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  1. Thanks again @Davros sock drawerI think they are okay given they are my starter models, not a patch on the talent in the thread but gotta start somewhere! Awesome @Spatial I'll be watching some contrast paint videos in bed, I'll definitely pick some up come pay day, they sound great from what you've both said. Tabletop standard is all I need so that's the aim for now. I'm sure one day I'll become more picky but as it stands just happy to get them looking semi decent from a few feet away and once I get through the base game models I can decide whether I'm confident enough to start on kickstarter extras that would be harder to replace if I mess them up. They look better than blue or red models that they were originally so that's a start!
  2. Apologies for the double post (need to work out how to link the pics from elsewhere) My most recent one tonight was red skull and I'm pretty happy with him and can see improvements albeit small ones!
  3. Wow, thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I'll need to look into the contrast paints and the dry brushing techniques, I did buy a cheaper wider brush for dry brushing a while ago so do have a bunch of other brushes from the first time I tried, sounds like thats the right direction for me to start with and hopefully one day progress to edge highlighting. I'll give that video a watch @Davros sock drawer I've tried to get decent pics of the models but when i do take them it seems that I notice tonnes of bits I need to fix, I'll show the three I've done, I think theres been an improvement from the first to the third, they were done over the last couple of days. These are pretty much my first so please dont laugh but Id be happy to hear any tips or if there is anything that I'm doing wrong! First one I did was Cap, definitely not as smooth as I'd have liked, was aiming to go back and do highlights etc when I learn more about them. Not the best pic and can see a few bits I've messed up (next to the avengers symbol for instance). Second one was Hulk (not best focus) - This is where I tried the highlighting and ended up having to go over it all again as I went a bit overboard. I do think the lack of colours I have doesnt help much for highlights but the wet palette arrived today which should help a little with that.
  4. Love everyone's work in the thread, you folk all do such a great job and I wish I had the skill to do half as good a job. I've got tonnes of mini boardgames and have always fancied painting but always been scared of ruining the minis due to lack of skill. I'd tried a couple Mice and Mystics minis many years ago and they didn't go great, haven't played it since. Anyways I've recently picked up some equipment to give it another try based on a friend's recommendations, I now have paints (Vallejo game colour multipacks - fantasy figure colours and advanced colour sets - 32 paints total), light grey primer (spray and brush on ones), some rosemary and Co brushes (a 2 and a 0), a mini holder thing from redgrass games, a dry palette, a wet palette (redgrass games v1), some washes (nuln oil and army painter soft tone quickshade ink) and a decent desk lamp. Is there anything else I should really pick up? Brush soap is possibly the main thing I can think of. I've decided to start with my Marvel United base game as I think the minis should be easier than a lot of smaller ones with finer details such as Bloodborne, Star Wars Imperial Assault or Mansions of Madness. Also its probably cheaper to replace the Marvel United base set if I screw it up... I've made a start following some of the limited videos available and seem to do an okay job of base coating but when it comes to shading and highlighting I just end up ruining the paint jobs. I actually really enjoy base coating and feel like they look alright as they are (I've done Captain America, Hulk and Red Skull so far) but find it really stressful trying to add in highlighting and shading as I've no idea where to start. I'll probably just focus on base coating them all and aim to learn how to go about the more technical parts when I become more comfortable. Anyways the reason for my post is to ask if anyone has any good videos or guides they could point me to to learn from scratch how to go about shading and highlighting. I'm probably slightly limited by my collection of paints (32 in total) but have spent a lot to get everything mentioned and don't want to buy much else for a bit.
  5. @jonnyalpha I'll take Gaia Project if no one else has PM'd?
