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  1. Batshit crazy more like. The thing is, being absolutely impartial, you can see how the Web of interaction between Chancellor, outcasts and citizens functions, without any RL bias. I'm sure the AI is a good training tool to improve efficiency, as is the case with Parmir, but I don't fancy using it in this game.
  2. Nope, playing with 4 hands each time
  3. Oh yes, had a cracking weekend of this in early July. More light shone on when and why citizenship might be attractive to both parties, more awareness that the game world is more significant game to game than incremental changes to the world deck, all round goodness. I think the SUaSD review is fair except that the story telling aspects are perhaps a little exaggerated.
  4. Good point away at Salford today, stops the rot of losing 3 on the bounce.
  5. I played the new Sword & Sorcery game intensively in July and managed to finally find an enjoyable 3 character party covering all the 4 classes between them. I even bought the wee minions packs, even though they got jettisoned toward the end for cluttering up the Treasure deck. I think this has burnt me out for Boardgaming for a while, but, like Arnie, I'll be back.
  6. It's the combination matrix of weapon plus God boon which makes this so interesting, plus the way there is always something to aim for. Achievements are definitely booked though.
  7. Just beaten Meg the Ares cast, a pumped up special (with the sword) and a bit of Athena deflection goodness did the trick .
  8. Genius. Thankfully more like Bastion than a true rogue-like! Just a couple of nibbles at the first boss so far, and spreading the Nectar love.
  9. Disappointing to concede yet again in extra time, but only a marginal defeat and at least we scored. Strange feeling to have no context at all to judge today's L2 results by (after scrutinising and extrapolating galore in the NL).
  10. Oh yes, 3rd round is the dream each year, but we've already had our cup run of the Century (which brought in the new investors), so I expect nothing in the main 2 cups. However, playing Crystal Palace youth, Pompey and AFC Wimbledon is attractive and maybe that is a competition we could progress further in because the priorities of others will differ. Possibly also the first competitive fixtures for Sutton v Palace and Pompey, but there is much history with Wimbledon.
  11. No, they don't. Expect a viscous struggle in which the matches come too fast in the early autumn to adjust much (hence very streaky).Not sure any team has bounced straight back (or even via the playoffs) first season - Leyton took two. I think we'll do better than the minimum for safety if we can avoid injury to the core group and bed in the new attacking players. Obviously no league is a level playing field off the pitch and if we can keep a tight ship there we will be fine (and I've learnt that the interested parties are now buying in). Cardiff is a day out for fans, the Papa John's has thrown up tasty derbies the London lads should be well up for, and if the level isnt that much better our core group from last year should see us through.
  12. In totally unsurprising news, and to allow the grass more time, our first two scheduled home league fixtures have been switched over. Hope we don't get walloped too heavily in these initial fixtures, but at least we don't have to ground share. Should we beat Cardiff however, we would be happy to act as hosts Totally chilled at present - this would do fine (from When Saturday Comes fan predictions).
  13. Making the national press... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jul/22/sutton-get-ready-for-first-shot-at-the-big-time-league-two-promoted
  14. I've decided not to go. It's as much the travel as the event itself.
  15. Yes, I had another session of this, exploring a completely different quadrant of the map. It was actually more successful- gaining 10 totems without leaving any uncompleted ones on the table. This haul gave me the "best" ending too. I found that some of the skill checks were more difficult in the further regions of the world, but if you rest up in Port regularly (and cook sausages frequently) you have enough fatigue capacity within the crew to succeed most of the time, making it a fairly relaxed experience, albeit one without truly standout moments. I imagine I'll sell it after mining x% of the totems.
  16. New signings announced, Joe Kizzi, 28 year old defender from Bromley Ricky Korboaz, 24 year old striker / left winger from Northants (and formerly of near neighbours Carshalton Athletic) Alistair Smith, 22 midfielder from Mansfield, via Altrincham. Not sure any of these will supplant the established first XI more likely back ups. Actually Ricky might have the best shot, being a positional replacement for Olaofe. I guess that's it now and we can have a good pre-season before KO v Forest Green Rovers. Quite noticeable that L2 fixtures are much more spread out throughout the season rather than the craziness of NL in August & September.
