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  1. Yeah I'm honestly unsure whether it's going to be worth it at this point. I'm moving house this coming weekend and will have two mortgages to pay for a few months so just can't justify the actual costs compared with their estimates. I'm thinking I'm just going to cancel this rather than pay it, sure I'll lose 10% but the shipping and vat equals the cost of fully backing several other KS projects.
  2. Wait we're supposed to read these things? I just hit the back button, backer number 11. Good luck, I'm sure you'll smash it!
  3. @SpatialI was order number 81817 and backer 1818, I am part of a Marvel United Facebook group and I must have been one of the first in the UK to get there's tbh (mine arrived 11th march), I figured it was because I had ordered so much and it did appear they were doing the bigger orders first. It seemed from that FB group that the all in pledges followed and now it appears that its smaller pledges. I'd have assumed all of the all in pledges had been sent out if it wasn't for what you're saying. I hope you get an update soon and hope it all arrives undamaged!
  4. Have a few broken and bashed inserts, worst one being the stretch goals but it's the card part as there's a lot of weight in the cards, no damage to them though. Sadly my sentinels have taken a little bit of a beating, just a few fingers snapped off, doesn't seem that bad by comparison to most but they don't look easily fixable with glue, feel bad asking for replacements but at the same time I spent so much cash on getting everything I'd like everything in one piece so I will give glue a try and if not put in a ticket.
  5. Had this arrive last week as well, its by far the most over the top kickstarter I've done and will likely ever do, picked up everything available with exception of what I had from the last kickstarter (base game, SG box, black panther and black order expansions). I ended up needing to get a kallax just for this (now using a mini kallax as a desk...). Enjoyed my first foray into mini painting woth the base game so now have enough minis to paint to last me the rest of my life... 
  6. I got the game for my birthday last week and played the first episode solo against cthulhu and got my ass handed to me by all the possible cultists ending up in the same room as my characters, tried to sneak away and take all the cultists away from cthulhu with that character getting creamed by all the cultists and then the other taking on and dying to cthulhu. Been thinking about it all week and got it back to the table yesterday, tried episode 2 and hastur using the nun and the kid and they seemed awesome and I managed to beat it quite well. Loving it. Got tonnes of replayablity in the base game but cant help looking at the expansions. Seems only season 2 box and one other old one are easy to get but i think its the same old one that's part of the unspeakable ks extras box. The other old one is totally out of stock (black goat) and then its a shame the kickstarter stuff is so expensive, I really hope they will do another KS at some point (a season 3) with the option of picking it up as I'd love to get it but suspect prices will only rise otherwise and its 200+ as it is...
  7. I'm not close to finished it but started it two handed, I think using four would be a bit long winded and too much to think about for what I would want from the game but you may be different. Also this way I can always go back and play through it again using the removeable sticker set and the other two characters.
  8. Good to hear, got this from my secret Santa but yet to read the rules. Got a few new games for xmas from various people and so far have tried Brass Birmingham at 2 (really enjoyed it, dont think i own anything similar so nice to have such an economic game in collection) and Maracaibo solo (also really enjoyed it but not sure I look forward to teaching it). Also received all the too many bones stuff I needed to complete my collection, Skulk Hollow and the Architects of the west kingdom expansion alongside Tomesaga, all of which I need to get to the table. Last day off before back to work so hoping to try Skulk Hollow at the very least today
  9. I play a lot of solo games as my fiancée falls asleep quite early most nights, my favourites at the moment are Too Many Bones, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, The West Kingdom games (Architects, Paladins and Viscounts) and Dice Throne Adventures however TMB and DTA are quite big and expensive games and not a good place to start. I'd definitely recommend Gloomhaven if you fancy some Dungeon crawling. I've been playing solo controlling 2 characters and it's great fun. You can also use an app called gloomhaven helper to cut down on some of the upkeep if that sounds good and it also means less stuff on the table. The West Kingdom games have great Solo AIs that are easy to control and can scale in difficulty. I really enjoy all three and would need more plays before I could rank them. A smaller one I'd check out is Sprawlopolis, it's a buttonshy wallet game of only about 17 cards (city blocks on one side and scoring objectives on the other) where you use 3 cards for your scoring objective and shuffle the rest and use them to put together a City hoping to achieve your objective score. Highly variable and very logical. They also have a game called Agropolis that came out not long ago which is a farm like version and can be used alongside it or instead of sprawlopolis.
