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  1. Up to A14 with the Watcher and just went infinite for the first time. Note the pocket watch - Woke Bloke died on the same turn that he resurrected! Been watching a fair bit of Jorbs playing the new character, and he seems to go infinite all the time, sometimes by accident. I'd never managed it before, but it relies on the adaptation, a power that draws a card when you switch stances, a cheap way to enter calm stance (like fear no evil, as above) and a cheap way to exit calm, which gives you two energy (empty fist, mind and body are all fine, but now eruption upgrades to only costing one energy you can deal much more damage using that. You also need a way to thin out your deck if it's grown too large - blessing (rare) is ideal as it can turn any number of currently cards into miracles, which then exhaust. It won't be possible to pull off every run, but seems common enough that I'd imagine the devs will try and remove it from the game, as going infinite too easily will make the character quite boring to play in the long run.
  2. Beta art has been added for about 60% of the Watcher's card pool now, so should make playing a bit easier. A few extra balance tweaks too. Personally, I've really started to enjoy the character, had an insane streak of winning A5-10 without dropping a single run. Now I'm on A11 though I'm having to recalculate a bit!
  3. Oh my god, divinity, intangible, tungsten rod is silly enough, but cloak clasp is also amazing, and then using wish and double potion to be playing 3 copies of omega, for 150 automatic damage at the start of a turn is flipping hilarious.
  4. I can confirm the worship upgrade to retain is insane. That, establishment, sands of time and windmill strike made such quick work of everything the game threw at me. I was regularly doing 300 damage in a turn without even spending energy. I even removed eruption from my deck at the store, as it just wasn't worth playing at that point. Dang!
  5. Snecko eye is the best energy relic in the game pretty much. Because of the extra card draw, it's generally worthwhile even if you don't have a lot of 2 & 3 cost cards. Back to Watcher talk, although judgement is hilarious on Spheric Guardian, has anyone else noticed the weird maths on vault? I'm not sure if it's just my eyes playing tricks on me, but if the enemy has block when you play it, the damage dealt next turn includes the amount of block e.g. an enemy has 10 block, it will try to do 25 damage the next turn. This is super weird as if the enemy doesn't has block, the default 15 damage can get eaten by block if the enemy uses any the next turn, but if they go from having block to not having block, they take extra damage.
  6. Yeah, I'm psyched to get snecko oil now! It was by far my least favourite of the rare potions. All of the jank with none of the normal snecko eye benefit. And worship+! I found it hard to take before, and would much rather have the divinity power, but this actually makes it so I think you might be able to sack off wrath mode completely in the later acts of the game if you get it. Akabeko is much improved, and all of those situations sound hilariously fun, but honestly, what were they thinking with +3 on release? Maybe it interacted with some Watcher cards that never made it into the beta phase? Haven't tried it out yet, but it seems like it would, yes.
  7. Aaaand tungsten rod is now a rare relic!
  8. Yeah, I think I might be waiting for the PS5 upgrade too. I still use my 360 TE stick, yeah. It's remarkable how well it's holding up. Good to know about brook converters though - they don't still do that 8 minute disconnect nonsense though do they?
  9. Was hoping for a bit more of the mystery new character too, but that looks incredible. Am I going to have to find a good PS4 stick? I think my PC is much too old at this point!
  10. It didn't occur to me looking at the patch changes, but it seems fair to speculate that tungsten rod is probably going to get rebalanced again - right now it provides complete protection from anything that deals 1HP like the Ironclad's combust, brutality, etc. Also the pain curse doesn't do anything but clog your hand, with torii means attacks under 5 do 0 damage instead of 1, and even buffs intangible. So...pretty good, then!
  11. Just had a really odd run where I thought I was going to die several times. Couldn't find establishment right until the last possible floor in act 3, had snecko eye doing weird things to my general flurry of blows / shuriken & yang strategy (gain temporary dex when you play an attack), and the deck never quite seemed to come together, as I'd ended up simply accumulating a load of random powers as my general scaling plan. Also annoying was that I was once again relying on master reality for my scaling, but without establishment it wasn't nearly as consistent! Particularly strange last fight against Woke Bloke, where I thought I was done for as I was having real trouble finding enough block, but divinity kicked in, and I took him down from 250HP to zero in one turn, using a bit of energy manipulation from stance changes.
  12. Couldn't resist a lunch break run with the new balance and first impressions are the character is MUCH nicer to play. Even though she absolutely destroys act 1 anyway, it just seems much less mentally taxing when you don't have to immediately try to find a better way of entering the calm stance than the default card. So, I ended up getting a deva form on the first elite (3 energy, 9 plated armour per turn), and then an upgraded one from the act 1 boss, because I had frozen egg and just picked up the ectoplasm so I was going to have 4 energy in act 2. I figured why not see what happens when you don't have to care about blocking with this character! In an early act 2 elite fight (Gremlin leader?) I had two double potions, and so ended up doubling both deva forms. Felt pretty good, tbh, so when I got offered a wish+ after the next elite fight (3 energy, play any card in your draw pile twice, then exhaust it AND wish+) I knew I had to have it so I could basically have three deva forms in play. That looked a little something like this: Also master reality + establishment? Pretty flipping great. I chose pandora's box after this fight, figuring I was pretty set for basic block and attack with my deva forms, master reality, and all the retain attack cards like windmill strike and flying sleeves. Hilariously, pandora's box gave me a THIRD deva form+! And devotion+, so I could basically just sit back and deal ridiculous damage every few turns without worrying about anything. I'm sure the character still needs (and will receive) a bunch of tweaks, but this is much, much better already! The deck:
  13. I don't really have time to write anything substantial, but two quick tips are don't take every card you're offered and prioritise removing strikes from your deck when possible. These aren't hard and fast rules, but might help you as you're getting a feel for the game. Also these starter guide questions have come across a lot, so look out for posts by JLM and me going back in the thread as we've written a fair few by now, both generic and character specific. Also, exciting new patch on the beta branch today! Thank goodness Tungsten Rod got reworked! I'm still not sure if it's good though... "Whenever you would lose HP, lose 1HP less." Brilliance is now "transform your hand into miracles" - I can't tell if this is better or not! Flurry of blows is now 0 cost 4 damage, which actually should be pretty OK with the returning from the graveyard gimmick. Prostrate seems better - 0 cost, gain 4 block and 1 mantra. Deceive reality was definitely broken before - 2 energy for 17 block. But now it's two energy for 16 block, which is basically two defend+ cards, though you don't have two defend+ cards cluttering your hand, so I think it's still good. Inner peace still costs 1, puts you in calm, or draws three cards if you're already in calm. Way better, IMO. But most importantly vigilance now gives 8 block and enters calm, making it actually usable now!
  14. imp


    Yeah, I thought I was surely near the end roughly every two hours of play.
  15. Yeah, agreed, though I've become slightly better at remembering the names now, and it doesn't feel quite as bad any more. Hopefully community sourced beta art comes soon though. Also flip me, Jorbs just managed his first A20 heart kill with the Watcher (after 16 runs) with the most incredible nonsense infinite combo possible. It relied on such a specific combo of cards and relics that I don't know if it'll ever become "a thing" for her. As for me, I've become a lot more comfortable with the character, just had a run which was the first time I've ever been comfortable almost up to the act 3 boss. Also tried out alpha, which is absolutely hilarious. It's a one cost skill that shuffles beta into your draw pile. That's a two cost skill that shuffles omega into your draw pile. Omega is a 3 cost power that deals 50 DAMAGE to all enemies at the start of every turn. Very good with a little scrying! Needless to say it dealt pretty handily with Donu and Deca!
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