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  1. I don't recall a gamma bug. Game is just extremely slow by modern action standards and char is awkward to control like a container ship or summat. I played up to being escorted into the bandit camp and that was enough.
  2. Yes. Probably easier though. Risen 1 us proper old school and 2 is a bit more of an action game I fired up 1 and it runs fine I simply haven't the patience these days
  3. Concerning injury time goals in the league this season, we (Sutton) have conceded 4, costing us 4 points, and scored 3, gaining us 5 points, 7 in all over 25 matches, so just the one point gained overall.
  4. Just back from the match. Colchester probably couldn't believe their luck to go in 2-1 up at half time. For their first goal we just stood around and admired a long range effort (their fans let off flares to celebrate this marvel). Then they got a pen for handball which only the lino on my corner saw. Second half we came out fired up and although we weren't at our best passing wise pressure paid off and finally another sweet extra time winner. Northampton up next Saturday which will be a tough game.
  5. We've somehow rescued a point at Stevenage despite being 2 0 down at half time. One of those last kicks (or nods in this case) of the game going our way for a change. Not a great day for 'muk teams in L1 and L2 though.
  6. My budget year runs to June 30 and, owing to an un-budgeted splurge of KS projects in Q3/4 2021, I'm presently juggling the figures. To date in 2022 - £100, being a second copy of The Kings Dilemma, and an on sale copy of Fief This (budget) year must haves are new Heroquest and expansions, the expansion for Destinies, Hex volume V and all new material and Euthia expansion. Should just about be able to cover these but will also be looking to sell some games in February. Thankfully I've kicked Kickstarter, but that's slightly disingenuous these days since so many games appear on Gamefound. Should be a raft of BIG (volume) games coming through in Q3 and 4 2022 to more than keep me busy and I'll lower the budget again for 22/23.
  7. I treated myself to Ark Nova for Xmas and it's excellent as a solo game. You are managing a modern zoo and have to build suitable areas to house your animals which give you renown (popularity) points. The kicker is that you have also to take part in a bunch of conservation projects to actually win the game - these could be specialising in a certain region or category of animal, or releasing animals, taking part in breeding programmes, undertaking research etc. You achieve all this with a map, a hand of 5 cards for the various actions and a main deck of 200+ cards. That is one huge deck and the recommended approach to the solo game, once familiar with the mechanics, is to play three games without shuffling, and you still don't see all the cards (the "market" is never cleared out completely). The action cards for building, housing, taking cards etc use the mechanic whereby the strongest power is the right hand card and using a card removes it and places it to the left at power 1. The maps include two sets of identical ones (very easy and easy difficulties) and 8 unique ones which have their own idiosyncrasies and are all tougher than the standard ones since they don't shower you with so many benefits. Usually it's possible to glean some approach which will pay off in the limited number of turns in solo mode. Your aim is for the two markers - renown and conservation to cross - renown goes up in small increments as you add animals or attractions, conservation takes giant strides but requires canny use of the associations action. The animals often have some pre-condition before they may be added (such as having a link to a zoo in their region), and as a final kicker, their cards have some other effect once you do so. All in all it adds up to a very agreeable puzzle without being too dry or repetitive. Also, the game trays included make set up and take down an absolute breeze. A solo game takes around an hour. I've been playing a bunch of other things too, including a marathon of Vampire Heritage to finish it and get rid (its a legacy game). Super game, with amazing take-thatery but unfortunately it's made me eager to replay (i.e repurchase) The Kings Dilemma. Also received DUN (Dungeon Universalis) in December and taking baby steps with it - it's a real labour of love by the Spanish designer - one of those crawlers which takes the party all over a map to seek out quests, which are handled the old fashioned way with rolls for traps, spawns and enemy powers. A real slow burner since there is so much to do outside of quests (the opportunity missed by Gloomhaven in my opinion). More on the travails of Victoria, "Cuddles" and "Jimmy" in future (original cat-folk and reptile names are not translatable). Finally, having a look at The Path of the Adventurers, Miniquest Adventures and Legends Untold for a forthcoming TTG column.
  8. Proverbial crossed wires there. Fuck both of 'em.
  9. What fans? Must confess to a hearty dislike of Borehamwood. Must be one of the richest NL clubs owing to their tie up with Arsenal, yet mean as fuck.