  17. Yes. Gets a bit tedious in places later on. Go for a magic build.
  18. Phew, worried that I spoke too soon in my prior posting (based soley on the news of departures), but now it's confirmed that all key personnel from last season are signed up. News of new signings imminent as the players return to training tomorrow (? Location).
  19. Played a whole bunch of different games since the Oath post, some old some new. A few highlights The Dwarves A really nice co-op game, based on the book. The idea is that you band of dwarves have to (really)work together to complete a number of quests (depending on game difficulty) before re-forging an epic sword and defeating the final quest (one of three, depending on the board status). The snag is that you need to balance moving forward with the quest pile and completing side adventures, because of threats - if you complete a quest whilst there are un-eliminated threats in play, there are major penalties. The components are really nice quality and the other good thing about it is the spawn mechanism for enemies - these covert hexes into dangerous territory once 5 accumulate in any one space, and they then cascade onwards (a bit reminiscent of how enemies leapfrog each other in Andor if you don't keep a careful watch on the punch points). Your team only have 3 or 4 HP so they need to do some side-questing to get some items to help out. Quite a high degree of randomness with spawn levels and Quest draws. Imperium Legends This is one of two sets and includes the more esoteric civilisations, which I thought would be more interesting to play. This is probably correct, but it's also more challenging. It's a card management game, with some clever ways to let you temporarily ("garrison") or permanently park cards (into your history) you don't wish to have in your active deck. I've been playing solo and it's a real beauty - simple table-based mechanic but fairly brutal, because there is an automatic fail state, and critically with a distinctive play style for each of the civilisations I've encountered so far. Really chewy but possible to improve. Fairly lengthy. Destines The app driven game from Lucky Duck which sees you choose one of three characters to play, the aim being to achieve one of your two destinies before your competitors (or to simply achieve it playing solo). The hook here is that you can't die or lose health - you only lose time. The character destines may take the form of fighting monsters (the most straightforward), collecting and doing something with some items (tricky since who knows where these will be?) or gaining supporters by helping folk out - (intermediate difficulty). The gameplay consists of moving around a medieval village setting talking to NPCs or examining points of interest, and then testing versus three skills - strength, intelligence and awareness /cunning . You never know in advance how difficult the tests are or what the risks/rewards might be. Experience from success is used to lower your status (to ensure more success in future). As you progress, the world may change, NPCs move around, and some interactions may not be possible. The climax to each scenario has you undertaking a multi-part challenge, sometimes requiring you to assign roles to your followers. I've completed the intro and the first 3 scenarios, but in the last one, which was going totally Diablo-esque batshit crazy, I hit a bug. Really refreshing to play, just wish solo players could select a more generous time limit as a third option. Chronicles of crime 1400 This sees you investigate cases of murder and disappearance in medieval Paris. A clever system of exploring the crime scene and linking places with objects (evidence) and people. Unfortunately the final case imposes a tight time limit (maybe the others have limits, just never reached them). Need more work on final 2 cases. Tales of Arabian Nights Wow! I assume this is one of the ur story book games. The idea is simple - assume one of the legends from the tales (Ali Baba, Sinbad, Scheheradze etc), travel round the world and have encounters, whilst trying to complete personal quests. Competitively you would win by being the first to reach 20 points of Destiny + Story telling (rewards from encounters and quests). In solo you can make your own rules. Mechanically you are doing a 3 stage look up for each encounter card drawn: 1 - you roll against the 12 point table specified on the card, to specify what you find 2- you determine your reaction to this (roll playing helps, you may be constrained) 3 - you roll a custom die to determine the final paragraph of the story book to read -1/-/+1, the -1 seemingly giving disadvantageous results. This paragraph might further specify different options depending on skills held. So if you have weapons skills you may succeed in combat, as a simple example. I chose Sinbad, decided he had to start the game with Seafaring and Weapon skills (+1 I forget), and set off, heeding the Call of the Wild We swash buckled around a bit until we made the mistake of drinking from the Dark River in a forest in Northern Europe. This water must have very strange properties since it converted us into a giant Ape. Oh, well, we could still swing a sword, even with our feet. We then got into more difficulties, because we retained our essential nature and chucking coconuts at the Glass Palace earned us a spell in the clink - fortunately we had a kind jailor and earned Courtly Manners. Further complications ensued when we offended a powerful Efreet and underwent an involuntary sex change. Never mind. We got excited when we visited the Palace of the 100 Closets, and we became Envious which was a little problematic - no stealing or deception skill meant we suffered for our greed. So, we went on Pilgrimage, became Pious and discarded Envious, but discovered that praying in the face of a massive storm simply drives one insane. And so on.... Seriously, the skills and statuses in this are incredible. In future I'm just going to play 20/30/40 encounters, and see how things develop, keeping a record of achievements (numbers of skills, quests, treasures, extremes of wealth etc). Also, Sanctum solo mode (spoiler, it's good!), Andor (always love/ hate with this one), Path of the Adventurers (KS dungeon dive with an interesting fatigue mechanic and variable formatted battlegrounds), Sleeping Gods (mega successful run earning 10 totems), Bargain Quest, Veilwraith (ugh). I'm also wrestling with how to re-work another KS game - Legends of Novus and as a part of that how to define success or failure in the context of a solo game.
