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  1. Regarding the post-credits scene...
  2. Can't wait for the big finale next week. Although I'm convinced they'll kill off which will break me.
  3. Surely even one of the Noldor can't survive
  4. At least in the LotR films they had some dialogue written by Tolkien to work with. That's what's turning me off this, not a line they utter was written by him.
  5. OK, summer clearout, all prices include postage. All in 1st pic £5 each. 2nd pic £15 for each set (GPS+Mountain Goats+Sequoia or EIYO+Golems+15 Days+Space Lunch+Rebis) - these are unopened Kickstarter editions still in shrink wrap. 3rd pic: Exploriana, Pointless, Magic Maze & Le Havre The Inland Port £15 each, Gizmos £25. 4th pic: Suburbia Collectors' Edition (Kickstarter, played once, perfect condition) £80. PM me if you have questions or want to combine more than one, I am very happy to discuss as would rather sell on here than faff about with eBay!
  6. Watched this twice now, and reflected on views expressed here and elsewhere. All in all a beautifully made film, and probably about the best we could have hoped for. Stuff I really enjoyed: Biggest disappointment: Overall, a solid 4 spinal columns out of 5. On reflection, though, I think what this movie shows even more effectively than the other various sequels/spinoffs is that once the fundamental "wtf is going on here?" question is answered (which the original film took basically its entire runtime to do), the just runs out of steam as a plot device. Do we really now want to see the same story retold across endless historical backdrops? I'm not sure what we would gain from that.
  7. Seems like a poor strategy when you see in infra-red, tbh.
  8. Agree about the dog. I still can't watch I Am Legend again...
  9. Booked for 23rd December. This is selling very fast, so get in quick folks!
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