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  1. You realise that the movie is pro-Christian, right? :\
  2. As a Christian, I am offended by this. The movie, that is. Not the thread.
  3. So is Resogun definitely free for PSPlus subscribers? If so, that's well good!
  4. Uh, it was "I'm too big to fit in such a small bush." and he was directing the line at a small girl. How the fuck didn't we notice that at the time? Cheers, Ras!
  5. Cheers muchly. I wrote 99% of the dialogue, however the basic story had a fair few people's input into it (i.e. the existence of Chase, Frank, Dunby, Rex, Chan, Vinnie and Blackwell and their basic roles), although eventually it was the project's creative lead and I who dealt with most of the problem-solving in the story as the gameplay changes affected it. I also had an editor, Andy Walsh who was utterly invaluable in making sure it all made sense and communicated the objectives to the player regularly, which initially involved a BIG re-write. He reminded me to put jokes in when I forgot to and gave me loads of really useful tips on writing. This was only the second game I'd ever written the script for, really, after LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 DS (I'm not counting Dragontales: Dragonseek - ugh!) so his constant feedback, help and advice was invaluable. The gameplay dictated the script for about 90% of the development - which is the correct way around, IMHO. The way the story unfolded was completely down to the order in which we wanted you to get new abilities, and so those new abilities affected when you met new characters and who they were, etc. As a result, some characters only existed for specific gameplay reasons. For instance, Ellie Phillips was written in purely so we had a single character who could remind you of objectives at any time (she also exists for logistical development reasons), although her role expanded as time went on. The process of writing was pretty iterative in the sense of lines changing ALL the time as the game did likewise. Day to day I'd be either writing, re-writing, going to voice recording sessions in order to make sure the lines were read as intended, processing those sound files when they came in (and then the audio dept would do a bunch more processing), writing tools to compile the audio, sending stuff off for lip-syncing, writing game scripts to play the audio (along with another designer called Ben), setting up the cameras for the in-game scenes (not the proper cutscenes, that was done by a whole other department of talented animators), etc, etc. There was plenty of variety. Truth be told I'd have been happier purely writing the script and the compilation tools, but that's because I'm very lazy.
  6. Cheers, APM. And nope, other than stuffing the foreign audio into the sound repository I had nothing to do with the translations, that was all Nintendo. If I win, I'll try and shoehorn RLLMUK in there somehow...
  7. Cheers! At last someone's mentioned it! *basks* Golden Joysticks? Haha, that's awesome!
  8. I'm not sure I like the way it transitions from location to location with no reason. I like a logical map, me. Still, the shooting looks fun.
  9. Saw this last night and it was pretty damn gob-smacking. Really nice performances, technically astounding and it doesn't really let up once the shit hits the fan. The 3D is great, too.
  10. Oops. Turns out it was Keanu's Man Of Tai Chi that was at Fantastic Fest. My bad. He's clearly obsessed with martial arts...
  11. For me, it's that she's is a sucker for genuinely terrible exposition dumps where she'll hide a character somewhere and they'll overhear an incredibly lengthy explanation of just what's going on. That's just bad, overly convenient storytelling.
  12. I went for an interview there and although that they produced a lot of licensed stuff which was kinda' "meh", they appeared to have a genuine enthusiasm for the work which is admirable.
  13. http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2013/09/06/18617/walliams_to_voice_bgt_dog_pudsey Look who the writer of this is!
  14. Did it contain *any* blood? Because the cinema version was *completely* bloodless.
  15. Oh fuck. I'd just about scrubbed that from my memory you arsehole! I still visit, although the only thing of Harry's I read is his DVD/Blu-ray round-up to see what older titles have finally made it to Blu-ray. Agreed on the show, though - it was terrible and squandered some great guests.
  16. Holy shit that looks wonderful.
  17. Ooh, that's looking a lot better. A smidge sadistic, but I'm not surprised with Starbreeze people behind it. Glad to hear that the enemies are gonna' have biomechanical elements as I loved that aspect of RTCW and was afraid it'd all be robots this time around.
  18. I assume it's been heavily modified. If only because Resi 4's quick-U-turn button would cause the texture streaming issues you see on Rage to be even more apparent.
  19. Weirdly, my oldest friend in the world is third-billed on this.
  20. Good Lord, yes. Completely RE4. *joy*
  21. Cheers! Prepare to be underwhelmed!
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