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  1. I can take that for you if @Grobbelboy doesnt have it.
  2. Mind if i add you too @SteveH ? Had the decreasing pattern all week.
  3. Thanks mugman, my turnip prices have been terrible all week
  4. Thanks @Exidor , that took far too long, hopefully she has enough money to last her a long time! Left you a mill in bells at your feet (made about 10). Edit - Also there was a couple fossils i dumped earlier from your want list.
  5. Missus had a complete house full so taking long er than expected to get back and forth and sell them all (swapping chars to empty her house etc), there will be a huge tip after this for you! Could i be cheeky and grab a few oranges? Its the only fruit we dont have...
  6. Sorry, (I'm Lee), doing my second trip just now just be a min, could do with another for the missus's turnips but will leave Q and join again. Phil has been there since the start so figure they just didnt leave Q.
  7. I'll take you up on your offer if you dont mind, will need a few trips, I have a stego skull and diplo neck i can leave you (as well as a tip). My turnip prices have been the worst week yet for me, starting at 92 and only going down...
  8. Looks like i managed to sneak a trip in before you stopped thanks for doing that @Exidor, left a tip next to you! I keep lurking on here and the animal crossing thread, need to participate more, will let people know if i get good prices!
  9. Another trailer which seems even more epic, really cant wait for this now. http://www.slashfilm.com/green-lantern-3d-trailer/ Rubbish at working out how to embed a trailer so hope the link is okay.
  10. Munkienut


    Disappointing to hear that Ste, hope you can get something sorted, i guess you could always download windonws 7 and use it for the first 30 days without the need to register it? At least you would get to use up your free 30 days of rift that way. Havent taken many sdcreens in rift so far so got nothing to put up thats very exciting so will leave that to someone else!
  11. Munkienut


    Really enjoying this game so far, playing with some friends on the bloodiron server which is a pvp one (guardian side). Loving the cleric class, got myself up to thirty so far playing as an inquisitor/sentinel/warden for my dps spec (which allows great dps and also gives me a couple of warden heals to keep me safe and the shield from sentinel which seems handy for almost any spec) and warden/sentinel/purifier for my healing spec (like the HoT based healing - used to it from wow). I also love the fact that there is so much scope to do different roles within a class and i cant wait to give something else a proper try (cabalist for dps and sentinel for healing will be my next roles to try i think). For a change I am actually enjoying the pvp battlegrounds (namely black garden - its great fun with a decent group of people, although can be slightly horrid if your in a group of people who dont really know what to do or if you come up against a load of bards!) The rift events are awesome and the instances i have healed so far (only two although i must be ready for the next one) have been awesome fun and fae really looks amazing especially that last part If i had more time to play i would love to roll a rogue as at first i thought they would be melee only and wasnt so keen on that but after having a good look into their other talent trees it appears that they have some rather nifty builds. If rllm people are getting together on another server i would happily reroll an alt somewhere to play with you all (although i'm struggling to find time for one character let alone two ). I noticed that my server is in the same battlegroup as the firesand people among others so i may be fighting alongside some of the people on here at the moment (Yswr and topcat) and fighting against Spuckuk and the rest of the goon squad in world pvp as well as BG's The guild i am in is made up of about 7 people at the moment, all decent guys from UK (4 of which i know), we were looking to bring in more people at some point to do 10 man content and pvp so if anyone fancies it just give me a shout
  12. Apparent PC specs released (http://hardocp.com/news/2011/02/18/crysis_2_recommended_system_requirements_unveiled) •Minimum: 2GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8800GT / HD3850, 512MB Video Memory, DX9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, Windows XP, 20fps @ 1024 x 768 •Recommended: 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 CPU, 3GB RAM, GTX280 / HD4870, 1GB Video Memory, DX9.0, Shader Model 3.0/4.0, Windows XP, 30fps @ 1650 x 1080 •Highly Recommended: 3GHz Core i7 4GB RAM, GTX560Ti / HD4870 X2, 1.8GB Video Memory, DX11, Shader Model 3.0/4.0, Windows 7, 30fps @ 1920 x 1200 Just built a pc recently thats just over the highly recommended list so cant wait for this, just on the last level of crysis atm and loving it so far, will try get it finished today so i can get warhead finished before this comes out.
