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  1. I’m with this but so did DbD back in the day. A Game can go a long way on the back up of continued investment. This would have to be fucking insane for me to “swap sides” at this point.
  2. The audio is incredible (using wireless headset too)
  3. “It’s not clear and you are all arseholes”meanwhile:
  4. it’s almost obvious why there are play windows but it seems some people are actively choosing not to get it
  5. Who the fuck invented the speed of light ?
  6. it looks fine to me I’m definitely not lamenting it. It’s a GAAS like SOT so let’s see how it pans out I think it’s fair to say we are far from done. The improvement over the last flight is already nuts
  7. 100% I can’t stop hitting Y thinking i will have the pistol but I get where they’re going with it.
  8. Probably under accessibility in options for adjusting or - you know - git gud.
  9. You can take a fire team into training - Excellent. The range of options in training is fantastic.
  10. Piece of string analogy. They took ages for all of us cos Brexit. I’d say 2 months from ordering plus whatever it is now to get something shipped UK->AUS.
  11. This reeks of what apex does it’ll go live then codes will start landing. It’s a sneaky way to load balance and prevent a “Big Bang”
  12. Client updated overnight it’s almost time.
  13. Tits McGhee how good is the FXX round Lime Rock in this? Just TT’ing that is hours of fun.
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