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  1. bm

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I had exactly the same issue. I would love to say I knew how I solved it, but a combination of re-installing the beta streaming service on PC and a few PC restarts ended up sorting it. Have to agree with those above - untethered performance is night and day with this. I couldn't play without the wire yesterday; today it was close to flawless. Chapter 3 is fucking intense though I have to say.
  2. bm

    G2A.com - legit?

    Where do CDKeys get their (cd) keys from?
  3. If you're anything like me, you'll set out to be disciplined and only buy one or two games, but very quickly go all-in. Beat Sabre is fantastic - particularly if you mod it. Pistol Whip is a lot of fun. Super Hot is extraordinary - easily the most engrossed I've been in VR, though you need 2m x 2m floor space minimum (I've played it in a smaller space but have been lucky not to smash a controller against the wall. Moss is unbelievably cute Vader Immortal is generally okay, but with a couple of brilliant moments. If you have a gaming PC and want to link the Quest to play Steam VR/Rift games, this USB cable is an ugly colour, but it is in stock and works: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D7NTNDK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Alternatively, Virtual Desktop generally works as well as people claim. You're in for a fantastic time - enjoy!
  4. I think it over-clocks the console slightly and adds in a load of extra emulators. Feels nicer, though that may be psychological..
  5. After a couple of days tinkering with it, I'm really impressed with the RG350. Got the Rogue custom firmware on it and it's flying. Mainly interested in SNES and below (specifically Neo Geo / Pocket) and it's flawless. Highly recommended.
  6. It doesn't balance well for kids and adults, sadly. But is an okay quiz game overall. End game not quite as good as it should be.
  7. If we're doing Geralt quotes, this made me laugh out loud this morning: "Cut the bullshit, Hughes - you stole Reginald's testicles." What a game.
  8. I spent much of yesterday happily adding in a load of songs. A couple of misses, but plenty of hits: Back To Black and Shake It Off are my current highlights - oh, and Deadstar, if you're a Muse fan.
  9. You know about bsaber.com, right?
  10. I finished the main quest without any alchemy, much to the surprise of someone at work ("no oils *either*?") - though I did keep changing my swords to match my level when I could. Found the opening couple of hours a real slog, but everything else was broadly fine, as long as you pick your combat and sign skills wisely.
  11. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine turned up today. It's a little chunkier than I was expecting - though I may be mis-remembering the size of the original. Don't forget: within the SNES app, you can hold ZR and R in place of the (missing) home button, and ZL and L for the (missing) capture button. Only within that app, though.
  12. bm

    Nintendo Switch

    Got my notification that my 30th September order has been shipped. Estimated delivery Tuesday (£8.90)
  13. I'm close to getting one of these - but some of the reviews online say you need to enable frameskip in the SNES emulator. Is that your experience? Are you running the FW it came with or have you installed a custom one?
  14. bm


    I had to stop playing on the Switch because it was making me feel sick. I out it down to frame rate rather than anything else - if people claim this is acceptable now, I cannot imagine how it must have been before. Anyway, that's the last Switch game I get from TequilaWorks. The Sexy Brutale was appalling and RiME has just cost them their benefit of doubt.
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