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  1. Agree, it seems a huge amount to put out but that "all in" deal is such good value. I'd wager that even if you didn't like it you'd be able to sell it for what you pay. My friend backed Everdell when it first came on the scene, I played it and loved it and regretted missing out on it. I've backed all the others so far and really like the expansions, probably the most recent two better than pearlbrook but there will be a tonne of gameplay from that box for sure. It's up there in my top 5 for sure and I'd see other games move from that top 5 before everdell. If you've got the cash to spare and don't mind the wait I'd go for it.
  2. @Nathan WindI didnt bother to be honest, definitely thought about it for a bit but decided against it. I've only picked up the two core sets then was gifted another core set and a couple other ships. I really enjoyed it but the friend I played with moved away and its not something I can convince the fiancé to play when there's the likes of Everdell etc. Since I'll never play competitively I'm happy to just have my little collection as it is for when I can get a game in like that
  3. Thats all the paint stuff I've bought over the years for painting minis and yet never really done many... Or at least I tried a few then realised I was awful at it and shelved it... I'm thinking I'm going to start painting the Marvel United stuff as hopefully the chibi nature should be easier than the few walking dead and mice and mystics stuff I tried in the past, Ill probably stick to the base game first and if I ruin it then I can replace it easier than the KS exclusive stuff.
  4. Munkienut

    NIOH 2

    Awesome, thanks again for the help! Very much appreciated.
  5. Munkienut

    NIOH 2

    Wow this was super helpful, grabbed that stance switching move and its great! Was looking to see if i had the Onymo hunting garb stuff but dont so must be something you get during the game, found some decent light armor but doesnt seem like i can roll Onymo power onto it, I'll keep my eye out for stuff i can do that with though! Edit - The next sub mission I did about 10 mins after I posted ended up dropping some of that armor! When you say you played coop with people do you just mean you used the blue graves around the place or do you actually do proper coop? I've tried using the summon from the shrine but it never seems to find anyone so I have started using the blue graves, handy to have someone else "tank" whilst you spam spells. Are any of the guardian spirits more useful for a magic build than others? Still using the shark as most others seem to require stats that i dont have to gain full effect from them?
  6. Bottom Bookshelf for smaller games hidden away in bedroom And finally on top of our wardrobe
  7. Was taking some photos for a friend to see my collection as it stands, obviously lockdown has put a stop to gaming visits and since I've last seen my gaming friends I finally acquired a Kallax and a gaming table and a hell of a lot of new games. Thought I'd check for this kind of thread on here as I'd be interested to see others collections so will stick my photos up and hope others do too! We are stuck in a 1 bedroom house due to the Glasgow housing market being awful for the last year so one day I hope to get a dedicated room to get the collection all together but its split over three places just now and we are at bursting point in reality, several new arrivals from kickstarter due over the coming months are going to cause a few problems space wise (multiple boxes from Marvel United and Big box for Terrraforming Mars for example). A lot of the games have expansions in the boxes and all the expansion boxes are stored in my Fiancees parents attic at the moment. Kallax is hard to photo as one due to table and PC being in the way so its done in three sections - Top Middle Edit - that didnt work how I planned link wise so I'll have to do a couple of posts due to size restrictions and have to work out how i put multiple pics in one post like i did before...
  8. So far its just been one Preorder and some Kickstarters this month for me and given the other KS/Pledge managers that are due to come out this month I'll probably refrain from buying anything else, not that I need anything else (although Ruins of Arnak is top of my list at the moment so I may cave and pick that up...). On the plus side hopefully KS are starting to appear and in the next few weeks I should see the remainder of my Marvel United Infinity pledge, Canvas, Agropolis with Sprawlopolis and Tiny Epic Pirates with a few others hopefully not that much further out (Railroad Ink Challenge, Mint Control/Delivery, Terraforming Mars Big box) Edit - Managed to grab Lost Ruins of Arnak for £34.81 from Amazon EU, by the time i told my friend about it it had gone back up to £63, lucky find!! Jan and Feb total - £980.86 Red Rising - £34.40 for collectors edition delivered (amazing price IMO, was expecting to pay a LOT more!) Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition - Game and 4 play mats pledge £46.43 + £16.36 delivery Endless Winter Paleoamericans - £96.32 for the Shaman Pledge and Big box delivered Lost Ruins of Arnak - £34.81 Tiny Epic Dungeons All in gameplay pledge - £39.83 (think that includes shipping) Current March Total - £268.14 Still to be paid for in March Everdell, Two expansions, big box, resource holders and wooden ever tree - £107 (will come out on completion of the KS, although the PM will charge tax and shipping which will likely be close to another £50 - I'll add that part when the PM completes) Streets - Late pledge for base game £23 plus whatever shipping works out at. Silverwood Grove - £31 when KS ends, shipping in future PM Toying with backing Eternal Palace too... Still to be paid for in future Still waiting for pledge mangers to open for Mariana Trench, 7th Citadel, Darwins Journey plus the ones that complete in March (Everdell, Silverwood Grove and TEDu) Have some accessories to pay shipping for for my Geeknson table which i suspect will be heavy and likely cost around 100 to ship...
  9. Munkienut

