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  1. Very tempted by the "escape the" games, I'll add them to my list to look into more as I like the sound of them and polyhedron collider podcast had a lot of positive things to say about the newer one too. Well I finally started My City last night at 2 player, ended up playing 9 games back to back! Has been good fun so far, interested to see what comes from the next chapter (Gold Rush- Not a spoiler as the names on the envelope), I've not done terribly great so far, 6 games to 3 so hoping to get some more wins going forward! We also have just played the tutorial/introductory scenario for Fog of Love, picked it up under the guise of Valentines present, wasnt sure how it would go down, the SUSD review always had me intrigued but the idea of role playing not so much and didn't think that would go down well with with fiancée but we were both very surprised with the first game and enjoyed it a lot. The tutorial is superb in allowing you to just sit down and start playing without reading the rules. Still set up to go into the a proper non tutorial game just shortly!
  2. Argos have the funkoverse games (Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones) down to 16.99 just now, ordered JP, have the other two but I've yet to play them but the figures are nice decoration for the top of the kallax. They get good reviews across the board so I do need to get round to them just always something else to play. The HP one may be good for some of you with kids! They also have the Jaws one which I'd like but is way less of a deal as its 15.99 but only has two figures.
  3. Seen a deal for Fairy Trails on HUKD/Amazon, seems cheap (£12.45) for a new Uwe Rosenberg 2 player game and looks like a nice chilled experience of building little paths to claim fairy houses. Nice gateway/filler style game so I'll stick a link below (says polish but box shows multiple languages although doesn't seem language dependent even if it is). https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086FWPVPC?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE Preordered the Guardians expansion for Marvel Champions too... (£34.94) The Cascadia pledge manger opened yesterday, it was the only KS on my list that i had backed at $1 but ended up ordering it and Calico for £66. We like tile laying games and both seem really nice version of it, the Calico buzz had been pretty high so nice to grab a copy and 30 odd quid per game seems like an okay price. I missed out on Endless Winter: Paleoamericans at kickstarter and am so tempted by the late pledge for it having seen it appear on a lot of most anticipated games of 2021 so may end up backing that but will push it to next month as I think i have spent enough this month and late pledges are open until mid march. Not gonna add it to the list but also ended up signing back up to Audible to get the Red Rising book ahead of the Stonemaier game coming out to see what its all about, good book so far!! Jan total - £739.34 Feb to date Le Havre - £46.98 delivered w/next day delivery Honey Buzz mini expansion - $18 (£13.19) Stonemaier Champion fee - $15 (£10.99) Fairy Trails - £12.45 Marvel Champions Galaxies most wanted expansion (preorder) - £34.94 Cascadia/Calico pledge manger - £66 Total - £184.55
  4. My bad, I didnt actually get the automa with the magazine, I got it at the same time as the magazine for a couple euros. It was patchwork doodle cards i got with the magazine. I'm the same though, paid a fair bit to get stuff like the Azul Joker tiles and the Reef mini expansion, never played either game since... Worth picking up the first (and only?) issue I've linked below, decent read but obviously focused on their own games, dont have it to hand as its in storage somewhere but there was variants for games too like solo barenpark. The main thing though is it comes with a few promos which some may like here given all the previous nusfjord talk and someone maybe mentioned gingerbread house too? Theres also a few agricola cards, some patchwork doodle cards and a caverna race which doesnt come with the forgotten folk expansion (there is another promo race available for 2 euros if this caverna thing is your reason to buy the magazine). Bargain for 5 euros and dont think shipping was too bad but i added a couple of promos in as well. https://lookout-shop.de/p/news-from-the-lookout-issue-01
  5. Curious for those that have played My City, I've got it but have been holding off starting it as i wanted to wait for more than two players, I'm curious if there is scope for it to be played twice through at two player so I can play it through with my fiancee now and then again with a gaming buddy once COVID allows? I know there are stickers used in the game and suspect that might be where an issue lies but could also just use a sharpie or something to draw them in instead?
