And there was one scene were I was *super* tense watching it, more so than most of the horror movies I saw at the fest. The writer/director did a good Q&A afterwards, too.
  22. I got a GPD G5A recently and the controls on that are pretty marvy and it runs PS1 stuff pretty well. Plus, it's only about £60 if you get it from Willgoo. I also got the old nVidia Shield (as it works out to about £140 if you get one in the US) and while the emulation is undoubtedly better, the heft of the bloody thing and the cramped analogue controls are a bit of a put-off. That said, the battery lasts for fookin' ages if you're just playing PS1 or older stuff.
  23. Between 3 and 5 a day for 8 days. Heaven! There's some low-quality behind the scenes stuff which the bored cast would record themselves (due to the schedule overrunning so much meaning they were sat in full prosthetics for a day at a time doing nothing) as well as lots of the artwork which Richard Stanley commissioned to show his original vision for the movie. Plus clips from the film itself, obviously. It's mostly talking heads, though.
  24. Saw this last night and it is indeed a fantastic movie. Jake's performance, in particular, is mesmerising. Can't wait to see it again.
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