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  1. I had the same trophy issue, but it didn't affect the collectables at all. Maybe they just didn't turn up on that run?
  2. The combos feel great, I wouldn't worry too much about length - the hits are very meaty and very satisfying. Why not try for yourself if you've got a PS4 or 5, there's a free beta running this weekend, and you don't even need PS+ to play.
  3. New explainers out for Anji and I-no. Definitely interested in dabbling with both this weekend. I've played Anji a little in ACR, and think he could be a viable character for me in Strive, as I've mostly gravitated to characters with long normals and scary oki in recent years. I-no I always think would be great to learn to play but I always get put off by how strange her combos feel.
  4. Yeah, go to the status menu and the descriptions will tell you all the info you need.
  5. Agreed with burst fire being less than ideal on the pistol, but charge shot is worse! Bother together though? Ewww. I also think high calibre on the carbine is mostly rubbish. Just not enough damage compared to the trade off in speed. I think the rocket launcher has the opposite trait problem though, if it doesn’t have full auto, it’s rarely worth taking! I feel like 75% of the time it does have that trait though…
  6. Hah, I’ll have to make it my mission to sell you on the rotgland, next! I don’t always take it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with the DPS on that gun!
  7. I don’t agree the intent is to use shortcuts - I think the game is designed so you can do as much or as little as you like before you take on a boss. I agree getting maxed out has its risks, but can be really fun too - I certainly enjoy the arena combat more than the bosses now I’m thoroughly in the endgame. Also, giving yourself more leeway to screw up against the bosses is a valid strat for learning and overcoming bosses the first time. But anyway, you don’t even need to scour each biome, my advice for anyone still working their way through the game would just be to get enough money to buy t
  8. I basically only take parasites with the debuff “obolites disappear 1s faster”. None of the others are generally worth it IMO. I don’t bother risking malfunctions either, but now I’m at the point of always having too much ether I do tend to cleanse some obolites and resins as I’m clearing a level.
  9. I think so, yes. If you go to the shop on all three biomes you’re almost guaranteed to see one. I usually get one in the first two. Blade balancer too.
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