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  1. Ooh! Didn't realise they did them. Are you getting them online or crib a local place?
  2. Horribleman

    Perfect Albums

    No, I mean it took me a while to get how good Blast Tyrant!
  3. Horribleman

    Perfect Albums

    It might be true, I think it took me a while to get!
  4. I was wondering this recently. They're going to hear it. I think the right approach is not to hide it from them but to explain why we don't use those words.
  5. Dirty Computer Emotion Picture Brilliant album film. Some of the best music videos this decade tied together with a Sci Fi dystopian vibe. 5/5 Do the Right Thing Really good. Kind of reminded me of Goodfellas in some scenes and a Coen film in others. Spike Lee nails the feeling of tension between people struggling in unbearable heat. 5/5 I'm feeling generous today but both are excellent.
  6. I don't think so! I've found some great stuff on pitchfork.
  7. Depends doesn't it. I don't think I made my point well. I wasn't judging. I was more interested in saying that screen time isn't inherently bad.
  8. No need to get tetchy! I wasn't complaining. It was fun to read. It's still valid to say you think Pitchfork is having a bit of an identity crisis! I still read it and find it useful.
  9. Pitchfork is weird. It's clearly going through an identity crisis.
  10. I think we need one of these. Currently, I really like Brewdog AF for a beer. It's better than nanny state and not full of sugar. For a change, I quite often just fizz up some water in a Soda Stream and maybe add something like a dash of Seedlip for some savoury notes. I haven't bothered trying to make cocktails as in my mind they are either really sugary or don't really scratch that 'punch' itch that the high ABV in an alcoholic cocktail does. What are your favourites?
  11. Not terrible! Don't be daft. You can't do two things at once with kids.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about when people don't interact at all with their kids and just plainplonk them down with tablet. Using it when you need to have ten minutes is fine!
  13. Screen time in lieu of parenting is bound to be detrimental. Active screen time (chatting about what is going on, taking an interest in what they like about what they are watching) is beneficial. It's the same with anything (books, jigsaws etc). If the child is loved and noticed and involved and interacted with, it's fine. If it's left alone for hours with them as a carer substitute then it's not.
  14. I use a wooden peel for prep/launching then the flat ooni steel one for taking out/turning.
  15. I'm struggling to get into this. Finding the combat a bit, I dunno, like when it all kicks off you don't have time to react and you inevitably just die and start again. Playing on normal - should I notch the difficulty down? I'm not a veteran of these games, just playing as I fancied something like it.
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