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  1. Gratifyingly easy 4-0 win for Sutton today versus Carlisle although I guess the very early goal helped a great deal. Two goals from new boy Alastair Smith, and Ajiboye a real handful once again. The ground hopper next to me proved a good luck mascot for the match.
  2. And finished. Around 37 hours to complete, running teams of 3 (albeit with the benefit of re-doing some of the early quests). "This is only the beginning" remarks Brynn at the end, how right she is. I think the logical next step would be for character specific DLC, maybe 2 or 3 quests for each so you can prioritise your favourites, before any physical material need be added. 4 of the 6 characters were great to play, Kehli seems very undercooked* and Brynn is simply dull, dull, dull. All in all, really good game despite the app glitching for me in places, and it might be worth a replay on higher difficulty and seeing what differences arise from rebalanced traits and taking alternative decisions near the end.¥ *impression also borne out by having lower trait combined trait points than all the others. ¥ but not for a good while yet!
  3. That number of quests in Descent spoilered above turns out to be understated by 1. Just the final quest to do now. The last couple of quests, bringing to a conclusion the plot lines of Syrus and Vaerix have been quite a bit more challenging, but good. I would expect paid dlc to come along before any boxed expansions. Getting quite strong Dragon Age Origins vibes from this at times.
  4. Christoph has added some interesting items to his sale range https://meeplescorner.co.uk/product-category/offers/
  5. Exactly right. The game is amazing - assuming you like JRPGs, of which this is a pretty pitch perfect cardboard analogue. There is a wonderful combat system, sophisticated enemy AI akin to that in S&S, gorgeous tiles which include elevation, water currents etc, the ability to develop your characters in diverse ways, and a story pretty typical of the genre, BUT it has A monster load of components Quite a few crunchy rules A 500 page storybook with reams of text to be read or listened to, including immediately after boss battles, which I'm fine with because I can put it aside and read it when it suits me, but which may be difficult to manage in a group. I've played a fair chunk and just reached equipment tier 3 (of 4) - basically 95% of loot is coin which you spend inbetween scenarios to gradually upgrade all your equipment, just like you do with Final Fantasy - so it's quite daunting to contemplate picking it up again after a lengthy break, but I will at some point. And this is just Act 1! The set up / tear down isn't too bad if you can keep the in-play materials out of the box on a side table or something in-between sessions. I think I made the card holders for this game and they also help. I cannibalise other boxes for the tokens, the Kilforth "pimping " ones are good, even if that means not putting them back in the main box. There are probably even more tokens in S&S.
  6. It's brilliant isn't it? As you say, a complete hybrid. The sort of thing you mention in the spoiler occurs quite often in Middara, but it's a helluva lot more cumbersome to implement. Although you never really seem to cut loose and learn new skills, you can at least begin to customise your characters a little as you get further into the game, and try to build some synergies around specific card types. Also, the dialogue choices you make along the way have an impact, at least moderately. My only criticism is that it is a little too easy, but that makes it ideal for family groups. The early scenario I failed in the first runthrough (Kehli's) happened simply because I missed one key line of text, and second time around it wasn't a problem. Sometimes the app has glitched on me and it has a few errors, but otherwise the game is really enjoyable. Edit. I think there are 4 difficulty settings and I'm on normal, so maybe I should try hard next time around, just to have to work the cards more efficiently.
  7. Im sure there will loads of expansions and/ or dlc for Descent. The base game is pretty lengthy as is, with each quest taking me around 90 minutes running 3 characters, and at least (number of) Quests available. This is probably the first TTG I'll be able to say with some accuracy how long has been spent.
  8. Cosmic_Guru


    Discussion of GOAT has obviously been deferred for now, but how do you factor in rule changes (for one thing)? 1970 ladies Wimbledon final BJK lost to Margaret Court 12-14, 9-11, over a gruelling 2 hours and 27 minutes, with both players carrying injuries into the match.
  9. Cosmic_Guru