  6. Well this has been an expensive month, granted its largely been down to Marvel United X-Men and the things I've been wanting for a while coming back in stock (AFfO Norwegians, New York Zoo and Spirit Island Jagged Earth). I'm really going to try take a break for a while, feel quite content at the moment and nothing I'm desperate to pick up, only thing on my list that's constantly been out of stock forever is Potion Explosion so I guess if that came back in stock I'd pick that up. Not terribly much on KS I fancy either other than Isle of Cats expansions. I've got a few decisions to make on games I've backed at a dollar (Chai tea for two, My Fathers Work, Eternal Palace and ICE off the top of my head) and a couple pledge managers due, Robinson Crusoe and Canvas Reflections. I've not included my hotel costs for UKGE but suppose it is a board game expense so wasn't sure if I should or not. May Reykholt £24.57 Amazon Gamora Marvel Champions Preorder £14.28 delivered Gameslore Agricola 5 - 6 player expansion £8.27 delivered Zatu Marvel United Xmen KS £442.43 Marvel United delivery and vat £132.92 Transmissions KS £38.91 Transmissions delivery $17 (£12) Underwater cities £35 Rllmuk Canvas expansion KS $35 (£25.50) My Fathers Work $1 (£0.71) A feast for Odin expansion and New York Zoo £52.64 Dice and Decks 500 mayday sleeves £22.28 Gameslore Spirit Island Jagged Earth £48.98 Zatu delivered Exit the forbidden Castle and exit the forgotten island £7.22 Amazon Tabletop gaming mag (for king of tokyo promo) £5.99 Ice KS $1 (£0.71) May total £846.20 Year to date - £2703.51
  7. Awesome, just got my notification too but looks like it's due this morning
  8. Super excited for it too, had a few KS arrive over the last couple weeks but this is the one I'm looking forward to most Well done on the quick turnaround. Easily beating the estimated delivery date by a mile even if i dont get it for another few weeks! Kickstarter first for me I think!
  9. Awesome, will take Underwater Cities, will PM you just now
  10. Vinny is on Brad and Wills Tech pod this week if anyone is already having withdrawal symptoms
  11. My fiancée bought me and my friend tickets for my birthday last year so they've carried forward and that's me just booked our hotel this morning. Just went for the IBIS at the airport as it was relatively cheap compared to others I could see. Never been to UKGE before, nor any convention of that size for that matter, only the two Scottish ones which I think are probably tiny by comparison. Very exciting.
  12. I really like the look of My Fathers Work, could do without the expense at the moment but the game not coming to retail (Kickstarter exclusive) has pushed my hand to get it now while I can. I can afford it, it's just I'd rather not in the same month Marvel United etc funded but have the same thoughts that things shouldn't be released as a kickstarter only release. In other KS news I see the Isle of Cats is getting an expansion and the designer has been posting a few sneak peeks on twitter with some of the new bits, so far it's been Kittens and other ancient creatures, looks lovely and love the game so will have to get that, thankfully not going live until the 25th.
  13. Got tickets moved on from last year, should get my second dose of the vaccine a couple weeks before so thinking I'll be good to go. Just need to get accommodation sorted!
  14. It's not that I haven't looked into hexplore it or that I don't fancy it, quite the opposite actually. You've definitely sold me on the idea of it with your posts, sadly it's more that it's out at a time I'm sinking 600 dollars into a marvel united KS (I'll get some money back from a friend for the stuff I already have from original KS though), 100 into my father work, 35 for Canvas Reflections and 54 for transmissions and need to stop myself from backing any more for a long long time. The Isle of cats expansion will probably be my only exception
  15. I really shouldn't but would like first dibs at underwater cities if possible. Been on my list for a while. I'm sure someone will bite your hand off for dwellings. Luckily don't think my fiancée would like it and my friend has it or I'd be that someone.
