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  1. I mean it’s blatantly MCC but whatever floats your boat
  2. F2P phone market is a hard nut to crack. Fair play this kiddy humour is sadder.
  3. I don’t get this reference - where the fuck is the Indiana Jones one that was the absolute classic.
  4. Love ya bro' but this fat fuck of a horse is fuuuuuuuucked
  5. What the fuck is that topic title about? Is that how important the EXCLUSIVITY is? Very strange. Can I play Resogun on PS5?
  6. Well up for that - that we never got another last gen is borderline criminal.
  7. Aye that was quite an evening that one from what I remember
  8. I thought EU law (for now if you’re in the UK) was 2 years?
  9. Played a fair bit of FSW with @MardiganXback in the day and it was brilliant. I’m hoping that it is somehow elevated by the series consoles - was it already BC? I’m not sure.
  10. FSW best of the bunch. Lego again is (not) hilarious.
  11. Totally passed me by and yeah much as I loved it £25 is too steep to see if it still holds up.
  12. I loved the first and bounced right off the second - it felt directionless.
  13. Bloody hell someone brought out a new version of a stone cold AtariST favourite “North&South” - strikes me as perfect Gamepass fodder.
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