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  1. Picked up tickets to see them next year in Brixton
  2. It's a great passtime. Everyone should check this out if they don't already know it. Unfathomably heavy, slow, psychedelic and brilliant:
  3. Peppa Pig is awful for kids never mind adults.
  4. Yeah but cost of production is higher for more limited colour pressings.
  5. Yeah it's lovely. I used to get it from Waitrose when I worked in Canary Wharf for lunch.
  6. Coop salt and vinegar are legit the best. Those potato crunches that you can get in M&S are great too especially the jalapeno ones.
  7. Handcooked means nothing btw.
  8. I've been trying to dip my toe into house recently, after really liking the last Yaeji mixtape thing (what we drew). What are some good, non cheesy vocal, progressive and warm sounding records to look into? Preferable stuff that is still widely available on vinyl!
  9. I used to dislike Brave but I've watched it a few times with my daughter and I think it's fantastic now.
  10. I think you should read the short sun books TBH.
  11. In theory the faster speed means more data per second but it's marginal if the grooves are well cut. I would think the more noticeable difference is where the tracks end with a nice long run out. The closer to the centre of the record the music goes, the more likely you are to hear distortion.
  12. Fucking fantastic it is. Check out them playing it live for the excellent KEXP
  13. I fancied Kylie then Belinda Carlisle and then Vanessa Paradis.
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