    NIOH 2

    Thanks @Goemon, that's all very helpful. Enjoying the magic and switchglaive a lot. Made it to the third area having cleared all sub missions in the previous two. Looking forward to moving onwards tonight!
  10. Munkienut

    NIOH 2

    Bit late to the party (again) but bought the double pack when it came out for ps5. Can't believe I slept on these games so long as a big fan of the souls games. I finished the main story of the original nioh and loved every second. Started the DLC and the first boss stopped me dead in my tracks, was dying in two hits, hadnt had many road blocks with the other bosses but that one was so hard, I decided not to go grind for levels and to start nioh 2 instead. After playing dual blades for the majority of the first game I decided I wanted to try magic seeing the two weapons that scaled with magic at the start. Been doing fairly well so far with a magic build (currently around 30 points in magic, 20 in constitution and 15 in heart). I've been using the seething dragon switchglaive pretty much exclusively from early on thanks to soul matching, also the shark spirit guardian and light armor. Think I'm close to the end of the second land, guessing the mission I'm about to do will end it. Got a few questions if anyone can answer. Is magic viable all the way through? Feel like I cant equip many spells (onmyo or whatever) at this level. Also do I get another set of quick buttons? Believe they came from the blacksmith in the original but not seen it appear yet. Any tips for a magic build? Any amazing spells I should aim to get? How many points should I be putting into the other stats? Any recommendations on a spirit guardian for a magic build? I've never used the reset stats book in the first game or this one, will using that reset the points I've put in the various trees as well as my level?
  11. If @jonnyalpha doesnt take Arnak I'll take it, no worries if he grabs it though
  12. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it @Stejay! Hadn't heard of it before your mention in a other thread led me to check it out. Looks great! My first purchase on the month will be in an hour when stonemaier games put their preorders up for Red Rising. Hopefully not too expensive, now I've got through first book and half of the second I feel committed to get it regardless as I'm enjoying the books and characters so much!
  13. We also have everything for it except the glimmergold pack, I have the legends and extra cards just not the rat meeples and metal coins. I'm hearing from various people that one of the two expansions (Not new leaf) is a big box and expansion in one! It's definitely up there among the most played and enjoyed in my collection so I'm super excited for the kickstarter and will no doubt go a little nuts on any extras they have to order (I fancy some of the prints and a wooden tree etc).
  14. We've been playing it in chunks, first time was 9 games and second time was 6, 3 more chapters/envelopes to go. Been really enjoying it and liked what they've added so far (no spoilers), I've gone from miles behind in points to being pretty much equal at this point, I think the catch up mechanism is obviously working and like how they've done it. Maybe will finish off the last three chapters this weekend. Haven't played the eternal game and feel like I'd go to other polyomino games before my city in that case, once we are done I'll likely shelve my city until I'm ready to play through it again at 2 player using the other half of the stickers.
  15. Definitely tempted by Theurgy, looks awesome although would need the higher pledge for those awesome meeple monsters. I can't say I'm a huge area control fan but that looks fun and something I'd enjoy. I've added it to the watch list/favourite and will see what funds I have to play with after the Everdell kickstarter next week, can see that being a very expensive one to get anything and everything new they put out. Also have Tiny Epic Dungeons and Terraforming Mars Ares to cover when they fund and Red Rising preorders tomorrow. Expensive month for games!!
  16. I've always meant to pick up superhot, happy to cover postage and add a few quid for your trouble too if it's still available?
  17. Notice the small print saying people who get the ps plus version of FF7 aren't entitled to the ps5 upgrade
