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  1. Apologies @The Fox but glad you found it
  2. You’ve got fine taste in a breakfast @Fox black pudding, streaky bacon and plenty of mushrooms
  3. Looks frigging awesome @sir stiff_one
  4. I painted a lot as a kid but didn’t go down the art route, and apart from occasional bursts, haven't done much since. As an exercise I started to paint the flowers I bought each week in wildly different styles with very cheap watercolours that were more like poster paint. The one on the right was gift for the mother in law. I then got a decent set of acrylics, moved off of the flowers and started to mix all of my own colours. This was started by a challenge from the father in law to do his portrait, then his son, and then a friends son.
  5. I've just had peppers prepared this way, I think they are roasted and then marinated in oil and vinegar with lots of garlic. Absolutely delicious and the same kind of satisfaction and meatiness you get with steak, it was a side dish but I could see it being a really good veggie main dish
  6. I've recently rejoined after using lock-down and work from home as an excuse to splash out, nothing amazing but good enough. It's so nice to play all of the games I've been drooling over, or playing paired down console or IOS versions of them
  7. I've struggled with this despite being a big fan of the series, something tends to annoy me enough during a game that I end up making a new one, and then never get to the finish line. I think I just need to dedicate to finishing one. The main issue seems to be that I can't quite figure out the military tactics, how to take a city, what units to use against which, how best to defend if I'm not going after a military win. With previous versions it seemed to just be through enough units at a city and take, this seems a little more complex.
  8. Roasted aubergine, courgette, red onion and tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Served with my first attempt at homemade tzatziki which was absolutely banging.
  9. I've not managed this but I like a crispy shell so cook it for maybe longer then the minimum needed, opening up the legs so they're not pressed up against the body should help then cook quicker. To get crispy: pat the bird dry, score all over in a criss cross pattern just before the last of the fat breaks and rub sea salt in.
  10. With lemon and sugar
  11. I felt inspired by your pics of Chana Masala but didn't have any chickpeas so did pretty much the same recipe with cauliflower instead. Absolutely lovely
  12. I loved this and am definitely going to try and see some of his On hype, it's always nice to see a really good film without it, rather then be told this is amazing and then being well yes I guess it is, and it's ruined some films for me though thankfully not this one. But smaller and foreign language film rarely get seen by most people without it.
  13. Really enjoying it, 4 episodes in
  14. One genre that I feel Europe do so much better then the UK and US is romantic comedies and low key dramas. They're complicated, explore the human condition, have something you can actually connect with or relate too, and tend to have deeper female characters. I frustratingly can't remember many names but Perfect Strangers and Gloria stand out in my memory
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