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  1. I would say that some calls are better at full bar than others - Artemis can take half of Theseus’ health fully charged, for example, or you can avoid the final boss’ full beam attack if you have Poseidon’s call by being invincible for a really long time, but there are loads of support boons that trigger upon using a call, which means you’re better off using them as often as possible. Not to mention that sometimes by saving up a big call for a certain part of a fight you’re wasting meter as it no longer builds when it’s full. Sometimes it’s better to pop off a little call before it fills up ev
  2. 58 clears so far, streak of 32 as I've been increasing the heat. Just two more weapons to do on heat 9 and then I'll be trying 10 heat on all of them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm actually finding the whole experience a bit grindy at the minute. There's not really much of a difference between 0-8 heat in terms of difficulty, and it's a bit silly that the game makes you grind them all out if you want all the rewards (and of course I do, it's the only way to unlock and upgrade all the weapon aspects!) For the point I'm at with the game, I'm not really seeing a lot of interesting boon interactions
  3. Holy crap. This sounds incredible. All the bow aspects are ridiculous, it seems!
  4. Yeah, once I realised that fated authority wouldn't do me much good I switched to the alternative and LOVE it. Occasionally it does really fuck you up (it might force you to replace a good boon with a bad one), but it's helped the consistency of my runs so much. Also, I'm with you on most damage dealing boons being interchangeable though. Optimally I like flat status like weak or jolted on my single hit attack and a stackable one on my multi and to just watch things melt. But I'll even take the other way around in a pinch. I still have preferences for cast, call and dash, but honestly, up to w
  5. Not sure what triggers it, but Nyx tells you about it at a certain point.
  6. With a bit of practice you'll get him. If you can survive the first part you can do the second, it's much more forgiving, IMO.
  7. You've maxed out that relationship. I don't think it affects gameplay.
  8. I kind of like the sword. I think the default moveset is fun, but the problem for me is that I dislike almost all the hammer upgrades for it! For some reason the ones that change the default attacks to the big chop or infinitely looping 2-hit combo have trouble tracking enemy positions compared to the default 3-hit combo as well. Looking forward to trying the hidden aspect though. I think I need somewhere in the region of 80 more Titan blood to unlock and fully level all the hidden aspects though. Which is what, another 7+ heat levels on every weapon...? Good-o.
  9. The short version is just play around with unlocking new aspects with Titan blood and eventually you’ll get the secret ones, but if you’re after specifics... To get started: For further aspects:
  10. It pans out pretty well, as it happens! I discovered that by dashing inside the splash zone at the last second you can avoid the damage from the blast AND take the buff! The damage was absolutely insane on the blast though, thanks to a +79% damage boon, so that was taking care of almost everything for me anyway without even needing the buff. Still, you better believe I went for it every. single. time! I must have been the cause of 50% of all the damage I took up until the end of Asphodel, where Hermes gave me the +3 extra dashes boon. And boy, it was so useful that from that point on I was onl
  11. That’s my favourite upgrade with that bow! Such ridiculous bursts of damage from far, far away! I started a really, really stupid run this morning. I have the aspect of Eris, and the gimmick is that to power up you need to hit yourself with the gun’s special (the grenade lob). Just for the fated prophecy I decided to pick the hammer upgrade that makes your special a huge AoE that does 300% damage but also hurts you, thinking maybe that last part won’t happen as I need to hit myself, right? Wrong. So now either I need to take 7HP to activate my damage buff for 12 seconds or just use
  12. Yeah, same, I'm up to heat 5 with the spear and I'm a throw guy, not a charger. Even when I took the hammer skill that lets you pulse damage while charging, I think I only used it twice that run! The throw really comes into its own when using the aspect of Achilles though, which lets you teleport to the spear as well as calling it back to you, getting an up to 75% damage bonus for 8 seconds afterwards. You can really get the most out of it by putting a simple status effect like doom or weak on the special, inflicting it on first throw while having a stacking status like chill on the main attac
  13. I didn't think I'd enjoy this game as I've never really gotten on with Supergiant's previous output, but curiosity got the better of me just before the weekend, and I'm glad it did, as I've been having a blast now that I'm in the early "endgame". I think it took me about 20 runs to reach the end the first time, and figured I could manage it if I had the final use of Death Defiance, so spent an agonising 9 or so runs making it back to that point and failing every time, focusing on collecting Darkness over all else, feeling very stuck indeed. Possibly a mistake focusing so much on th
  14. imp


    Ah, I guess I did misremember that one. Depictions of under 18s in in cartoon form still illegal though.
  15. imp


    I don't have a kid, but I would steer well clear of that. Looking at cartoon pornography (including hentai) was made a criminal offence under UK law somewhere in the region of ten years ago. The reasoning at the time was that child pornography was turning up on the internet with filters on them to make them look hand sketched. The wording of the law is extremely broad, and I remember at least one case soon after the law was made of a man being sent to prison for possessing cartoon pornography of Lara bloody Croft. Also the Japanese animation industry is notoriously awful to its wor
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