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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Baldur's Gate 2. Superb - immersive, fast and satisfying when your plan works and the inventory management is strangely soothing.
  2. Glad to see that this game getting some love. I didn't get on too well with combat but had a fine career as a thief (pre nerfing patches) and some of the side quests are excellent. Taking a walk in the woods is stunningly realistic at times, simply because you know the music isn't going to suddenly ramp up because there are enemies afoot.
  3. Sutton came into the game more second half and hit the bar twice late on. Both sides probably content with the point in the circumstances. Scheduled to play again v Fylde Tuesday. ...
  4. Big crowd here with loads of casuals (casuals = cash). Howler from HU keeper gifted SU an early lead but since then it's been all Hartlepool.
  5. Agreed. There's no real logic being applied here although I can understand clubs wanting to continue where possible. Several NL matches have subsequently been postponed so I reckon it's only a matter of time before we too grind to a halt.
  6. I've got it on watch but my pledge this month has gone on Pax Pamir. Unfortunately there is a Swedish game which seems to have a vaguely similar theme, albeit with a much darker pallette. Frosthaven coming in a couple of weeks too.
  7. Currently Dungeon Degenerates Hand of Doom. This is a co-operative game in which a motley crew of 1-4 of filthy varmints break out of jail and run around the game world bopping enemies on the head (possibly with a giant Frankfurter - the "luncheon truncheon" because it may also be eaten) and pursuing their own agenda whilst the world drifts further into doom each round. It has some really interesting mechanics: Good things Not so good things A matter of taste Reminds me a little of Darkest Night (creeping menace), Hexplore (bold or stealth travel, encounters, creeping menace), Folklore (loot rolls, variety of loot items), and Shadows of Malice (the heavy black borders on some tokens) but not sure there is anything quite like it out there. Love or hate the artwork, this is clearly a labour of love. And who can't enjoy a game set in the Realm of the Sausage? Note - the top photo includes an error - the Hand of Doom should not be out on the map as yet. In the lower photo, the team has to trek up the right hand side of the map though the paths of the bog (paths slow you down since you can't march as quickly as you may over roads) up to where the overlay piece is, in order to explore the depth of the crystal chamber for a vital component).
  8. Nice to have a pretty stress-free and easy on the eye victory over Torquay last Saturday. It's always lovely to see a left footed free kick curling into the very top corner of the net. Impressed also by our signing from Haringay - Colby Rowe - who is now our tallest outfield player and who seems a very calm and well positioned centre back - he made loads of interceptions. Two more home games on the trot - monkey-hangers and Fylde.
  9. One of our strikers, Tommy Wright, who has been recovering from a cruciate injury his season has announced he's taking a break from football for reasons of mental health . Good to hear that at least he is now getting some professional support.
  10. Board game classification and terminology is certainly something of a minefield, which you are initially blissfully ignorant of. A case in point - Scythe. Three years ago I bought it and played it several times - I liked the way the player boards are indented, the individuality of meeples for different factions and the whole alternative post WW1 design ethos, so I decided to keep it. I had absolutely no concept of the game being being considered an example of an area control, engine building, slightly asymmetric, mash up between Ameritrash and Euro genres. Euro games seem particularly problematic to describe since they vary a lot - the term has nothing to do with country of origin. Often it involves worker / dice placement but not always. Often players work on their own boards and interaction is limited to competition for spots, but not always (Dark Domains is a good example of an aggressive Euro where all phases of your game may be disrupted by others). I'm also not sure what constitutes a "heavy" game (or how this metric is calculated on BGG for example) - I tend to think of heavy Euros as having very large boards, many many tokens or meeples, many moving parts to be considered in terms of building one's engine and so forth (Gaia project, Lisbon, the pyramid building one) but maybe the term also applies to much more compact but extremely intense experiences such as Cooper Island. Then there are games such as Mage Knight which I love but which incorporate a mechanism - deck building - which I generally dislike, so you can't always assume a particular mechanism will rule a game out for you. Then there are the 18xx games which I found out bear no relation to 4xx games (because they relate to specific years in the 19th century usually in relation to railroad development rather than game dimensions). Then there are games which appear to defy easy categorisation like some of the giant KS titles. Just a word on legacy games too. The term is used to distinguish games which change permanently over time as noted by Hexx. Sometimes however you physically destroy game components as you go along and the game is designed to be played through once only (Seafall, Queensdale, The King's Dilemma, Gloomhaven), in other cases you can continue to play the final version of your game without adding new elements (Charterstone, and several others) and some you don't destroy anything, you just lose the element of surprise (the Scythe expansion Rise of Fenris being a good example). Even this relatively new genre includes multiple categories. Of all the Legacy Games I've experienced to date, the King's Dilemma stands out in terms of smallest percentage of material accessed during a single play through - it's beautifully constructed.
  11. I'm pleased to see Dark Domains scoring a "must play" verdict in the new issue of Tabletop Gaming. Really nicely produced and very evil minded "Euro". The cover, featuring Dungeon Degenerates, is um interesting
  12. I believe there is gameplay being shown at Pax East this weekend so more.will be revealed soon I imagine.
  13. It's first place and then a viscous lottery of a mini-cup competition for the second place. If the current table was the end of the season one we would have, as single leg play off ties: QF1 Halifax v Notts County QF 2 Yeovil v Dover SF 1 Boreham Wood v winner of QF1 SF 2 Harrogate v winner of QF 2 (I think its this way round) Final at Wembley
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