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  1. Dreamworks face and fart humour within 30 seconds - amazing how they've perfectly captured the charm, style and sophistication of both the original series AND the Dumas novel.
  2. I think everyone has had enough of all these fake rumours, so let's get real. I now have it on cast-iron authority that the release date is 31st June, this year.
  3. Earlier in the year I finally went ahead and defeated Ganon after putting it off for ages despite having found all the shrines and completed all the DLC. I enjoyed just wandering around, enjoying the views from high up, hoovering up Korok seeds and chests. Then shortly after I restarted on Master Mode and got right back into it again, loving the increased use of tactics and stealth, and having fun revisting places I'd completely forgotten about. But now my youngest has gone and lost the cart Wondering if I can justify buying it digitally, so if the cart turns up I can f
  4. After watching Breaking Bad earlier this year I've moved on to Better Call Saul and have just finished Season 2. Wow. It's amazing how the creative team have been able to make another stunning piece of TV set in the same world as BB without it feeling in any way derivative or contrived, and with the same level of brilliant writing, characters and performances. But what I particularly love about this and BB is the way the visuals and audio do so much symbolic storytelling and provide great insight into the characters and the situations they find themselves in. It's just
  5. I love fiction involving submarines, so this is on my radar for the Switch but is it a game where you can just chill and explore at leisure, potter around with gear and so on, or is it purely time-pressured gameplay? Ideally for me it would be a mix of both and you can choose what to do and when.
  6. Little Shop of Horrors is the only musical I really love, largely because of the cast.
  7. "New spots for elite clubs that failed to qualify" Says it all really.
  8. If you buy a game at a discounted price, then find out you love it and feel a bit bad for not paying full price, it'd be nice if you could go to the developer's website and give them some extra cash via a 'Discount Purchase Guilt Assuager' button. Maybe some smaller studios already do something like this or have generic 'Donate' functionality.
  9. Sad news - his FND dad was a brilliant character, brilliantly acted. Hope they serve a lovely bit of squirrel at the wake, but maybe not a can of mystery meat.
  10. It's true Red Mars is the best (and most action-packed), but there's still plenty of great stuff in Green Mars. I can't remember much about Blue Mars, though.
  11. This just makes me want a long-form, full-scale adaptation of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy.
  12. Pure funk explosion - the piano glissando at 0:21 is cherry the icing on the cake When you absolutely have to let the drummer make a statement Wah to end all wah
  13. I made a variant on those baked cauliflower steaks posted a while back and they were gobsmackingly good. Make a smooth thick batter with flour and milk then mix in some flavourings - I used garlic granules, onion granules, black pepper, salt, smoked paprika (the hot one), cumin powder, dried thyme, oregano Pour the batter into a wide shallow dish Cut thickish steaks from a cauliflower, 1.5 cm-2cm thick, then place each one in the batter, ensuring both sides are well coated, then dip into a bowl of panko breadcrumbs, again making sure they're well coated on both sides (the bat
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