  20. That time of the month again... It's been an expensive month but a good value for money one. Best of all, NO NEW KICKSTARTERS. Being a real creature of habit, this is an important step forward. Just a couple of pledge managers still to be charged and then that's it (at least for a while). So this month we have: Tales of the Arabian Nights £50. Not sure why I hadn't spotted this in the listings earlier; its not new. I've crafted some solitaire rules and achievements and, if my initial experience as Sinbad the aggressive sailor, turned envious sex-changed giant ape, is anything to go by, this is a stone-cold classic of the story book genre ( I assume it influenced the likes of Ryan Laukat). Bargain Quest £33 - probably the worst value for money item because the heavy boards are redundant, but a really cool game. Destines £39 - this is the app driven Lucky Duck game which has a real Diablo vibe to it, especially in the final scenario. It replaces the metric of health with time - if you fail a test it sets you back a day versus your competitors. In solo you can either play with no time pressure, or with a deadline which is far too short for non-experts - it should have an option to select your own deadline. League of Infamy £67 - this is a dungeon crawler with a difference - the conventional heroes are now villains each trying to stab their team members in the back whilst also leaving with the most loot and highest infamy. May be played with a DM or with an automated DM. A bit old school - needs a Player guide. Mice and Mystics £50 - this month's impulse buy - I know it's got issues, but I do like a strong story so let's have a good look at it. Chronicles of crime 1900 - £19 - I really like this series. Imperium Classics - £20 - been playing a lot of Legends, so this just completes the set, with some easier civilisations included. Total new games £278 KS extras - circa £35 Total for the month - around £313 Next month- hopefully the Robin Hood game arrives, plus Neuroshima Hex anniversary edition.
  21. Drawn away to Cardiff City in the Cup , but some tasty Rllmuk and geographical derbies in our Pappa John's group - Portsmouth, AFC Wimbledon and Palace youth.
  22. I think I will stick with finishing the original game - it has a certain cheesy charm (and extraordinary gyrating boobs in the Elfsong Tavern).
  23. Sutton Utd here. Now a member of League 2 and probably the only club in the land paying any attention to the upcoming Pappa John's Trophy draw. I reckon we will be OK but won't set the league alight - I can't imagine the football quality is way ahead of National League. Squad wise our top striker Isaac Olaofe has returned to parent club Millwall, but we have signed Donovan Wilson who chipped in with some goals at a critical time in the season. We have released all the fringe players and young lads who spent last season out on loan. I guess that frees funds for one or maybe two targets as the club juggles the new financial equation. The spine of the club - Dean Bouzanis keeper, Louis John at CB, "Gooner" Eastmond DM, Omar Bugiel CF and Harry Beautyman as #10 is intact. There is quite a bit of L1 and L2 experience in the group mixed in with the youngsters and National League journeymen. Season ticket purchased - big hike up for adults as you would expect, but still really cheap or free for youngsters. I now qualify for (amazingly). Not sure if we will have to start the season elsewhere with all the work going on at the ground.
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