  10. Indeed. Although in truth it was an even encounter with both teams depleted (judging by the Exeter lads with high squad numbers who started cramping up second half). Port Vale and Swindon remain the best teams to have visited so far.
  11. Off to Sutton v Exeter, first home game for ages (admittedly I ducked the pre Xmas one).
  12. Agreed, but there has been little correlation between results and games which we should have won. Better game management and we would be nailed on promotion candidates.
  13. Really enjoying this but not finding it anything like as easy as many folk here. Just had to quit out if the conservatory mission following a bug ("dead" controller) and lost a bunch of progress. Don't understand why it doesn't save mid mission. Also, bosses are a pain, so hectic. On the plus side the power weapons you find tucked away in corners and tunnels keep things interesting and I'm not bothered about ammo which exhausts soon enough anyway. Core gameplay loop present and correct.
  14. That 5-5 Oldham Forest Green, crazy stuff particularly when you consider the respective league positions. Rare draw for Sutton at Bradford and somehow we remain in the playoff zone despite losing 8 games at almost the halfway point in the season.
  15. The vice chairman of Sutton Utd has posted a video explaining the remaining works to be done at Gander Green Lane (technically the VBS Community Stadium). Apparently, by April, we need to house 5,000 spectators of whom 1,000 must be seated. At present only around 765 seats are available so a new permanent stand is being erected for away fans to the left of the "Tardis" (the blue porta offices underneath the scoreboard in the photo posted earlier in this thread). That end terrace is also being pushed back so away contingent will be closer to 1,000 than the current 500-600. There is also work to do to build new accommodation for referees and new classrooms for the Academy (I think the latter was the project which Arsenal contributed £50k to during that cup run). There is also the temporary small away stand and the rather temporary feel to the disabled enclosure and TV gantry. So lots to do, and any additional funding trickling down from the Premier League would be most welcome. Another good example of club communication though (there was also a fans forum with Matt Gray recently which I didn't attend).
  16. Just returned from the siege of the Alamo. Just checked the match stats and worthy of a screenshot. Bear in mind the ferociously swirling wind and the Barrow corner count at half time, and probably at around the hour mark too, stood at around 3 or 4 and you get the idea. It was extraordinary. Unfortunately the corners were all taken at the distant end so I didn't get a good look at the close escapes, but a staggering effort. Whole ground was rocking to Matty Gray's Amber army for the last 20 minutes or so. Lovely goal from David Ajiboye too, but seems an age ago.
  17. I've just realised that the club badge of Barrow AFC, our next opponent, features a visual pun - a bee skewered by an arrow (as well as the obligatory submarine etc). Unfortunately the bee looks more like a wasp, but hey ho you can't have it all. Ours includes a green parakeet which I suppose is a reference to the multitude to be found locally descended from escapees.
  18. It's a nice change up to go charging into combat with a summons at your side. No penalty to spell casting for wearing armour either.
  19. Try an ebony clad battle mage .
  20. Can't argue with these.
  21. Summary, but exclyded the original box. 765 games !!
  22. Oh ye of little faith! We won 2-0 but it was a slightly strange match with Us doing little of note between their two goals and Stags swarming everywhere and having the bulk of possession. Referee was useless - an "awayer" if there is such a thing. Smallest league crowd of the season ensured a decent view from the curva and excellent sight of Bugiel's screamer.
  23. Teams are all in action tonight. I hope we get some of our mojo back against Mansfield after a pretty poor show at Leyton. For the first time I'm really going to miss not being able to march twice round the ground at half time or to pop into the bar for defrosting.
  24. Seconded, fascinating background feature @artz. I wasn't at the Pizza Trophy game but I know the competition has been taken very seriously by us, so no shame in a narrow defeat. I think the approach taken by AFC Wimbledon makes perfect sense (and realistically the only one given wage structures and London cost of living) but it obviously demands patience and understanding from fans. Metrics like the performance of your on-loan players and the number of internationals at the club are really encouraging. At this rate we're going to need a new curator of this thread new season as @neoELITE disappears into the Championship mists. Seriously, a brilliant season (so far) and the club seems well equipped to compete at a higher level.
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