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  1. Apparently not, or maybe there is a faster route available to God mode users. I'm not reading any guides for this since so much joy comes from the new things and surprises.
  2. Something rather unexpected just happened (8 escapes in). Time to take a wee break.
  3. I'm enjoying the story developments as much as the combat to be honest.
  4. First L2 escape (spear). Chill triple jab attack and ricochet chain skewer special. Pretty close call though.
  5. I think this applies to any weapon really. Unless you want to read a guide and spoil all the surprise it's a matter of trial and error to see what suits you best. I must admit to a soft spot for uncle Poseidon, but there are loads of possible synergies. I'm guilty of unlocking weapon mods just because they are new, and then regretting them. Probably also worth going to Chaos a couple of times to buff your basics. There is also an accessory I was messing about with yesterday which buffs damage where no boon is equipped. (Yesterday's achievements popped this morning).
  6. Yes. I've found they don't come through immediately after quitting and restarting, there is a delay of a day or so for some. Not entirely consistent though.
  7. Another good away point at Scunny. First home match of the season will be against the currently bottom club Oldham on Saturday. Forest Green going like the clappers.
  8. Bow run done . Flurry shot and concentrated Volley did the trick with maimed flourish adding 100% to the homing Volley (earning that Chaos boon almost cost me versus boss 2 mind). Lots of help from Athena made the difference.
  9. In the journal you can see which NPCs will open up more with further Nectar. I always convert gems into keys into Nectar before setting off, don't like leaving without 2 or 3 for my favourites. Certainly favouring the Gods brings rewards in terms of boons rarity after receiving their initial gift. The one person I thought might appreciate some doesn't seem to want any, and I'm still missing one accessory.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I think the problem is psychological in part- so used to a bow being a sniping option. Somehow the dash attack seems a lot more awkward with it. To be fair, in the larger rooms in Elysium where there is often time for charging, it works brilliantly, and also for the Tartarus trapped columns. I quite like Poseidon on the attack for the blowback- I should probably toggle back to privileged status and look for something else for the special.
  11. Had fun with a Doom 'n' Drunk gun run. Made very short work of boss 3 in particular. Just the bow left, and I haven't yet found a hammer alteration which I like more than the base weapon (the homing special attack version). I know part of the problem is being too static compared to using the melee weapons.
  12. Now I know what one is, confirmation that no double poms were involved in reaching level 11 in my blade dash escape. @Timmo not too sure the game will always qualify as balanced given the randomness of the rooms.
  13. It's been ages since a video game has gripped me this way. Today has been a write off for other purposes but I've made good progress. Completions with the gloves and the spear. Deciding on the weapon forms. Deciding on the mirror settings. Finding out more about your relatives. Reaching the God Mode ceiling (despite which bow and gun are still tricky).
  14. It's what the NPCs call him/her, seems a good way to avoid spoilers. Had my second clear with the spear this time - basically a chill / Ares build but ended up a complete mongrel. I was deliberately not choosing any health upgrades, because heat, so I ended up with a ton of diverse attributes by the end. Also earned 2 rare achievements, ta Charon!
  15. I've always found Hydra straightforward if a little lengthy. Best point damage on the main head, dash side to side, then best area damage and semi circular dashing around thr bottom of the area to mop up the adds. I find Boss 3 more difficult than Hydra with some builds, but quicker with others. And Redacted is still a massive challenge, thus no further success, and now having to choose a heat source too makes things more tricky (rightfully so of course). All this with God mode enabled for some time now
  16. The funny thing was, the sword run was really dull and seemed to be fizzing out, but you can never completely write a run off, until you get annihilated by Redacted. Now I've discovered a weapon mod to the spear which makes its special a sort of really rapid and penetrative arrow, not the weedy sort of throw it usually is. This game
  17. I done it . With the sword using level 11 blade dash and not a lot else to be honest, would have failed if not for getting all lives back though. Probably about the 50th run and with God mode enabled admittedly.
  18. Had a problem with Boss 3 (small) simply blocking all my charged shots on the bow run. Almost, but not quite - best bow run to date. I've swapped around some of the mirror skills, the one which restores health when you pick up exp seems very useful.
  19. That's a good tip for beating the first boss. Some of the experiences here are just mind boggling.
  20. The Godss offer different types of cast which have their various strengths and weaknesses for each weapon type. Also, you will be able to unlock a higher max number of casts as you progress. Sometimes you simply don't encounter a cast boon, or a call boon for that matter. The basic one is easy to overlook but it (damage) all adds up.
  21. I'm reaching the Maze area fairly frequently but that seems to be a bit of a lottery (maybe the first time they make you find the item you need quickly, since hasn't happened since). Had a great Zeus build with the fists, on attack, dash, cast AND call which lead to crazy rebounds, and currently giving the bow another chance with Doom. For me, the continuing unlocks and changes you encounter make this really enjoyable even when you're not very good at it ( I.e myself). For those who have read the basics of mythology, I highly recommend Pandora's Jar - women in the Greek myths, by Natalie Haynes. She covers some of the same ground in fictionalised form in A Thousand Ships
  22. That gun build was far too one dimensional for boss number 4. Now zipping around with the shield, D-----'s attack and Ares dash rift.
  23. Beat the 3rd boss for the first time using a drunk, hungover and extra critical chance build with the railgun. Only the base charge, and no call. They've really struck a sweet spot in terms of mixing things up and introducing new stuff, so repeated runs don't get stale. I don't get on with the spear and the bow seems really tricky to use. Others are all good simply don't know which to prioritise (usually grab the bous exp one).
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