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  1. Agreed. I have a bit of a soft spot for David Cage, but even then Detroit was beyond my expectations.
  2. How the heck are you removing so many cards? Or are those the only ones you are picking up?
  3. I'd be bang up for this if it was Steam rather than GOG, as I want the option of playing it via GeForce Now. If anyone spots a similarly-priced Steam key ahead of launch I'd love to know.
  4. I have bought that stand thank for costing me moneys.
  5. How did you manage that? I'm all preloaded via Ubisoft Connect or whatever it's called and would love to dive in early if I can.
  6. Any word on the quality of the Switch port?
  7. PC Game Supply is quick and reliable - picked some up there yesterday.
  8. I think I really like it but I am *terrible* at it, even with the Rhythm multiplier thing turned off.
  9. Embargo broken: https://www.xboxtavern.com/hotshot-racing-review/
  10. bm

    PGA Tour 2K21

    I believe you only play one round, but you have a week to do so. It's pretty windy out there so wrap up warm. (Would be interested to see if it cuts in any footage of my round to yours, like they do in the PGA mode.)
  11. bm

    PGA Tour 2K21

    I've set a very beatable score in the Rllmuk Golfing Society fyi. Includes a bogey!
  12. bm

    PGA Tour 2K21

    I've set up a Rllmuk Golfing Society on Switch - first round starts tomorrow and runs for a week. I've no idea how this works, @Stoppy2000 suggested it so let's see how goes. See you on the fairway! (Is that something golfers say?)
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