  6. Was this an actual button upgrade you managed to get or did you just buy some buttons? I've been thinking of doing that for a long time but never actually get round to sourcing buttons but feel it would make a nice addition to the game. Thats automa is expensive, probably not helpful at all but I got mine free in a lookout magazine a while back, didnt realise it was worth as much!
  7. Well i spoke to soon it appears (saying there was no new games I wanted/needed any time soon), I've wanted Le Havre for a while as my love for Uwes games keeps growing and I have a wants list on my phone of which its been top for a while but it looks like its come back in stock in a "Complete Edition" and it seems a really good price (£41 quid from gameslore), I know its not a pretty game but hearing Tom Vasel constantly rating it so highly its one i always wanted to try so bit the bullet. I also loved Honey Buzz that I picked up last month so ordered the Honey Pot mini expansion ($18 delivered) and I've also become a Stonemaier Champion so gave them $15 for a year sub. Glad that Red Rising (the new stonemaier announced today) wont be up for preorder til next month, gives time to see how it looks and if its worth picking up! Jan total - £739.34 Feb to date Le Havre - £46.98 delivered w/next day delivery Honey Buzz mini expansion - $18 (£13.19) Stonemaier Champion fee - $15 (£10.99) Total - £71.16 Likely Pledge managers that will open this month to cover - Cascadia (only backed at £1 so could be costly, would like Calico as well) and Mariana Trench (Backed a two pack but like the look of their playmat!)
  8. Congrats @Cosmic_Guru! I played about 6 scenarios of a friends copy when it first arrived from kickstarter but he lives far away and hasn't played it since. I then picked up my own copy and started again with another friend, we played about 10 scenarios and haven't managed to get back to it as we are both guilty of buying too many new games so every time we meet we always have so much new stuff to play. I loved what I played and really need to get back to it! Another reason to stop buying more games! Forgot to get back to you with regards to Bloodborne, played the first two chapters of the first scenario solo (with 2 characters) and got my ass handed to me by the cleric beast. I really like the combat system, its really cool and quite different from anything else I've played, I like that puzzley aspect you mentioned previously and transforming your weapon. Really enjoyed the levelling up and upgrading my deck what to add, what to remove, my only gripe is that in preview videos I watched from CMON expo it used to be 3 movement points from a card but somewhere along the line it got changed to 2, feels quite hard to get around, felt like that one extra movement could have been useful so many times when playing. I love the story elements/quest like parts too. So far so good, look forward to playing more with friends when lockdown allows and trying some of the other hunters (used threaded cane and ludwigs holy sword(?) so far).
  9. Preordered Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for Marvel Champions for £26.60 which brings January's total up to £739.34 I'm done for the month and dont have intentions of picking up any new games for the foreseeable future, Kickstarters should hopefully see me through the next few months as at least a couple are due each month. I will preorder whatever Marvel Champions stuff comes out though and i really need to order a whole bunch of mayday premium sleeves for it as i started sleeving it in FFG sleeves and they no longer exist but otherwise I'm hopefully done for a while. Fingers crossed nothing exciting comes to kickstarter!
  10. Worth looking into Isle of Cats as well, its been our favourite polyomino game for a while now, not played patchwork and patchwork doodle in a while and barenpark hasnt been played in couple years although just picked up the expansion and insert so need to give it another go with that but by all accounts its a worthwhile addition. I also have My City as mentioned by phresh, heard nothing but good things but havent started it yet! Pretty much every legacy game I've started hasnt been finished so want to choose a good time for it that will see if completed!