  13. Was "for all seasons" the first pve server? I have my hero characters on there if so, if you want to add me i'm potatoheaded on psn, got one at 30 (Wilde - a mental controller) and one at 28/29 (Pollen - healer whom i would prefer to do end game with but i'm levelling that character with a friend so have to find suitable tine for us both to get on to finish that levelling). We (myself, blunted and a friend eddie who has an account on here but never posts ) set up "Muk Justice" within the first few days of starting on there but when everyone else went off on other servers it seemed pointless to say in here so feel free to give me or blunted a shout in game if you want to join the league, although with there being relatively little people on here to join it may be better to join something more active? Certainly the end game seems to be all about getting good groups but if we could get four people on a regular basis then that would suffice i think as it would be easy to pug four people for raiding or whatever. Also if you need help at all cassidy and i am on i am happy to come along and help out. Will try get on today at some point.
  14. Thanks, backed up crysis and stalker individually as crysis should show my machine off nicely and i'd be gutted if i had to redownload it if the big backup doesnt work. Thanks for the tip on the game saves too.
  15. Quick question, My bits for a new pc arrive tomorrow or the next day and i was just trying to back up saves from my steam games (only about an hour into a couple of games so not a big deal but still), if i click on back up game data and select all my games that i pre bought over the holiday sale in anticipation of this it says its 20Gb of data, does that mean that i can just use the folder from my external hard drive to run those games through steam when i do a new install of windows 7 64 bit tomorrow? (Going from XP 32 bit if that makes a difference)
  16. So should we settle on a server that we can all play on ps3? As it stands i suspect we are all a bit spread (in terms of factions as well as servers), an interest was expressed in the pvp aspect so how about playing on the crossfire realm? Myself and blunted have a couple of villains up to level 12 (i think) on that server but are happy to start a hero if thats peoples preference?
  17. His is mrblunted, mine is potatoheaded, however our villains (think we are up to level 8 on those) are on the pvp server (crossfire is it?), on the pve server we have a few heroes each too but it was full when we tried to create a villain hence why we moved to the pvp one, i'm happy to start a new character at some point on a new server if necessary, maybe once we get a few more ps3 people (think phelan and Nnoo should have it by now)we could get settled on a server and faction to get things a bit more social?
  18. Rather annoyingly the main character that I put a lot of time into is stuck in the ether somewhere, I cant log onto him as every time I try it comes up with the ridiculous disconnected screen which you have to completely quit out of the game to get away from(one of the many things they really need to sort). Is there any way to contact any in game support to get it sorted or do I have to deal with a phone call to them? Anyway, I am really enjoying what I have played of the game so far, I’ve got one of each type of char to level 10 (or beyond) so far and I really like the controller role a lot more than I thought I might although my healer will be my main if I ever get him back Need to stick my details in the online folder thread although I have no recollection of what names or levels any of my characters are other than my main being called pollen, up to level 22 and on the PvE PS3 server so I’ll need to do it once I am at home in front of the screen. I noticed that the PvE server on the ps3 is now full and that the two current servers are numbered 3 and 4 so I assume they are about to put up some more EU ones (although that was last night and I guess they may be up already). Lastly a heads up to those who use facebook (and dont mind there friends knowing they like the game ), the official DCUO facebook site is doing something at the moment where you get four exclusive free items if you let them put one of their pics into your profile picture list (it doesn’t change your photo or anything), this week its batwoman claws (like wolverine claws), next week its penguins gun-brella, the week after harley quinns mallet I think then something that’s not been unveiled as of yet for week four. Only downside atm is that the codes aren’t working on EU PS3 but they are sorting it so they work soon so probably best to get in and grab a code for now so you don’t miss out on wolverine claws http://www.facebook.com/DCUniverseOnline
  19. Me and blunted are on the pve server atm with another mate, i think phelan and nooo are planning the pvp one so we will probably make a char on there too if thats where every one is.
