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  1. Well that was alot of fun, i got to 85 by pretty much doing only vashjir and twilight highlands (did a few quests in deepholm but left as i was bored of questing at the time after many hours of doing so). I suspect i can get through it all again at some point with another character going via hyjal, uldum and deepholm to see the rest. I was quite shocked that the only time i got ganked was the opening night in vashjir and have seen the same alliance faces throughout my questing and on occasions have had help and helped them out too. Thought twilight highlands was amazing fun with some awesome quests but agree that vashjir did become a bit of a chore towards the end. Looking forward to seeing the others at some point though. I actually didnt kill anything or do any quests from 83-84 and got up the level solely by herbing which was obviously made easier with 310% flying and swift flight form meaning i didnt have to dismount for every herb (5k xp a herb (10k rested) and you cant move two seconds without coming across one especially in twilight highlands). I made 20k on the AH yesterday just by selling herbs and i have quite literally another 1000 herbs in my bank. Never had so much gold before, its nuts but means i can buy epic flying for some of my alts in case i decide to level more Oh well, back to reality for now.
  2. My friend had the same error and after clearing his cache (and then logging out before it crashed so it saves a new cache folder), everything has been fine since.
  3. Thanks guys, they did seem like legit emails (i checked the address to make sure it was a blizz recognised one) and i guess its the same problem you had then matt, i logged into the wow site during my lunch hour to see what had changed in my account but cant remember if i went through the email or site, hopefully the site, guess i will have to check it out tonight when i get home if i find time.
  4. Bought the cataclysm digital download yesterday and logged in and out to start it running before I went out, I assume it would have downloaded fine as I’ve not been home since but when I checked my emails just now I have about 30 mails(not an exaggeration) from blizzard saying my account details have been changed. Its a legit blizzard address too. There doesn’t seem to be any other changes to my account details and I have an authenticator so just wondered if anyone else has had the same? I take it authenticators still mean I cant be hacked?
  5. Is there much work involved in obtaining the feat of strength for the new stuff? Was hoping to try get it at some point over the weekend but its unlikely i'll have much time to spend on it, does it just involve camping certain spots or have they started appearing alot more now?
  6. Laptop has just blue screened, its been running a diagnostic check for the last ten mins and its not moving fast so if i aint on by 9 feel free to replace me, shouldnt be too hard with my being dps, so fingers crossed snap or cumu are online. I'll leave it running and hope for the best but dont wait around for me.
  7. Who else needs the title apart from sood and snap?
  8. Will be up for healing if needed as asked in my note moo
  9. Loving this game despite being utterly terrible at it, i'm about 9 hours in now and i have only completed 1-1 and 2-1, i think i'm pretty much done with 3-1 but i keep getting killed by the same thing and have already lost upwards of 20k souls on that level Spent a while farming 4-1 up to that knight person to get my soul level up quite a bit but i just cant help myself from running about levels like a lunatic and i guess thats what keeps getting me killed, sure i'll learn eventually, although it has to be said that if i'd died this much in any other game i think i would have stopped playing it a long time ago
  10. I still need my title from this! Mount i aint so fussed about
  11. Gutted to hear that mate, hope they can sort something out for you
  12. Thats alot of spell power!
  13. Happy birthday Ant mate, the big 30 hope you have a good one (Scary birthday cake!)
  14. I really enjoyed the challenge of getting to heal something from the outset as opposed to healing a fight i had dps'd before and knew. I think we did pretty well progression wise and the trash was just uber hard compared to usual. I'm sure next week we'll get her/him down with any luck. We (the alt run) are pro and WILL do it!
  15. Big happy birthday to the ever so old yet ever so wonderful Cham Many happy returns dude, hope its a good 'un!
  16. Still not got round to naming my cat type spirit beast from sholozar basin, really struggle when it comes to names
  17. Congrats guys One down, ant and sood to go then
  18. As far as i remember tenacity pets are the way to go with levelling, you cant beat having your own personal tank for questing, especially if going solo. Bears or boars are decent enough for low levels as i dont think you can get a gorilla until you hit STV (level wise for taming). Obviously tenacity pets arent the greatest dps for running dungeons but they arent too bad so long as you ensure you take off their taunt abilities during them so as to not piss off the tanks They should really give you call stabled pet way before you hit 80! having to find a stables before going to do an instance isnt ideal, especially if your Q'ing for them between questing given the long dps Q's.
  19. Glad he is enjoying the game and at the speed you guys are levelling it wont be long before he is raiding with us He seems a very nice chap Now he's had a taste of it he'll be muk fo' life now Muk too btw
  20. Out of curiosity would that trick work with the weekly bag you get from the icc quest too?
  21. Maybe i'm wrong here but i reckon with those that we have signed for tonight (including the newly signed tree) we would have a good shot at getting lich down, assuming ofc that Espi had read up all he needed too. Everyone else certainly knows the tactics like the back of thier hands
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