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  1. Thanks to YouTube autoplay feature, I've just discovered the French artist/ambient composer Lucette Bourdin. Incredibly, she only came to music later in life and created 25 albums in an eight-year period before her death in 2011. This is the only album of hers I've heard so far, but it's brilliant and one of those pieces that goes on a journey through a few different styles. taking in deep space, dark synths, and warm drones. You can hear the influence of giants of the genre: Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Klaus Schultz, and others no doubt. I don't know how representative it is of her other works, and I expect given the short-time frame in which she operated there may be some degree of similarity between albums, but who knows.
  2. Yeah, given that the result of running out of stamina can be pretty catastrophic/frustrating, making the wheel so prominent means you're less likely to run out accidentally. Having said that, I could go for a pro mode setting where the wheel is removed and there are more subtle cues in Link's animation/sound effects to indicate his stamina is running out, a bit like the extreme temperature warnings.
  3. The original trailer showed Hyrule Castle rising out of the ground, and I assumed that the floating islands might be other areas of the map that have also been ripped up. That would suggest we would get to explore those familiar areas up in the sky (no doubt modified in some way due to their upheaval) plus the new damaged ground down below.
  4. Cobra Kai multiverse! Also featuring characters from the animated TV series.
  5. I've always thought the film needs Pacino's histrionics to counterbalance the subdued, measured DeNiro. It's another way the film portrays the same-but-opposite nature of the characters.
  6. No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering.
  7. Arnie and his team of crack writers wage a bloody war against a ruthless foreign editor who wants to significantly rewrite chapters of their forthcoming book "Into The Meat Grinder".
  8. I hope it's full of blood (blood?) and bits of sick.
  9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Origins of the X-Man originally called James 'Logan' Howlett who originally had bone claws and Christ origin looks really weird when you write it out a few times
  10. Any previous Tory party conference.
  11. It feels like it's ripe for a remake as a high-quality TV series. Lots of potential for a modern take on fake news, reality TV, cost of living, etc, plus of course strong bloody violence and comical deaths. Also: Arnie cameo as a stalker.
  12. It's not for everyone, but still... DEAD INSIDE
  13. Good job she didn't get it. Given the film is about Ferraris she could have been done for false advertising.
  14. "You make a film about cars, you need an actual Driver." I like to think that's what Adam Driver told Michael Mann to get the part.
  15. Very sad to hear the news about David Warner - he delivers one of my favourite ever lines from a film, and, somewhat spontaneously, I've just designed a T-shirt that captures that: Got a sample coming in a few days, so I'll see how good/bad it looks in reality.
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