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  1. Have we had that RJ twats “I’ competor game and was shit” post or is that still due? Can’t wait.
  2. It’s all fun & games till it tilts. Or to put it another way no you don’t get to call time on a thread that’s only “shits & giggles” as long as it’s within your personal chosen parameters. It’s OK you’re not nonce-funding now they sacked him; Likely with a huge monetary pay off (which your digital copy of Returnal did fund)
  3. On the 1st day of Xmas Uncle paedostation (sponsored by my purchase) gave to me…. Godfall in a pear tree.
  4. Apex does this every fucking time. It sounds backwards but it actually reduces server impact.
  5. like all the other far cry 1K’d and will never look at it again. Great game though.
  6. definitely worked for me kicked off a 60gb ish download I even switched on the Xbox to make sure it was there which it was.
  7. I pre-loaded it last night on Xbox just open the game pass app and you can kick off the download from there.
  8. 18GB update for San Andreas on XB - it’s taking up real estate and I haven’t even booted the POS
  9. wot is this iron will love? In my experience most killers don’t have headphones and will run on by if they don’t see you. I always use headphones for killer (i main survivor).
  10. There are. Loved this game one of those totally off the wall I’d never have played titles that totally got it’s hooks in. Well gutted this wasn’t sequel news.
  11. ^ the beauty of this game. You don’t instantly unlock a characters perks for others at 40 you still have to get them from the blood web (they’ll show as orange) or you can buy them from the shrine when available. Horses for courses I like Megs sprint over dead hard or Lithe - and consider adrenaline and dead hard a waste (dead hard is meta just now). Play & adapt and learn it’s all part of the fun. Iron will is piss 🤣
  12. Happens exclusively on ranked for me. TBH I’m usually too engulfed in the match to notice it’s a novelty bug I actually don’t mind too busy shouting at everyone else whilst being shit to notice.
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