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  1. Hmmm ok think i'll get SFIV and this will have to be the last game to convince me to keep my 3DS else it's CEX time. It's a very fun machine and the 3D is cool but I must be becoming jaded with gaming as i feel a little underwhelmed by it all.
  2. Quick: gonna pop into town in a second and either get SFIV or Ghost recon. Which should I purchase?
  3. who gave me a negative vote? As posted earlier i'm just kinda feeling underwhelmed by the 3DS. yes the 3D is amaze but it hasn't added anything new and i feel it's just the same old with a new lick of paint. I will persevere as i want to get along with the system and hopefully things may change over the weekend.
  4. hmmm i'm tempted to sell up if CEX are actually buying machines for £215.
  5. Got my 3DS from Tescos yesterday and got Ridge Racer and Pilot Wings with it. Neat little system and the 3DS is really cool but am i the only one thinking it's pretty much the same old experience but just in '3D'? I think it's possibly because that there isn't a game that actually uses the 3D for it's game play that I feel a bit under whelmed and tbh regretting my purchase. Convince me to keep it!
  6. SF4 59p and all monies go to Japan Quake relief Guy's if you haven't bought StreetFighter4 for the iphone yet then now is the perfect time to get it. It's now priced at 59p and all proceeds go to Japan Quake relief. And to all those who have gotten this illegally, buy the original and help out for a friggin good cause!
  7. anyone know if Sainsburys will price match Morrisons (£187)? Only want to buy from sainsburys as I have some nectar points to burn through. If not i may change my order to the Tesco's 3DS + game offer. arrggghhh
  8. anyone know if there is a Bishi Bashi style iphone game available?
  9. true true. i do like to maximise my dps when needed though.
  10. Quick question about best race for Horde Rogues. Currently an undead Engineer Rouge, which is pants compared to the other races but i did half decent DPS in ICC (15Kdps on most fights). Now i want to capitalize on Cata and have a race change and wondered which is better. Orc (1170AP Blood fury @ 85) or Goblins and all their new trickery (1% attack speed and Rockets). Would like goblins but worried that their rockets would be on a similar cooldown to all the engineering tinkers to my gear. eg Hyper speed accelerators. Should i go Orc or have fun with goblins. I only want to change race once as this cost money!
  11. There was an additional 280Mb(ish) patch. that was all
  12. And now installed. Liked the animation as it was installing. It was drawing the new goblins and worgons and locations from sketch to current models. nice.
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