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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Finished up Jaws of the Lion with an intense burst over the weekend. The highlights are definitely the higher numbered scenarios, some of which should leave you grinning from jaw to jaw. Not changed overall conclusions - a nice addition to the universe for experienced players and a good way to introduce the game / onboard others. However there is definitely accelerated character progress compared to the big box. My Blade was also the luckiest dude there is, achieving huge dps with crits, and he also ended with exactly 500 xp (the start of level 9). We also collected 472 surplus gold whic
  2. Notts County have pulled out of the FA cup owing to the number of their Covid positive testing players.
  3. My lizard in the ventilation shaft was that bloody know-it-all woman dropping the shield and killing Garrus. ME1 is still fantastic - that intro with the music, retrieving personnel records... the whole thing.
  4. I backed Etherfields, although I also felt a little foolish because of not really knowing what the gameplay was; all I grasped was that dreams are involved, and masks, and the usual shed load of grey plastic. This probably seems an odd thing to do, but reputedly Tainted Grail hits it out of the park as far as single player game experiences goes and I figured this would be a worthwhile investment. Given the group pledges, I would keep a canny eye on the best price website from mid November (the first boats are due into Europe at the end of the month).
  5. It's worth a look for sure - It's not Gloomhaven lite in the sense that the scenarios after the stabilisers are removed are as meaty as any in the big box. Deducting the introductory scenarios and a few either / or choices you probably have around 16 classic Gloomhaven scenarios to complete. You level up more quickly in this and you will probably want to keep playing if you hit level 5..... The characters are interesting and their benefits are often highly contextual - I would say they can be more tricky to play than the starting characters in the big box.
  6. I spun DoS EE up fairly recently and that particular bark has been toned down a great deal.
  7. Gutted to lose 0-1 to Notts County in what must have been the last kick of the game. I might as well start streaming then since my absence is no longer a good luck charm...
  8. There's a suppliers rants and raves thread below. Zatu and Amazon seem to be the only ones to be cautious about in certain circumstances. Several really good outfits available although some specialise more in one type of product.
  9. Lucky folk with spare room(s). If I had one I would have absolutely no self control, rather than extremely little self control. I've limited my board games to 6 John Lewis low units dotted around the flat, items for disposal being relegated to the naughty chair in the bottom of the wardrobe (where shoes and bags usually live).
  10. Good 3 0 home win to kick the season off. I couldn't be arsed to sort out the stream, just watched the highlights on BT. That Wrexham free kick! I still think it's irrational not to have some number of fans present at National league fixtures given the work each club has undertaken to prepare, and the size of some of the venues at this level.
  11. Sutton has had to abandon the plan to stream Saturday's match to the MBA lounge (a big room with bar and stage usually arranged with largish tables), which they would have seen as an opportunity to raise cash from bottled beer and merchandise. So, it's home streaming, or nowt, for all.
  12. Just finished watching this. Very reminiscent in places of Taxi Driver, King of Comedy and even snatches of Apocalypse Now. Gary Glitter though. What the flaming fuck?
  13. Anyone after Kings Dilemma, Meeples Corner restock coming tomorrow. Just a few copies available. It's amazing. https://meeplescorner.co.uk/product/the-kings-dilemma/
  14. What's this? Pragmata
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