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  1. Wild Garlic Hummus with carrot and cucumber batons Wild Garlic Pesto with pasta Tzatziki with veggie kebabs (aubergine, courgette and onion) Najib's Special (cauliflower) with roast potatoes*, rice or wrap and spinach salad ABC Juice (apple, carrot and beetroot) Roasted vegetables with fennel seeds with cous-cous and a Tahini Dressing *I like to cube them, mix with olive oil, paprika and pepper and roast for about half an hour
  2. It’s good of they’re focusing on ease of shopping now. One of the big draws of Lidl and Aldi for me is that they’re quick and easy to navigate, grab what you want and go. Having a list that assigned items to aisles would be a massive help I stopped using our local Tesco’s which was the biggest in Europe because it was so big that it took ages, and the eggs were right at the far end
  3. Isn’t the point of in store layouts to make people wander around trying to find stuff in the hope they’ll buy extra I would love what you’ve suggested but I can’t see it being in the supermarkets interest
  4. We do a big shop about once a month and then my partner does top ups and trips to the veg market. He enjoys it and I don't. Tends to be the usuals plus a small list for any specific meals I feel like making. We're both pretty good as making meals out of whatever but it can get a bit boring, so I try and include some new meals each week. I did use to do online shopping and Tesco was my preferred one. Just seemed like the best balance of value, service and good picks, you can also save shopping lists so have a basic one that you add to or alternate ones from different weeks associate
  5. I got a free trial for Chefs Plate one of these semi-prepared meal kit delivery things, and picked up a few tricks Homemade burger - fry each side for a few minutes until browned and then put in oven for 6 minutes along with buns and grated cheese on the top half. You get a much juicier burger then frying until cooked Pickled carrots- grate carrots and mix with white vinegar and a little sugar, let sit while you make the rest of the meal. Then add to things like Thai Beef Bowl Creamy tomato sauce - add a little cream cheese when making a tomato based pasta.
  6. I’ll give roasting broccoli ago, but thats how I do cauliflower and it’s lovely A sprinkle of sesame seeds and drizzle of oil on a stir fry really brings it up a notch A nice pile of properly crisped onion is lovely too
  7. I forgot that’s today. Will make crepes with lemon and sugar for dessert and hopefully celebrate passing my theory test
  8. I loved the pottery one. I know it’s a rip-off but it’s not something that’s usually on the telly and it’s very enjoyable to watch. I also use to do quite a bit as a kid and really enjoyed it. The sewing one was interesting but a bit too quaint, it didn’t need to be I like the sound of some of the others in here though
  9. I read 18Q4 and enjoyed it, and have often thought about bits of it quite a long time afterwards which I guess is the mark of a good book. But I wasn’t left wanting to read more of his stuff and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty similar
  10. I wouldn’t charge by the hour, as you say people will ask for less and even if they’re happy with it you won’t be and they’ll be a bit of work out there with your name on it. But it is a good guide for coming up with a price. A tenner an hour is an absolute minimum. You could decide that you’re only going to charge ten hours regardless of if it’s taken you 15 because you're learning. Or if it then only takes me 5 hours I’ll still charge £100 because that’s what a finished piece of my work of this size, complexity and format costs
  11. @stephen129 that is the best brand of jerk seasoning there is and always bring some back with me from the UK Yum I want some now
  12. I've been making a lot of soup lately with a base of garlic, leek and carrot, either split red lentils or potato and a chicken stock cube, and then another veg like green beans and any herbs if I have them. Not the most exciting but very satisfying.
  13. I feel like these have been discussed before but they are magical Colds, hangovers, rainy camping, if not cure it can certainly make them all less unpleasant
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