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  1. WOOO Managed to get one from Microsoft Store. (Series X)
  2. Where's the best places to try and get an x tomorrow morning?
  3. Antebellum. Wasn't sure what I was going to make of this, given it has super mixed reviews. But my wife and I really liked it. Heavy handed for sure but maybe that's necessary when you are making a film about racism that isn't a biopic? Definitely worth a watch if you like spooky thriller that almost want to be a horror. 4/5
  4. Have you seen the one from last year when she headlined the other stage (forget it's name)? It's awesome. Also she has a new track out, title for an upcoming Amazon documentary.
  5. I've put an SSD (SATA, in a usb enclosure) on my Xbox one and it was totally worth it. Your weird assumption makes no sense. You can't build a working PC 'for not much money'.
  6. Title to Orbit and EDZ from Orbit both 50% faster with SSD.
  7. You could have fixed this for not much money already
  8. Yes let's not discuss (almost certainly unintentional, but that shouldn't matter) any racial stereotyping when it's one of the most important things to call out when it happens.
  9. She seems like one of the best famous people in the world from what I've seen of her in interviews etc.
  10. Yeah that's what got me into her. And totally agree. Would love to see her live.
  11. Of course it's the same thing.
  12. Why are all the characters a little bit on the racist side? Was that intentional?
  13. He's a white American. It's fine today.
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