  10. Good to know thanks, partner fell asleep last night so I tried it solo and I liked it but its not a great solo game and feel it will be much better at 2, will hopefully get to play tonight and then can decide on the expansion, 6 bucks for delivery from those lot sadly which put me off buying it immediately, found a copy for 21 delivered though so will try it later and possibly pull the trigger!
  11. Bought way too many games over black Friday sales as well. Aquatica for £31.49 from Wayland Games (first time I've ordered from them after hearing bad things but got it today so can't complain), one I'd fancied for a while and not the biggest of savings but that was with next day delivery as well. Hopefully give that a try tonight. Grabbed Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion and removeable stickers from Zatu, also received today and just sorted it all, seems a nightmare to fit back in the box. Had gloomhaven sitting on about 12 missions played forever as its such a pain to get to the table when playing with that friend we always have new stuff to play thats easier, gonna do JotL solo. I feel playing it will refresh rules etc to help GH get back to the table. Also curious whether I can just open some of the GH characters to use for JotL if I'm.not fussed about spoilers, doubt I'll ever see even half of them playing GH. Picked up Roll for the galaxy and Architects of the West Kingdom from Kienda, been after roll for a while and 32.50 seemed a great deal for it. After getting Paladins and Viscounts and loving them in the last couple months felt I should really get architects, look forward to giving it a try but primarily playing at 2 player I suspect it may not be as good as the others but under 30 bucks I couldn't resist. Thought i was done and had already spent too much and seen the choas cards sale late last night, ended up ordering Xmen mutant insurrection because I love xmen and had it on a want list, I hear its not amazing but 25 bucks was a biteable price, also picked up Ishtar for 9 quid and then magnastorm for 11. Crazy prices.
  12. I’ve never been much of a reader in my adult life due to time constraints and videogaming but managed to eventually get into audiobooks a few years back, I listened to maybe one book a year dedicating most of my listening time at work to podcasts (I have about 7 hours a day to listen). I love playing board games and a new board game coming out from one of my favourite designers this year was Red Rising based off the Pearce Brown book series of the same name, I figured I’d give the books a go to familiarise myself with the character and worlds before the game came out and I loved it, sure it may be YA but it was an awesome series and I churned through the 5 available books in no time (6th book still to come). It made me fall in love with reading (can you call audiobooks reading?) again for the first time in 20+ years. Off the back of that I felt like my listening time was better spent on audiobooks and had then worked through a few others I really enjoyed (Kingkiller chronicles and first Dresden book). I had picked up the first book in the Stormlight Archives series by Brandon Sanderson a long time ago but could never get into it despite trying many times. About a month ago I went into it determined to push through and I’m glad I did, it’s a great series and I’m about halfway through the most recent book in that series, Rhythm of War (which is probably about 180hrs + into the series) and whilst it can be slow at times and I am feeling a little fatigued, I’m really enjoying the series as a whole and need to know where it goes. I’ve picked up the first Mistborn book and a couple of others of his (Warbreaker and Arcanum Unbounded) but after seeing the trailer for the Wheel of Time show I’ve also picked up the first book of that so I think after I finish Rhythm of War I’ll give that a try and comed back to the cosmere stuff later, I’m just a little hesitant due to hearing the quality dips pretty massively in the WoT series and after feeling the fatigue in a 4 book series (granted they are massive books) I’m worried that the goliath series that is the wheel of time will be a slog but also am willing to give it a try and see how I get on with it.