  16. Woo, congrats on the new job @Professor RobGreat news and great reward to yourself! So April's been a month with so many kickstarters and pledge managers opening but think they are done for the month and no intentions of getting anything else this month so this will be my final April count. April KS TEDu - $26 (£19.53 tax and add on meeples) Rising sun £33 from Amazon The Crew £9 from Amazon KS Everdell £48.86 (tax and shipping) Late pledge Streets £23 KS Eternal Palace £1 (Still undecided if I'll go for this) Wingspan present for someone so not sure if it counts SMG Champion price delivered £35 Robinson Crusoe Veteran upgrade pack Gamefound £69.70 (Still to pay delivery and taxes) Pendulum £30 delivered Clash of Deck KS €2 (£1.74) Silverwood Grove AUS$14 (£7.82) Darwins Journey PM €30 (£26.08) Added the mini expansions and sleeves and delivery cost. 7th Citadel PM €80 (£69.55) Upgraded to gameplay All in and added sleeves and extra leaflets plus delivery costs. Total so far £371.28 Still to be paid for in future Canvas Reflections pledge $35 + $13 Xmen united pledge $565 + $17 (currently everything available plus the old stuff I don't have plus an extra base pledge for a friend - will increase with more expansions/accessories...). Transmissions $54 Robinson Crusoe PM- £Unknown Geeknson delivery fee for some table accessories - £Unknown With the price of the X-men KS and the other two ill honestly be trying very hard not to buy anything else for a while. I'm intending to stay off Kickstarter for a while and try not to get caught up in any hype for other games. My exceptions will be if I find Spirit Island Jagged Earth, New York Zoo or Potion Explosion, games that I want but haven't been able to find, the latter two have been tough to find for a long time.
  17. Not done one of these for a while but been playing a few different games of recent (last month or two) and keeping a running note on my phone for a post here. We finished My City, its been talked about plenty so don't need to go into detail but we enjoyed it a lot and I ended up winning it overall after trailing for about half the campaign. Not sure we will ever really play the eternal version when we have Isle of Cats and Barenpark among other polyomino games but can always play the legacy aspect again if we decide to as we only played it at 2. Red Rising is Stonemaier Games latest release, I hadn't heard of the IP before it was announced and decided to give the books a shot off the back of the announcement, they've consumed me ever since. The game turned out to be a great hand management game where you are playing cards to one of four areas and taking new ones from one of the other areas you didn't play to with the aim of trying to combo cards to get victory points. It's based off fantasy realms, something I also hadn't heard of before but which seems to be gaining popularity off the back of this. I believe the difference with RR is that there are location bonuses you gain based off where you take your cards from. I think it would be an enjoyable game without knowing about the IP but that's definitely helped in my enjoyment. I got the collectors edition but I think the normal edition may actually be better as the metallic cubes the CE comes with make it really hard to differentiate between some of the colours and the insert isn't all that great for vertical storage. Definitely recommend giving it a try if you can, I really love it. I was pretty lucky in that I managed to find a copy of Lost Ruins of Arnak from Amazon for 35 quid, I'd fancied it for a while and wasn't disappointed. We've played it quite a few times now and it's great. A very tight (5 round) game where it feels like every action matters. It's a mix of deck building, resource management and worker placement (some of my favourite mechanisms) and they tie together really well. It also has something resembling a tech tree I guess where you are paying resources to move up your magnifying glass (representing you discovering something) and your book (represents you writing the discovery down/publishing it or something) on the tracks in order to find the lost temple. I do feel like it will benefit greatly from an expansion to add some variability in the guardians, worker placement spots etc but we still aren't bored of it and it will definitely see more play. Tried both sides of the board and have stuck to the harder one since moving onto it in our third game. My only complaint with this game is the length of the board (seems to be a lot of games out or coming out with super long boards), luckily the bottom part can be moved as its just too long otherwise! Canvas finally arrived, a kickstarter id