  11. This is a safe place right? No judgement? I'm gonna do this as a way of keeping track myself, I know I spend far too much on games and want to cut it down, maybe doing this will be a way to see exactly what I spend on a monthly basis. Okay just so you know this is not indicitave of my usual month by a long shot but I have spent a lot this month. Two very expensive ones I had money aside for. I'll add on a kickstarter that is guaranteed to come out my bank this month too. Purchases Tiny epic defenders and schotten totten - £20 from here/rllmuk Bloodborne blood moon pledge £190 w/ postage/insurance from Facebook group Nova luna - £21.50 from Boards and Dice Honey buzz and upgrade pack - £67.50 from State of play Barenpark bad news bears, barenpark folded space insert, spirit island insert and isle of cats insert - £58.12 from Gameslore Wasp marvel champions pack - £14.32 from Gameslore 2 x welcome to expansions, king domino duel, infinity gauntlet love letter game and scythe modular board - £52.24 from Zatu Kickstarter Geeknson kickstarter for extra table parts £217 Postage for creature comforts £9.18 Still to pay for darwins journey collectors edition (28th Jan) £63 Total - £712.74 Birthday month too so got (without paying for) Spirit Island Branch and Claw, Scythe metal coins, Fallout Shelter, Caverna Forgotten Folk, Tapestry Plans and Ploys and the Caverna folded space insert...
  12. FOMO got the better of me and i bought the Bloodborne blood moon pledge off someone on the BGTCUK facebook group, a fair bit cheaper than the 250 people are asking for it on Ebay. I love bloodborne and the souls series so I am excited for it. Never got into painting though as i am terrified i will ruin the minis with shit painting, so many things I would love to have painted though! I did start practicing once upon a time on the Mice and Mystics minis, maybe I should give it another try!
  13. Nice to hear, i received My City as a Christmas present and was intending to keep it until restrictions lift to play it at 3 or 4 player but I'm sorely tempted to just play it 2 player with my fiancee. Just noticed it was in a few top 10 games of the year for various sites. I lurk here a lot but should really post more! Since i started playing board games I always had the dream of getting myself a gaming room, complete with nice games storage and a gaming table, I did a lot of overtime and backed the Megan gaming table when it was kickstarted earlier last year and it arrived the week before xmas, problem was we have been trying to buy a house for the last year which covid stopped so we have a one bedroomed place that really doesnt have room for the table or massive games collection. We made do by getting rid of my desk and buying a kallax so this is now half of our living room! I've had to move a bookcase with my smaller games into the bedroom and since Christmas a few bigger games were moved too (the kallax is a lot tidier and the xmas stuff gone since the photo below!). Obviously the idea will be to have a game room in the new house where i wont be using it as a desk too! I got a LOT of games and expansions for christmas and have played most of them already, all that remains to be played (aside from My City) is the Wingspan Oceania expansion and Scythe's Rise of Fenris expansion (also got the legendary box and modular board). I also got Legendary Marvel but it was to replace my original copy as it was one of the first games I bought when i got into the hobby several years ago and so had a lot of play, I've got most of the expansions but the original hand cards were disgusting (thanks to my friends) so instead of trying to sleeve over 3000 cards figured a new base set was much cheaper! I've not played it since getting it though. The ones I've played so far (all played at 2 player) - Mandala - Awesome little two player game that ends up quite thinky, really like the look of it on the table, the cloth playmat is really nice and would recommend people pick this up. You play cards to one of two mandalas, either to the middle (mountain) or the area outside of the mountain (fields) and once all six colours are represented within a mandala (betwen mountain and fields) it is destroyed and players choose to take cards from the mountain one at a time, these then go into your river (the bottom spaces) which determine how many points cards of that colour will score you. Sounds simple but really good fun! Tapestry - Really liked the one play we had and look forward to playing more. I love Civ based games and this was no different, i did worry based off the mixed reviews so wasnt expecting much so that may have made me enjoy it more! I love the tech trees in this and how they work together, I also love the factions which give a different start, I'd heard they were slightly imbalanced so we played with the changes suggested for factions on the Stonemaier website. I was pipped to the post by my fiancee here as she did a much better job at filling up her capital city but this is one I'm really looking forward to getting back to the table! Parks - This is a beautiful game, plays really well too. Sure its on the lighter side but I like having a lot of those types of games in my collection and this will definitely see a lot of plays. You move along the trail in a one way direction, stopping to take actions and pick up resources where you decide to land, at the end of the trail you can visit one of the many US national parks in the game by paying the costs, take photos or reserve parks. Plenty of game in the base set but will likely pick up the expansion when its available in stores! Hallertau - Uwe is my favourite games designer by a long shot so was hyped for this one and it didnt disappoint, I see some reviews/comments about it slowly coming through the media, some love it, some dont like the randomness of the cards but i really enjoyed it, its been played most out of the new games i got and will see a lot more play. Its a nice take on the worker placement with workers remaining on the board between rounds, some come off based on a quadrant card which tells you which to remove that round so it can get tricky. Yet to do well in it, rules says a good score is 100, best so far was around 85... Hocus Pocus - Bought this for my fiancee as its one of her all time favourite childhood movies, it was a pretty fun little coop game, where you have to stun the three witches before you run out of cards, we managed to complete it by the skin of our teeth but i think it could get really tricky with more than 2 players! It has a no talking rule which usually falls flat for me - I hated magic maze - but the game didn't suffer from it too much (We forgot to take a photo of this one!).