  13. I've still been keeping my running tally on my phone but haven't updated here in a bit so here's July and August's totals, since I gave UKGE a miss I spent a fair bit in July getting into Dice Throne and picking up Dinosaur Island Extreme edition (and expansion). August seen me go a bit crazy on picking up more funkoverse. I have had the base Harry Potter one for a couple years and had picked up the Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park ones cheap in the time afterwards but only tried it for the first time recently and really enjoyed it. I'm not typically a skirmish style game person, nor have I ever felt inclined to pick up any funkos but this has got me and I'll likely keep an eye out for others I don't have if they are going cheap! Glad to see the back of the Marvel United Xmen PM too as I just kept adding to it and now have everything ordered from it, the total amount I've spent on it is crazy although I really enjoyed painting the core set so I've got enough minis to paint for the rest of my life! July Marvel Funkoverse 4 pack and thanos - £37.55 Amazon Dinosaur island and expansion KS editions - £85 Facebook group Marvel United All the extras in the PM I hadn't added and paid for (Cardboard locations etc) - £81.17 + (Plastic tokens) £36.55 Dice Throne S1 Rerolled (2x packs) and Dinosaur island Folded Space Insert - £50.64 Zatu Dice Throne S1 Rerolled (2x packs) - £38.98 Board game hut Dice Throne rerolled S2 pack - £15 Facebook Ice PM - £102.33 KS w delivery Villagers expansion - £17 KS Now or Never Preorder - £57.21 Red Raven directly with delivery Brush soap- £10 July Total - £531.43 Year total to date - £3570.40 August Darkwing Duck Funkoverse - £10.40 Amazon Back to the Future Funkoverse - £9.99 B and M Alice in Wonderland Funkoverse - £15.60 Jurassic Park T-Rex and Malcolm Funkoverse - £14.50 Robin and Catwoman Funkoverse- £8.99 Marvel Champions Thanos expansion and sleeves £48.61 Isle of Cats PM £103 Underwater Cities Expansion - £35.23 Aug Total - £247.32 Year total to date - £3817.72 Sept Robinson Crusoe PM - £55 (Delivery and addons) Yet to be charged but due this month Flamecraft KS - $79 (£58) Wild Serengeti KS- $52 (£38) The Split KS - £15 (Will upgrade to the £25 one in PM if possible)
  14. Also have backed it, fingers crossed for you reaching goal, its doing well so far!
  15. I own Mansions, Eldritch and have played arkham 2nd edition, I also had Arkham Horror the card game which I sold on as I wasn't willing to go down the rabbit hole of LCG collecting at the time (Marvel Champions now has me though). Mansions has made it to the table a lot lot more than Eldritch has, in fact I don't think I've played Eldritch in about 5 years. I would say that perhaps it has more variability from game to game even though it has only 4 old ones in the base game (from memory) compared to the 4 or 5 scenarios in the MoM base game. Mansions scenarios by and large will play out much the same story wise when repeating scenarios (there's slight variations in the tile layout and monsters when repeating the same scenario) as such I have bought quite a few Mansions expansions to keep it fresh but you can still easily replay base game scenarios and not get bored of it. Due to the minis the MoM expansions are probably more expensive although there are a couple scenario DLCs available through the app that don't require a physical purchase and are around a fiver each. Arkham the board game I enjoyed but think Eldritch pushed it out as its a more streamlined version which perhaps leans a little more on the adventurey side of things in comparison to the horror side of arkham, Arkham mechanically is similar but is set in one town with different buildings compared to running round the world with Eldritch. The new third edition of Arkham looks quite different and I'd be quite keen to try it but haven't got round to it so can't comment on that. I really enjoyed the Arkham card game and had fun with the scenarios and deck building but it's a massive rabbit hole money wise and I felt like I was too late to the party to pick up content without going via ebay scalpers. I feel like I read they may be releasing it in an easier format to collect though but don't count on that. Anyways you probably knew a lot of that and as others have said Mansion wins out of them for me. I played the new expansion a few weeks back and really enjoyed it once again, it took things I'm a whole different direction compared to earlier ones. It's also now been long enough that I can easily go back through all the older scenarios having forgotten most of them so they should all be pretty fresh! It may also be worth noting there is an app with fan made scenarios (think they are free) which I've never looked in to but I've heard good things.
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