  18. Is anyone else playing the remastered version of this? Having played and loved all the Souls series and Sekiro I cant believe i never gave this a try earlier. Picked up the double pack when looking for something to play on PS5 and its amazing, I've only beat up to the Giant Centipede so far and I love it. Its definitely missing the exploration aspect of the Souls series but I also quite like the way its done with the levels, side missions and twilight missions (just trying my first of these just now). I'm probably massively over leveled but that's how i generally play the souls games, by farming levels where possible, as I ain't all that good at them. I've gone for a sword build, most of my stats so far have gone into Body and Heart, a few into Stamina and Skill. Should i be leveling any of the other stats that i have barely touched (Skill, Dex, Magic and Spirit)? Is crafting much use? I've tried making a couple items but they seem to come out the lowest rarity even when using some purple mats to make them, I figured that using those would increase the rarity of the item but doesnt seem that way, maybe I'm wrong though.
  19. Looking at the pics if you still have the included insert I think you'll be fine, the boxes look pretty flush with the top of the insert so the cauldrons or game board on top should hold everything in place. May just require you to put that side to the bottom (when stored vertically) so the boards will always stay in place! Good purchase, wouldn't worry about it til you have to
  20. Jan total - £739.34 Feb to date Le Havre - £46.98 Honey Buzz mini expansion - $18 (£13.19) Stonemaier Champion fee - $15 (£10.99) Fairy Trails - £12.45 Marvel Champions Galaxies most wanted expansion (preorder) - £34.94 Cascadia/Calico pledge manger - £66 Fog of Love - £39.98 Funkoverse Jurassic Park - £16.99 Feb total - £241.52 March (Ordered/backed but money will come out next month) Endless Winter Late pledge (Shaman Pledge and big box) - 112 euros = £96.83 Terraforming Mars Ares (with 2 playmats) - $54 + $22 Shipping = £54.22
  21. Awesome! Yeah these would mean no insert required as well which makes them cheaper in my head Quacks is a game that we won't play until we can get people back together as can only play 2 player games at the moment, it's more of a 4-6 player game for us (I bought a second herb witches expansion for another player board etc and painted the tokens white), I'll likely hold off until then. It sees plenty of play when we can play at bigger numbers so I'll probably bite for one of those two then and see plenty use out of them.
  22. Those look decent, these are the ones I had in mind though (link below), bit more expensive but like having the chips separated, didn't realise they were quite so expensive but ill maybe hold off until we get a new house then buy a 3D printer and make them myself. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quacks-of-Quedlinburg-Board-Game-Token-Crates/324239474535?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180213162448%26meid%3D8d63bc126e504b129720d3d80c187fc4%26pid%3D100930%26rk%3D11%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D293865553822%26itm%3D324239474535%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2332490%26algv%3DDefaultOrganic%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2332490.c100930.m5375
  23. For what its worth I have the large majority of my games vertically and also have folded space inserts for Near and Far, The Isle of Cats, Marvel Champions, Caverna and Spirit Island, each and every one of them hold everything in place perfectly so given that 100% record for me so far I'd say its a pretty safe bet that you will be fine with things not falling out! I've been tempted by the quacks one myself but also like the look of the bgg geek bits for the tokens and some of the custom 3D printed token holders which have space to hold the spellbooks vertically to save table space and make them easier to read.
  24. I also store my games vertically and its well designed/packed enough that nothing falls out, thats if you have the expansion though, which if you dont i'd highly recommend and its super cheap, i do think it would still hold in place without the expansion but some parts may not be firmly in place.
  25. We used it the other night for the first time and I've always hated the set up for barenpark using baggies, it really put me off playing it, this definitely makes set up much faster and easier which makes it more appealing to play. If you've got bad news bears then I'd definitely go for it. The box lift is notable but given the bottom half is just plain brown it's not too noticeable from a distance. Also if you do have the expansion then you'll still save space even with the lid lift. I can take photos tomorrow of how it looks if you wish!
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