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  1. Join us. Get laughed at while an S rank paints the scenery with you. It’s awesome:
  2. You can literally legally emulate the balls off of everything? It’s not even hard to do it’s literally a Google away.
  3. Also how the actual fuck did we get DOA4 and Ridge6 in 2005? I get they’re upscaled to 4K and auto-HDR but Jesus Christ They look and play like they’re fresh out the oven.
  4. Apart from being able to revisit oldie but goldie games the best thing about BC is it’s basically like having multiple arcade machines in yer house without the cabinet bulk and on tap. I’ve dined on DOA, Ridge Racer, Daytona and Crazy Taxi in amongst Halo sessions today. Fucking amazing.
  5. That’s how fucking good they look Gave 4 another sesh tonight on the road to re-unlock the Spartan. It’s amazing how online has come alive again albeit to S and above rank beasts but if you’re in a winner stays lobby of 3-4 having a laugh it’s tranformative as everyone tries to best the fucker. I think for me at least it was and always will be the best VS fighter ever made.
  6. I had a couple of BC games show up in my library that weren’t there before - Conan being one and I do not recall buying or getting via GwG
  7. Only way to play. I’m still not settled on sensitivity etc though what I need are Halo5 settings for this game
  8. Peasant Xbox consoles with mechanical drives innit
  9. hmm last time I had a problem I did it that way that was for a Brazil code maybe a month ago.
  10. just switch region on the console and redeem the code no need to VPN
  11. you literally can choose the map and game mode combination you want - GL with the matchmaking if you’re going to do that though
  12. It’s absolutely batshit insane on every level. The only thing that ever held it slightly back was net code and 15 years later guess what we all have better.
  13. That melee rag doll thing is literally all they need to fix to make it solid AF. The rest is all gravy.
  14. Couldn’t find appropriate gif for “rattling the cage”
  15. @Kryptonian @Lorfarius @DeciderVT this. It may be me (and Gerfick) but I don’t get the “wait for a sale” mentality - I want it, it’s basically a few pints and I would rather have it. Fin.
  16. DOA4 is such a technical marvel it’s bonkers to think it was a launch title. I’d forgotten how seamless and slick and feature rich it was/is right off the bat. Where did they hide the loading? It just doesn’t happen - compare it to Tekken7 and it’s bonkers. This is real-time it’s not CGI absolutely nuts.
  17. Actually: Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Midnight Club, all the Max Payne, all the FEAR, Metal Slugs, Mirrors Edge x 2, NBA Jam, the orange box, fuck knows how many PAC Man variants, more resident evil than you have time for, multiple SSX titles, Sensible Soccer, multiple Street Fighter Bore, Tempest 4000. “Xbox has no games”
  18. Oh so the PS1/PS2/PSP/VITA ones don’t count along with Ridge6? Leaving you one title to die on your hill with? Well played. while we are here let’s add some more franchises like Ninja Gaiden (the proper ones as you put it), Dead or Alive, Daytona USA, Sonic (proper ones), Metal Gear Solid (proper ones), Crazy Taxi, all the Dooms, EDF and I’m bored now but could literally expand on this all day.
  19. It’s not but nobody would have even noticed if it wasn’t for that PCMR tit that does videos for them - it also has precisely zero impact on gameplay.
  20. Only console in the last decade with multiple playable Ridge Racer games as well - pretty incredible.
  21. Fuck off with this level of hyperboboe. And fuck off with the spoilers.
  22. Just checked and the DOA4 price had changed (dropped) so tried it again and it worked so whatever fuckery has been going on it looks like they’ve fixed it And fuck me it is still the best fighter on the planet. Amazing how badly they fucked 5&6 on the back of it and sans-Itagaki
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