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  1. Anyone else fretting as their UPS delivery is saying tomorrow: This thing is tiny... I've been spamming F5 all morning on their site hoping for an update and he shows up before anything changed!
  2. Hope this is just them being cautious, otherwise I’m not impressed, I got the shipping notification on Friday!
  3. I live right in the centre of Edinburgh. We have 9 exchanges serving the city. I'm connected to the only one that doesn't support fibre, and they have no plans to upgrade. I downloaded the Battlefield Hardline Beta - by the time the download was complete, the Beta was over
  4. 60 here in Gotham. I passed up 120 earlier in the week hoping to make a tasty profit, now I just hope to not lose too much! Lets hope someone gets a decent price tomorrow...
  5. And very polite she was too! My gates are still open, although I'm not actually there at the moment. Feel free to drop by, and any fruit you can spare is gratefully received! EDIT: Gates closed
  6. Code: 0774-8419-4970 Name: Keir Town: Gotham I have pears (or did have, my missus just stripped all the trees bare and sold the lot!) I've added everyone in the thread!
  7. This game has totally decimated by stash of AA batteries for my Wiimote. I can't even switch the console on now, I just get the sorrowful flashing blue lights. I need to get more rechargeables...
  8. I'd just like to thank the hordes from Rllmuk for putting me onto this. Bought. Played. Loved. All for 20 quid! Result!
  9. I'm one of the lonely group of refugees from NTSC-UK, but you've totally sold me on this now. Damn NTSC-UK and it's downtime, now it's costing me money!
  10. Typical! This morning my Wireless is working just fine, but turnip prices are only 166 bells! I swear it's some kind of Nook conspiracy... Keir
  11. At least it's not just me then. I switched from my wireless access point to connecting directly to the wireless router and I still get it (both methods have worked flawlessly in the past!) Guess it's Nintendo's problem and not ours. I'll keep checking and post if it lets me connect later. Sorry!
  12. Everyone is added! AAAARGH! Stupid thing keeps disconnecting after 30 seconds! I'm getting error code <-84020> if anyone can help me let these people sell their turnips!
  13. Typical, the week I forget to buy turnips and Nook is buying for 491 bells! I'm off to open up my gates, PM me and I'll add you Keir Glamslam 1718 6322 2470
  14. I've got a (frankly pathetic) 103 bells if anyone is desperate! PM me and I'll add you. Keir
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