been waiting on for what felt like an age due to being in customs limbo for a few months. It's a beautifully produced game about creating three paintings with the aim to get a good combo of icons at the bottom to score points from certain objective cards. It uses transparent cards to layer on different parts of the painting making something quite unique each time. It also uses the same mechanic as the first century game where you are choosing a card from a row of cards of which you can take the left most one for free or use inspiration tokens to skip over the cards to get to one you want. It's quite a simple/light weight game but was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing it more. A new KS is out for an expansion so have backed it as I can see this being great for introducing people to the hobby. My Marvel United wave 2 pledge also arrived, which had the Infinity Gauntlet expansion, a black panther expansion and tonnes of extra stretch goal heroes and villains. We've had another go at it with some new characters and a new bosses, the KS stretch goals were plentiful and I've got so many heroes and Villains now it's really changed the game up, what was a super simple coop game now has a bit more challenge and more choice when it comes to who you play as and against. I think this game will go down great with families as its simple enough in terms of teaching and playing that kids will like this a lot and there are ways to make it harder for more seasoned gamers if they so wish (played on easy/normal for all my games so far). The new KS for the xmen is out now and has all the old content aside from the base game, its looking like it's gonna cost a lot but most likely going to be all in and add in all the stuff I've missed from the previous one. Solo wise I've managed to get Superhot and Tiny Epic Defenders to the table for a run through of each and really enjoyed both, Superhot is a nice little solo deck builder which felt quite thematic and a nice little twist on the deck builder genre where you are cycling through the cards adding them to your deck once you defeat or pass them over with the aim of completing certain objectives. TED was fun too although pretty hard, it involved trying to defend 7 locations from monster attacks and once you've gone through a deck of cards a few times you have to fight an Epic monster, I got my ass handed to me pretty quick but I enjoyed it and will go back to it in the future, will be more fun with others I think rather than solo. I got the first Spirit Island expansion, Branch and Claw, for my birthday I'm Jan, I finally got it to the table solo and ended up playing quite a few games over the course of a week. Really like the event cards it added to the game and the new tokens for disease, strife, beasts and nature and the new spirits were also really cool. Its really increased my enjoyment of the game as a whole and it's probably going to be one of my go to solo games now. It's also made me want the Jagged Earth expansion a lot more which sadly seems impossible to find just now in the UK. Think I've talked enough, other games I've played recently were Pendulum (meh), Tiny Epic Pirates (really enjoyed it but takes a bit of set up time) and Marvel Champions (Tried the red skull campaign two handed with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver - not keen on SW, QS was fun though). Got a long list of stuff on the shelf of shame but hoping to get time to give Micro Macro a play this weekend and maybe get back to some of these again but also expecting the new Railroad Ink Challenge and Sprawlopolis/Agropolis Kickstarters fairly soon as well as Die of the Dead and Terraforming Mars big box possibly not too far away either!
  18. @ph0rceyeah I believe they can be used even in alter ego mode, think it lists it as one of the possible actions on the player aid and don't believe it ever says you can't do it alter ego mode.
  19. Seen a few people on the Facebook groups buying from amazon US for a semindecent price, seems to be easiest way to get it. Have you tried ebay? It's not gone retail here at all, although surely it will at some point. I'm sure they would have had a lot of extra sales off the back of people playing it if it had (not that they need them). Annoyingly the Xmen KS has all the expansions but not the base game from the first campaign. I got the infinity pledge last time round and really enjoy the game but to get the rest of the stuff I missed out on plus the new xmen stuff it will probably run into about 300 bucks... :/ Sounds like the previous expansions won't be available at retail any more either so this will be the only way to get a lot of the stuff.