  14. I'll take welcome to the dungeon as well if possible!
  15. Can I take tiny epic defenders? Will PM
  16. I appreciate that the idea could be disastrous in the wrong hands, many puzzles ended up being removed from the game or being altered to make sure this wasn't the case. I dont want to give anything away about the ways we do the different screens (based on the puzzles being spoiled) but its more about relaying information to each team based off what you do see and maybe interacting with items at the right time/in the right way. The information that you need to discuss isn't hidden, its just about working out ways in which to combine that info to extract the answer from the puzzle (sorry to sound so cryptic). Having that different things on different screens allowed us to create what we believe are more unique puzzles and they were designed with this mechanic in mind, there are only two teams so you may have multiple screens/people on the same team so hopefully wouldn't get too hard to work out or require screen sharing. If you liked the idea and want to give it a try we would be happy to refund you if you ran into the same difficulties, we want the game to be fun and our clue system is pretty extensive if people did get into trouble with the puzzles. We used the exit system where there will be multiple clues and the last one is always the answer to the puzzle, no penalties for using them. If it helps there will be a further launch price drop of a further 20% as of tomorrow. We hadn't actually played anything like it where you have different info on different screens but think we are going to try seek one out next week now the games finished. If you dont mind sharing, what game was it you played so we know to avoid?
  17. Awesome, I'm excited for some honest feedback, no matter if good or bad, not that i dont think the feedback we had is honest, just maybe slightly biased but that was all before we implemented the new art style which i think has transformed the game. We also have reduced the price to reflect the competition, had meant to do it before we launched but slipped through the net so glad you hadnt picked it up yet before the price had been fixed!
  18. We (my friends and partner) love physical escpae rooms but said friends are from Poland so our only option this year when we couldnt go over was to try the online version, we had tried a few and found them lacking in something, those that looked bad had good puzzles and those that looked good seemed to have little substance so we made our own. We had been working on creating one for the last few months and the artist we hired just finished up so we hit the launch button last night. Its been through many iterations based on feedback but we are pretty proud of what we have created in the end. Its highly cooperative and every puzzle requires you to work together as you will be seeing different things for every puzzle which we thought was something a bit different. Sadly the only people who have played it so far have been friends and family who all liked it a lot but they may be biased... If anyone wants to check out our site which shows the art style etc I'll link below. http://elevenpuzzles.com
  19. I kept finding spiderman would uninstall after every time i took it out, seen the Playstation UK twitter account saying not to click on copy when you put the disc in as it will do that itself, i left it to do thre copying on its own and its not uninstalled since.
  20. Got my GAME order dispatched email this morning, using next day tracked yodel delivery but it also says on it available 10/12/2020, hoping thats a mistake...
  21. I have the megacero torso and the dinosaur tail to drop off for you, 9 peaches too! Edit - Someone else had left those exact two fossils so just left you the peaches and a tip! Thanks
  22. I'll check my fossil doubles and grab some peaches for you!
  23. I'm in the Q for Braeburn @andyw do you need any fossils/fruits etc?
  24. @jonnyalpha Can i take Colt Express please?
  25. Thanks again @SteveH much appreciated!
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