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  1. The only thing that will get me to play this again is a good tower defence mod/game mode. Can't believe it wasn't in the base game. Why do all the settlement building stuff and not put it to the test with waves of enemies attacking? You could get resources from each enemy defeated to build more defences, until eventually you get overrun by alpha deathclaws, etc.
  2. This one is quite nice too.
  3. So excited for this. Played Dark Souls in 2013 and a few weeks ago I (finally) got Souls 2. I love this game series and everything I've seen about the third Dark Souls looks amazing! I'll probably roll with STR/FAITH for my first playthrough, maybe with some Dex for those sweet, sweet giant 2h boss weapons.
  4. Oh yeah, I finished this at about 190 hours played a few weeks ago. I think at least 50 of those were spent building my final base, and another 50 spent doing things that weren't fun. Radiant quests are shit, there's little roleplaying, and the game world and factions are ultimately very shallow. Here's some photos of my final base. I had homemaker mod installed. I didn't console command in any items except quantities of steel and other junk I needed, since despite playing for over 100 hours I ran out of material buy the time I'd made the building's foundations. Bethesda simply didn't create the the building mechanic with anything more than small shanty huts in mind. Do not click this unless you've done Curie's quest line. The settlement and minuteman features felt still in beta, in a fully fleshed out game they could have really immersed you in the world. Why do I have to keep doing quests instead of minutemen I should be able to recruit and manage? Overall, I end with feelings of disappointment and regret.
  5. Kyouma

    The Valve Thread

    He misspelled Alyx as Alex. Seems legit.
  6. Really knocks your confidence in online stores when this kind of thing happens. Steam Store is telling me I have no payment methods associated with my account, does that mean I'm safe? I deleted the steam-paypal link on Paypal and checked my bank account just in case.
  7. He liked it: (Skip the first 2 minutes if you want to get straight to the discussion about TFA)
  8. Saw at midnight last night. It was fantastic and a great atmosphere - cheers/applause in the cinema when the title crawl came on and when Han Solo appeared. Too many good things to say. It was a very jam packed ride and I'll need to watch it again to fully appreciate it. That's something I only say about films I love, though. The new actors did a fantastic job and their characters are by leaps and bounds able to stand on their own without the original cast. That was the most important thing they needed to do, and they did it. Everything else, while amazing, was icing on the cake. do NOT click this unless you've seen the film
  9. 85 hours clocked. Only just gone to Goodneighbour and did all that stuff. Silver Shroud questline was great. Finally completed my move from Sanctuary to the Castle and built a suitable storage area for my suits. Still a WIP. Still have barely explored any of the locations I've been to, just running past most and vowing to return later because I already have 12+ quests in my pipboy. This game is ridiculously huge and still overwhelming me at level 42. Gave up on not installing any mods and have around 15 now, all of which are very minor tweaks except for: - One that returns grass to the ground, and leaves to trees, really love the atmosphere this one causes - Settlement building ones to remove the building limit and add more items you can build - Dialogue mod that returns it to the old way where you can see the first sentence of what you're going to say and lets you use 1, 2, 3, 4 to select
  10. Regarding power armour's aesthetics
  11. I'm level 30-something now. I get the feeling that I was meant to board the Brotherhood's main hub way earlier, because they're treating Power Armour like some amazing thing when I already have much better gear... and 5 suits of it back at home. Also I feel like I was meant to retake the castle way earlier too because that was easy. Whoops. Also I randomly found the best power armour in the game in a random nowhere hut? WTF? Really enjoying it though, I'm got 60 hours in it now. Time to build myself a ridiculous sized and elaborate base to hold my power armours in. There's a lot of very small things I love that all add up to make this game great for me, even if it is just Fallout 3.5 with crafting and settlements. At the moment I am rolling with Police Officer Piper None of the other companions seem as interesting so far, but I haven't progressed that far in the story, still haven't even gone to Goodneighbour yet.
  12. I feel like carry weight is a particularly big problem in this game. In previous games you ignored junk and could slap weapons together to repair them and decrease your weight. Now you want as much junk as possible and you can't scrap things in the field. I'd prefer a Dark Souls inspired system where the more you carry, the slower you get, but it tops out at 50% speed reduction and a -1 or -2 AGI penalty, and you can then carry everything you want with no further penalty.
  13. 10pm "I'll just clear out this raider base, loot everything, explore a bit nearby, level up, upgrade my power armour, link my settlements and do a little building. Maybe do one small easy quest. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so and I'll be in bed at a sensible time." 5 hours later It is now 3:30AM in the morning. This game is ridiculous, where the hell does the time go?
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