  20. Been several KS pledges been needing tidied up so far this month, that Everdell pledge ended up insanely expensive after tax and shipping. Also managed to snag a couple of bargains from Amazon, £33 for Rising Sun was an amazingly good price I couldn't pass up, not my style of game and certainly not my fiancées but hopefully will get to play it at 3 when we can finally meet up with friends. Seems a bunch of people who ordered it got it cancelled. Mine turned up the next day which is surprising as it was from Zatu through amazon and they ain't usually that quick! Not sure how well the Crew will play at 2 but for 9 quid couldn't turn it down given the insanely positive buzz its had. April KS TEDu - $26 (£19.53 tax and add on meeples) KS Everdell £48.86 (tax and shipping) Late pledge Streets £23 KS Eternal Palace £1 (Still undecided if I'll go for this) Rising sun £33 from Amazon The Crew £9 from Amazon April total so far £134.39 So far I've backed the Robinson Crusoe upgrade pack on gamefound and will back the Canvas expansion and Marvel United Xmen Kickstarters when they launch mid april and try leave it at that for the month.
  21. No just use the boost icons if I remember correctly @ph0rce not the actual card. If a card has no icons it just counts as zero towards its the attack/scheme. As far as I can remember the treachery cards are only played as a treachery card when you draw one for yourself each villain phase after the attack/scheme part. Edit - if you get a star as a boost icon you will need to do the star part of the card.
  22. I tend to use Mayday Premium sleeves, I've had many of the different sized ones for various games and never had a problem, the green ones I use for most games are only about 2 quid for 50 from Gameslore and I've always been pretty happy with them and their price. Just make sure you get the premium ones if you were to go down that route. The non premium ones are as garbage as the ultra pro penny sleeves and in the end make playing a game more difficult as they just stick together (my opinion, your milage may vary). I started sleeving marvel champions in the more expensive FFG sleeves and annoyingly they stopped making them, the mayday premiums feel just as good as them but annoyingly are a little bit shorter than the FFG ones, technically means they are a better fit but also is slightly noticeable so need to go back and replace the FFG ones and sleeve the rest of my MC collection, that alone is looking requires about 70 quid worth of those sleeves and that's with a bunch of them here...
  23. Been putting off doing this as turned out another big month for me and things kept cropping up but now hoping nothing else makes it in in the final stretch, think the Eternal Palace KS which I fancy is going to fund on the 1st so if I do go for it will count it next month March Red Rising - £34.40 for collectors edition delivered (amazing price IMO, was expecting to pay a LOT more!) Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition - Game and 4 play mats pledge £46.43 + £16.36 delivery Endless Winter Paleoamericans - £96.32 for the Shaman Pledge and Big box delivered Lost Ruins of Arnak - £34.81 (Amazon EU) Tiny Epic Dungeons All in KS pledge - £39.83 (think that includes shipping) Everdell KS – £109 (tax and shipping to be paid in future) Silverwood Grove - £32.00 Mariana Trench KS Delivery – £6.75 Lost ruins of Arnak Folded space insert – £20.26 (w/next day delivery) Robinson Crusoe FS insert – £14.80 (w/ next day delivery) Gameslore Order (Sleeves for Red rising and Micro Macro - Crime City w/ next day delivery) – £39.22 Star Lord preorder (Marvel Champions) - £14.28 Current March Total - £504.46 Year total to date – £1485.32
  24. Good decision in my opinion @MalevolentPandadon't think you'll regret it. It's great value, I was £107 for the expansions, big box, resource holders and wooden tree. You're getting all that except the resource holders I think but get the base game and 3 expansions with deluxe components that have cost me probably £150 if not more. Not to mention I also still have to buy the base game upgrade pack which will cost me about 30 quid if it ever comes in stock again!
  25. Munkienut

    NIOH 2

    So I have now finished the base game and started the first DLC, done the first level in that area then decided to do some jolly coop, been having a lot of fun with the game and look forward to seeing the DLC. Currently level 140 and not had too many troubles with roadblocks through the game, enjoying the onymo and switchglaive build a lot, a nice change from dual swording the first game and magic just tears through enemies. Started getting the green gear now which seems good but as you say its all capped at 150 for the DLC so guess I'm just aiming to find green versions of the genmei onymo set? Is there any particular switchglaive that is recommended over the others when you are going to be getting many of them at the same level? Usually just used the highest level or damage one whilst leveling.
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