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  1. Is there anyway to store PS4 game saves on an external hard drive along with the PS4 games instead of the PS5 console storage? Just noticed Gravity Rush 2 save is 600MB+
  2. Thank you so much! You have made me very happy!
  3. I haven't registered my new xl so if anyone has a code they don't need I would be extremely grateful!
  4. I'm thinking of picking up Unit 13 tomorrow and have a quick question. I'm using a US PSN account on my vita, will I be able to use the online pass on my account? Is the pass just for co-op or is there anything else it is used for?
  5. I'm due to get a vita on wednesday, I'm just wondering whats the best thing to do with PSN. I have a launch usa PS3 and my account is a US account. I never really bought anything from the us store on the ps3. I plan to buy most games for the vita online. Should I stick with my US account and buy topups or just use a UK account?
  6. Listening to podcast now, Michael is right. The reporting was lazy! Go ring a friend and get smashed!
  7. Year Total Tony hawk ride £40 (lol) Bayonetta £30 Bioshock 2 £40 Black ops £36 Kinect with Kinect Sports and Dance Central £190 Total £336 Girlfriend buying Kinect and Kinect games for xmas! Couldnt think of anything else Boxed Game total £146 Lovefilm Sub £90 Gaming Total £236
  8. wtf have they done? Looks unplayable
  9. Do the games come in the box or are they a mail in offer? If they are in the box thats alot of different console combos taking up stockroom space
  10. Its not for me, if i wanted to play PS2 ports or psp games on the tv I can just use the Wii.
  11. The only new game I care about. Everthing else that was shown we knew about anyway.
  12. lol, now we get fullscreen for nba 08! nice one
  13. first party games coming soon!
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