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  1. Finally got my £20 of vouchers from Zavvi - what a crock of shite. Only one of them is for Zavvi and it's for bloody clothes. I had received only 3 pre-order codes from them and the one game that's worth getting, Rayman Legends, is delayed to next year. £5 off when you spend £30 on clothing at Zavvi.com £5 off when you spend £30 at IWantOneOfThose.com *Offer excludes Lego, Consoles, Electronics, iPads, Entertainment, photo gifts and gift experiences £5 off when you spend £30 at Myprotein.com £5 off when you spend £30 at Mankind.co.uk To top it all (though it's obviously not Zavvi's fault) I got a duff GamePad with my Wii U that's now in repair. Service Centre said that because of a shortage of parts from Nintendo at the moment, there's no guarantee I'd get it back before Christmas. Fabulous.
  2. If the summary was "it's brilliant, great value, and amazing fun, but loads of flaws as well" the review would not need to allocate marks. Why do they constrain themselves by using numbers when words can do so much better a job?
  3. Starsign came out a couple of weeks ago. Mana was mid January. Pokemon was November - I amazed you haven't seen that one on the shelves! NoE gave that and its sister GBA game a big push. FFV for GBA is out in 3 weeks. No news on whether we'll get FFVI though, and FFIII DS won't be until much later in the year, I reckon.
  4. They didn't. No one could have predicted how well the DS has sold. It's on track to overtake PS2's lifetime sales in Japan by the end of the year already, FFS. That quote about DS peaking last year is way off the mark too. Last week in Japan DS hardware sales were up yet again and 33 out of the Top 50 games were on DS according to Media Create.
  5. Atari, who are handling all of Ignition's games, in their latest release schedule a few days ago have April 27th for Card Fighters DS now. For the Wii: Dragonball is out March 23rd with Metal Slug Anthology and Mercury Meltdown following a week later.
  6. MyMemory have pretty keen prices ... SanDisk ULTRA II SD PLUS. I got the 1GB version for £17. It shipped in a day. Really nice drag and drop. Works on all our Macs and PCs at work, and the Wii.
  7. Only a quick heads-up for any interested... just got in home to catch the ITV evening news headlines and saw that they're covering the Wii in this programme. Should be on very soon.
  8. Some of the branches of WH Smiths started taking pre-orders a couple of weeks back. That's where I got mine in following a tip-off from another forum - 3rd in line I was told. Otherwise, don't go for the sort of places where your average clearasil-smeared student would go, but for the big department stores like John Lewis, House of Fraser and the ilk. The posher the better. Woolworths used to be a place you could guarantee to get a console on launch day, but gossip on the net seems to have helped to fuck that one up now. If I didn't get my pre-order in I'd be down the 24 hour supermarket for midnight, then - if no luck there - around all the dept stores at 9am. Which is what I'll probably still be doing for games and extra remotes anyway.
  9. WTF? Fuck the Internet! Fuck it right up its geek-infested cunting arse! I'm off to Millets to buy a tent and camp outside Asda. Grumble....
  10. He's a million miles away from being a Nintendo fanboy for sure.
  11. NoE have had the Rumble Paks for ages. You can order them for £6.85 (I think) each from the Service Centre. Fucking scandalous that they haven't made the info public. I only found out because of a good mate on another forum. He also told me a month ago that Wario Ware Twisted is currently down for a December 8th release... something that Nintendo UK reluctantly confirmed to me on Friday in a phone call. WTF? Why are these fuckers so clandestine about so much? You get the impression there are only about 5 people working at Nintendo UK and they just sit in their office waiting for scraps from NoE in Germany, who in turn are getting fucked over by Nintendo Japan.
  12. Yes to movie playback. Basically just a repackaged Play-Yan apparently.
  13. It's a good game. The bugs have apparently been addressed for the Euro release. From the developer interview at the site: NoE: What can you tell us about the localisation process for Europe? We had some issues with the US version; it crashed from time to time. Were you able to fix those bugs? JB: "We did get some reports of sporadic crashes in the US version, and we were able to isolate and fix the cause for the European version. We actually fixed a few more things along the way, but nothing that would hinder the enjoyment of the US version at all. We’re very proud of all the versions. As a Brit, I made particularly sure that we changed Richard the Lionhearted to Richard the Lionheart for the UK version. Even my Canadian spellchecker is mad at me for that right now!" For anyone who got their orders in: if you don't receive the confirmation email it's advisable to drop Nintendo a bell (contact number is on their site) otherwise you might be waiting a long time. Blame NoE — they've got a really shitty system in place and bad communication with Nintendo UK.
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