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  1. Can't get past the language select screen on GTAV Steam version. Anyone encountered this issue and had success? Touchscreen doesn't appear to be active and trying to force Steam to show a mouse cursor isn't working either.
  2. Why do you set the power first and then the direction arc independently? It's such an odd design choice I just can't get my head around.
  3. bm


    By the time I got to the final day I had pretty much mastered my loadout and understood exactly how to do what was needed, but knowing that one mistake would mess the whole run made it super tense. I enjoyed it.
  4. Spider-Man may be the first ever game I ever 100% thanks to the Steam Deck. Absolutely perfect for 10/20 min sessions here and there.
  5. bm


    I finished this a couple of weeks ago - thanks Steam Deck - and thought it was fantastic. Like most Arkane games, it took a while to click but when it does it's spectacular. Really clever how they handle the potential for you to be supremely overpowered by the late game. Haven't played a game which has made me quite so tense for a long, long time. Fantastic soundtrack, too. And loved the two main actors. Very much recommended (once it clicks).
  6. It won't let you add it to your library if you've already redeemed it. And I would love DmC if available - can swap you for another Steam key if you like?
  7. I'm playing it quite happily. A fair few crashes on default graphics, but I've lowered shadows, detail etc. and haven't had any crashes for days. Runs very smoothly - but admittedly it took some tinkering.
  8. Apologies for using you as tech support on RPCS3 - but quick question. Once I've added the game to RPCS3 by pointing it at the folder, and it then running through the set-up (in this case, it's currently "compiling PPU modules"- you mention it then sits in my saves folder of the SD card; does that mean I can delete the original folder, do you know? Sorry! Thank you!
  9. Sorry to raise the question again, but if I wanted to play a PS3 game via the PS3 emulator, do I just put them in separate folders in the ROMs directory? What files should be at the root of that ROMs/GameName directory? Oh - and any idea how to add art to the main display so when I'm selecting, say, Epic Games Store it's not blank (I have changed the art on the icon in properties).
  10. Had the 512gb UK confirmation - I think I was 6.13pm on the day the pre-orders went live. Paid for it immediately- when, approximately, can I expect it in my hands next week? And do you get much control over delivery date (I am, typically, away next Thursday and Friday).
  11. bm

    Oculus Quest

    Just sent it to Reef who PMd me straight away. Sorry!
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