  20. Sat playing this with a mate today (had a day off going spare and was really looking forward to this) and am awaiting blunted getting through the install and patch (11gig install takes about 40 mins then 2.4gig patch). Its alot more stable than beta and i like the style of MMO it is, its alot more casual friendly than wow in terms of i can dip in and out more which is better for me time wise. We are on the PvE server but would be happy to make a char on the PvP server if there is going to be a few mukkers kicking about there, i just havent had great experiences trying to level in the past on pvp servers in wow and kinda like the hassle free life whilst levelling. Local gamestation didnt have this in stock and had to make a trip to hmv in town for it but they had tonnes of copies kicking about. Game werent giving people there pre order bonuses tho as they didnt get them in in time or something stupid so my mate is a bit gutted. Edit - PS3 version
  21. Cant remember which heroics it was i tried as it was last week one of them was the one which requires everyone to jump down to activate switches if thats any use. I just assumed that as it was stated what gear level they wanted you to have that mine would be okay but quickly realised that wasnt the case. Will start the rep grinds next time i.m on once i check out which is best for me.
  22. I like the healing changes too but find the difficulty jump between normal and heroic insanely tough to adjust to at the moment, I healed some of the normal dungeons last week (not done GB, BRC or VP yet) through the LFD with little problem other than having the need to drink after every single pull (but that’s getting better with more spirit), don’t get me wrong the fights were by no means ending with everyone at full health or without the occasional dps dying but I managed to get through them without anyone telling me I was utter shit, although I did feel like I was holding everyone up having to stop to drink all the time which did get a few comments. On contrast the two heroics I have tried so far were damn near impossible and I left (or others left) after several pulls of the first boss in both. My gear level is up to the heroic requirement but my heals just seemed insignificant when there seems to be so much damage, I assume that’s due to a) needing better gear (I’m still using a dps trinket I had for levelling as an example), b) it being pugs and c) people not coordinating/knowing what the hell to do. As such I will probably just carry on with normals for healing practice and some upgrades although with only getting on maybe once a week its disappointing that only the first normal dungeon per day gives justice points (or whatever they are called) which would take ages to be able to afford anything at all since its only 70 or so a day and things cost over a thousand. I may start going into a heroic as dps for now until my gears up to scratch for whatever the daily bonus is (horrible waiting times last time I was on though). I am sure all classes are the same in terms of their mana balancing and cost of heals but the heals seem so small in comparision to the size of health bars (and mana cost) its hard to concentrate on anything but the tank during heavy incoming damage in order to keep their health steady at best and druids (not sure about other classes) have very little in the way of AoE/group healing that’s not gonna kill your mana pool. For druid healing I have been keeping up 3 stacks of lifebloom on the tank with nourishes to refresh the stacks, a rejuv and swiftmend for times of excess damage (which give efflorescence or whatever) and a wild growth when needed. When the whole group starts to take damage (Wild growth is no longer much use due to its like 500 health per second out of a 110K health pool) I usually go into tree if need be and throw out lifeblooms onto everyone, seems to be the only thing the ToL is any use for as whilst instant cast regrowths are handy to use they are again super expensive and will take your mana down in seconds if you cast a few of them. Tranquility has been buffed a hell of a lot but obviously with such a big cooldown its not something you can rely on. I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it or wrong way but it seems to work in normals and if anyone does something different I’d love to know so I can try it out.
  23. No worries will send you it when i get home from work , i'll PM you if thats not a working ID or whatever.
  24. Signed up to steam late last night after seeing the left 4 dead price during the day, was gutted to find out it was out of the sale by the time i got to it though Bought Killing Floor instead as sounded decent from what people were saying in here, i still have a guest pass too if anyone needs one, also add me up for some multiplayer Killing floor if anyone is playing (couldnt seem to find any servers to play online but maybe i was doing something wrong and didnt have time to try sorting it), looks fun from the ten mins i spent on it this morning. Steam ID is munkienuts.
  25. Stuck it on to download last night at 6pm (thanks for the heads up soong +1) expecting it would be done by the time i got back late at night, unfortunately the thing had crashed or something and so i had to set it to redownload at about 1am. But can clarify that you dont need to do the download all at once. This has been on my want radar for a while now and something i really been looking forward to playing so i cant wait to get into it next time i have some free time (thinking about rearranging plans for tonight so i can have a pop ), had a go creating a character this morning but only had about five mins after the awesome cut scene took up five mins. I just clicked on the first server (EU 1 i think), is that the same one as you soong? Didnt notice any pve/pvp distinction between the two available ones. I assume people are going heroes too if we are gonna make an attempt to get together in game? PSN is Potatoheaded, think i have a couple of you already added.
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