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  1. Daughter & I had our regular school holiday lunch date at the Treehouse today, and had really excellent first play of The Quest for El Dorado. Lovely easy deck-building but with a single clear objective: win the race to the end! Luckily I managed to pull out one of these at the crucial moment... ...and totally misinterpret the rules to fly to victory I need to get hold of Dominion to teach her now, as she'll be amazing at it - she can count any deck/VP total effortlessly.
  2. Me too! Got the penultimate one in stock @LaveDisco, check out 13 Days if you like Twilight-Struggle-Lite games!
  3. Getting ready for a few days' holiday with the family...
  4. Out of nowhere, the Dragon Castle app is live. Works great on mobile for me, and plays portrait too which is always handy.
  5. How does one do this? Can't see it on the Audible site?? Edit: found it, only if you're already an active member. Makes sense.
  6. Enjoying Combo Fighter for a quick gaming fix with my daughter. Unfortunately I win rather a lot, as she is disadvantaged by not having been alive to play a ton of Tekken & Soul Calibur in the 90s & 00s
  7. Just finished, what a ride. I am old enough to have seen the movie in the cinema when it was released, and I've always loved it even though I felt the gelfling were the most unconvincing characters by a long way back then. The fact that they have been fleshed out to drive the story so well in this series is a triumph. Also, how awesome was the
  8. I'm really enjoy A Brief History of Time, partly because of the wonderfully breathy soft-porn style reading! It's just a shame that whenever Stephen Hawking veers into personal anecdote (thankfully rarely) he comes across as such a dick.
  9. Beautiful, but why not a snowy base?
  10. Padster


    I think they've got the solo format nailed for variety/challenge now.
  11. So my teenage daughter (my usual gaming buddy) has a sleepover with 3 of her friends. They wake up this morning in her room with literally dozens of amazing games of all shapes and sizes (see BGG link below), so what do they decide to play?
  12. I wasn't aware you could see everything listed online in advance. Suppose I should have been, really...
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