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  1. Just returned from the siege of the Alamo. Just checked the match stats and worthy of a screenshot. Bear in mind the ferociously swirling wind and the Barrow corner count at half time, and probably at around the hour mark too, stood at around 3 or 4 and you get the idea. It was extraordinary. Unfortunately the corners were all taken at the distant end so I didn't get a good look at the close escapes, but a staggering effort. Whole ground was rocking to Matty Gray's Amber army for the last 20 minutes or so. Lovely goal from David Ajiboye too, but seems an age ago.
  2. I've just realised that the club badge of Barrow AFC, our next opponent, features a visual pun - a bee skewered by an arrow (as well as the obligatory submarine etc). Unfortunately the bee looks more like a wasp, but hey ho you can't have it all. Ours includes a green parakeet which I suppose is a reference to the multitude to be found locally descended from escapees.
  3. It's a nice change up to go charging into combat with a summons at your side. No penalty to spell casting for wearing armour either.
  4. Try an ebony clad battle mage .
  5. Can't argue with these.
  6. Summary, but exclyded the original box. 765 games !!
  7. Oh ye of little faith! We won 2-0 but it was a slightly strange match with Us doing little of note between their two goals and Stags swarming everywhere and having the bulk of possession. Referee was useless - an "awayer" if there is such a thing. Smallest league crowd of the season ensured a decent view from the curva and excellent sight of Bugiel's screamer.
  8. Teams are all in action tonight. I hope we get some of our mojo back against Mansfield after a pretty poor show at Leyton. For the first time I'm really going to miss not being able to march twice round the ground at half time or to pop into the bar for defrosting.
  9. Clobbered. For the first time at this level.
  10. Seconded, fascinating background feature @artz. I wasn't at the Pizza Trophy game but I know the competition has been taken very seriously by us, so no shame in a narrow defeat. I think the approach taken by AFC Wimbledon makes perfect sense (and realistically the only one given wage structures and London cost of living) but it obviously demands patience and understanding from fans. Metrics like the performance of your on-loan players and the number of internationals at the club are really encouraging. At this rate we're going to need a new curator of this thread new season as @neoELITE disappears into the Championship mists. Seriously, a brilliant season (so far) and the club seems well equipped to compete at a higher level.
  11. Just load up the tunnel rat Street race, you will find plenty lurking around. Hardly any in open play though, which obviously makes things easier.
  12. Truly the Devils luck with cash in this- the previous spin netted £250k. Up to 3.7 / 5.0 million for the final house. Cross country in the rain is superb. Wonder how the vegetation changes by season. The open top car is a Mercedes Benz, not RR.
  13. Spend those skill points! Most are really cheap, only the double collision one Boozy mentioned earlier is dear and you want to save that for a car you will uses for cross country dashing (glad this is now widely recognised as a key feature) and skill songs. You also get XP from spending skill points. As for cars, I guess it depends on taste. I don't care for high level ones but like to have one each of A -> D for road races and dirt. I'm putting everything mediocre and S1 or S2 up for sale and trying out whatever else takes my fancy. An old Rolls Royce open top is great fun. Still miss the Barchetta from Australia.
  14. An unbudgeted £400k would be massive. Truly the FL is the land of milk and honey.
  15. I really wish there was a cash account for this. I feel I've been insanely lucky with cash drops from wheel spins, such that purchasing the final house seems to be a realistic target, unlike the castles in 4. Stopped purchasing tunes until the house is mine. Had to chuckle when the ending of one race dumped me just in front of my final road. Also if you go up to the Caldera for the photo challenge, have a look at the user generated challenge for coasting back downhill without using brakes or crashing. Finally, what is this season's smashable? Edit 9.5 million players!
  16. Stormy season is wicked lots of surface water around too. Should be able to improve drift scores as well.
  17. Very often yes. Even when you are supposed to stick rigidly to the road you have a minute to spend judiciously cutting corners.
  18. But you do skill chain that way, it's just more chaotic than deliberately trying to build a super high score amongst the cacti (500 of which down needless to say) and can often end badly, but there is always another time.
  19. I reckon this series is the closest we have to PGR. It certainly shows in the story chapters and the road racing. Also, when travelling to new events, jump into your off road vehicle and drive at full pelt directly toward the destination beacon, much faster and a lot more fun.
  20. The drone is super useful (ugh) to get barn finds, but common sense also works (wood and trees problem lol). As for the game structure it is the Elder Scrolls of the driving world - do what you want and absolutely everything you do (other than driving sedately down roads) will reward you. The problem for new players is how it ties together and the structure of the menus. I don't think it helps having the seasonal events come up as the first screen each time, because it implies these are the most important, which they are not, and if you miss them more will come along anyway. They also tend to be quite challenging and restrictive albeit giving commensurate rewards. I think it needs a few minutes of optional video tutorial which just takes new players around the screens, explains how you unlock new chapters, how to use skill points and what you can buy for credits and Forza points. Maybe one also for the MP activities.
  21. Yeah, I realise that now, it's obvious when you load the game whilst in it.
  22. Just got a Porshe Spyder as a gift, maybe for arriving in the hall of fame.
  23. You don't even need them open, just to have earned sufficient points to do so. I still have 2 of the street ones to open (and only opened the first to get the 2mill house). Additionally, opening them generates still more points.
  24. Been a while since posting here. Currently enjoying Forza Horizon 5 on the black box so board games are taking a breather, but still been a busy few months: Obsession / Pax Pamir / Imperium classics - for forthcoming TTG column (all being well) Then a bit of a Awakening Realms period Finished the first campaign in Etherfields Finished the main campaign in Tainted Grail with Beor and the woman after a couple of abortive attempts. Really good game once you get the hang of taking your time in each chapter to explore, but without incurring penalties. Easily the most sophisticated of the big "adventure book" type games out at present, with several different strands to pursue and no chance of seeing everything in one go. The card based combat and diplomacy mechanics clever too. Looking forward to playing the other 3 campaigns at some point. Then another (exhausting) chapter in Middara. I really like it but the pacing for a group is all over the place. Then onto some new games (or new to me) Robin Hood - the Michael Menzel version. Really nice game. The gimmick is the game board featuring a forest, a castle and a village, which functions a bit like an advent calendar. You flip over spaces to indicate the presence of guards (to be avoided) and rich people (to be robbed). Other things like carriages and boats disappear from one space to appear elsewhere to indicate movement. Another gimmick is the little wooden pieces which indicate the distance a character may move each turn. You play a campaign but at heart the game has the same time and space dynamic of Andor - you have to interact with certain people, obtain certain objects and so forth before the timer runs out. A branching storyline offers partial replayability. The only snag is potentially damaging the board but a chemical spatula is ideal for the smaller tiles and the mini plunger from Queensdale at last finds alternative use for the big ones. Euthia: Torment of Resurrection. Duff name but absolute banger of a KS. Think Mage Knight but with a more conventional RPG type progression in terms of skills and equipment. Same random tile placement and limited number of actions though. Better variety of activity too. Excellent game for the solo gamer. Glass Roads - obviously not new but the Capstone edition, which now includes very simple rules for solo play. Really enjoyed this one as an uncharacteristically compact Rosenberg. Fast but chewy.
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