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  1. Yeah it doesn't look cheap.
  2. Of course. He's probably been burned out on ASoIaF since book three.
  3. Atmospheric black metal with early melodeath and funeral doom influence.
  4. Yeah. Where did you buy it? They may sympathise and let you swap it.
  5. This is fucking brilliant TV.
  6. Microplane graters Decent knife / sharpener Deep fryer Rice cooker / instant pot
  7. Last Night in Soho Paper thin characters, clunky exposition and sub Dr Who baddies. I was really looking forward to this too. Waste of the talent involved. 2/5
  8. Really seems to me that it was a Friday Film Special on CBBC with added schlock. The characters were paper thin, the exposition was unbelievably clunky at times and the bits that were supposed to be scary were like modern Dr Who nonsense.
  9. It all feels a bit teen drama. The characters have no substance to them, and as a result I don't really care what's going on.
  10. I keep trying to play this and can't find where I'm supposed to go at all. The hub area doesn't have much in the way of recognisable waypoints so I end up wandering aimlessly, making a bit of progress then dying and giving up.
  11. Oh I agree with that. I think it's like BBC got a bunch of money and made something.
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