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  1. Oh shit. I love the last one. Didn't realise this was out
  2. Lovelyman


    I think it seems older TBH
  3. Highland park 12 is really nice
  4. Surely the real gamers should be the ones to pay more to have the cool weapon unavailable at the start. It will get them elite points.
  5. I was wondering what the team behind Celeste (one of the greatest games ever made) was up to, and it took me a little googling to find out. Anyway, I discovered that they had a pretty low key reveal of their new project, Earthblade, a week ago. I am surprised that there is not a thread. https://exok.com/games/earthblade/ I am excited.
  6. This is amazing. https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/reared-up-in-spectral-predation
  7. This is amazing!!! Could be a great album cover too.
  8. Peppa Pig is not universally loved. It's awful.
  9. The US Office if you haven't seen that.
  10. Yeah Octonauts is fantastic. True and the Rainbow Kingdom is super cute and fun too.
  11. Is that the one where she has a photo of her dad and on the back she's written 'dad' in massive permanent marker?
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