    The financial reward for winning womens singles, doubles and mixed doubles at Wimbledon 1967 (just before the Open Era) was At that time US women were paid $28 per diem during the US championships. Players of other nationalities were financially supported far more generously, despite being officially amateur.
  10. Cosmic_Guru


    It's the absolutely CRUSHING aspect of not dropping a set, or even being taken to a tie break, which is as extraordinary as the win itself really. Not to drop off for a few minutes after winning a first set comfortably.
  11. Cosmic_Guru


    Yep, it was incredibly crass, in comparison. Also the flags, no need for any of that. Just reached the point in the BJK bio where she wins doubles at age 17* at her first major, Wimbledon 1961. * with her 18 year old partner, still the youngest doubles winners.
  12. Cosmic_Guru


    Been watching tennis for 50 years and can't remember anything like this, since Becker anyway. Gobsmacked.
  13. Time to put Sharky out of his misery. This is the content of the box, sans boss miniatures, instructions (see above) and the tiles which stay in the box. Incredibly compact.
  14. Cosmic_Guru


    Starting to read the new Billy- Jean King autobiography in advance of the main event this evening. One of my childhood heroes. Just the 39 Grand Slam titles, the battle of the Sexes, the beginning of financial equality for women in the sport and much more.
  15. Sutton 2 Stevenage 1 Scrappy first half, then 5 crazy minutes when we went 0-1, 1-1, 2-1 pen and man off for them. Played some good stuff after that too. Injury time incredibly nerve-wracking but we didn't sit back and invite pressure. Particularly pleasing after Covid disruption, with some regulars missing. On our way
  16. I'm up for this. Replayed chapter 1 recently and it packs more story in that alone than most games manage.
  17. Think I'm almost done. A few more things to unlock for the cabinet of curiosities, and at least one prophecy, plus the 2nd Skelly gift. Everything else accomplished, if not necessarily recognised. Beautiful game. Edit. Not completed all the prophecies but made a good stab at them.
  18. It's superb. The dialogue and references to your activity, the pacing, there is always something different or new to try. Twang twang twang
  19. Getting increasingly annoyed at the two achievements which refuse to unlock for me - purging a legendary boon and thumping Death. Not for the GS but it gives me less incentive to try the difficult challenges. 100th run complete, and yes it was commented on.
  20. It all depends really on whether you prefer cardboard and paper. So far as I can see New Descent resembles Middara more than any other dungeon crawler (term used imprecisely) that I've played i.e the likes of Sword & Sorcery, Folklore and Gloomhaven. It's really nothing like Gloomhaven, either concise edition or the full fat original. In Descent we have 6 characters with their own names, back stories and individual arsenals of weapons and skills. You can't really customise the characters other than tweaking their weapons - skills seem to be doled out as you reach certain XP levels. Middara has 4 characters but pleasingly they are not restricted in their skill growth in the same way. However, Descent deals with all the Fog of War aspects of layouts, inventory management and incremental weapon improvements, so there are no pages and pages of layouts or Enemy AI cards or inventory to track, not to mention boxes of tokens. Middara also has a 500 page story book and a supplemental book of extensions etc; Frosthaven will be massive too. However, Descent is pretty simple combat wise - choose weapon and roll die; it's quite complex in Middara. The app also lets you shop, modify equipment, and have minor encounters on the way to the quests. Most of the content of the big Descent box is allocated to storage of the cardboard features such as stairs, tables, doors etc; with just a few decks of cards, tokens and tiles / underlays.
  21. Err no. I beat the souped up boss 3 though. Edit - seems I need to wait for the prophecy to drop. Thanks guys. I'll Keep trucking. I reckon at least I won't have to grind any trinkets.
  22. I'm missing out on a third achievement now - the one for escaping Elysium on extreme measures.
  23. The max reduction is 80% but yes 2% per fail before reaching that.
  24. Our match at Colchester has been postponed, so another week propping up the table is guaranteed.
  25. Well after playing Hades, you will never have a better chance....
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