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  1. Do you have anything you could use with a d-pad? It'll be much easier to time the down slashes than with an analogue stick.
  2. Now go do the secret Path of Pain.
  3. The best time to go for the keys is when you think you're ready for them. In act 1 you are unlikely to be strong enough to take the super elite (especially at A20, which is generally the perspective from which I write). However, if you do happen to have gotten really good cards, it can be great to have done early, and is a much more reasonable proposition on lower difficulty. As for the blue key - even a common relic you take in the chest in act 1 will see usage through to the end of the game. This is often more valuable than a rare relic in act 3, which will last you all of half an act plus change. Same goes for upgraded cards - the red key does nothing until you beat act 3. An upgraded card or rest raises your chances of making to the end of act 3. The only caveat being sometimes you'll want to be able to rest just before the act 3 boss, so it might be better to grab the key early, but at A20, if you're having difficulty making it through act 3 without taking a lot of damage, it doesn't really bode well for you beyond that anyway.
  4. imp


    Haikyuu is the best out of all the aforementioned sports anime, for my money. I'd started a rewatch not too long ago before the new series started, and yeah, the first few episodes aren't exactly special, but boy does it soar once it gets going.
  5. imp


    Carole and Tuesday has Thundercat in it. Which is good. It also has Tuesday in it. Which is bad.
  6. Woof. Just had an infuriating long set with Cobelcog, my Gran vs his Katalina. I took rounds off him comfortably every match of the set, and came within a hair's breadth of winning many, many, times, but the man is made of out pure clutch or something, because I lost count the number of times I lost when just a light would have closed out the round for me. One time I even fucked up gatling combo into super for the win. I wanted to make sure I did enough damage but even a regular (not even EX) special probably would have seen me take it. Grr!
  7. I'm disappointed the Ryu one isn't an unadorned glass of room temperature tap water.
  8. I've been enjoying the heck out of yer Gran's blue fantasy (versus). I'm pretty sure at this point it is A Good Game. It's been a really long time since I've learnt a new fighting game, and felt that terrible fear in the stomach that maybe I'll never wrap my head around all the new systems, characters and buttons to ever really be competent. And maybe I never will, but competence aside I've at least gained a bit of confidence over the last few days as I've played and (somewhat) improved. Interestingly, this has directly correlated with me playing against a broader range of characters, where I've been forced to remember the existence of certain buttons/tools I'd been neglecting up until that point. Day one I was basically only playing with L, M and H. Day two I remembered that U existed and provides a good sweep for Gran. This is great as it provides a safe jump at most ranges (or a cheeky meaty boot!) Day three I learnt to use rolls and dodges with the guard button after fighting some strong zoning characters (thanks JLM!) and day four I remembered that the super bar exists and can be used to close out rounds in combos, and not just as a raggo DP. Really enjoying using Gran now, and have started to see some success with his frame trap pressure, though this is very reliant on minimal frame delay as when it's bad it's baaaad. I've always found ArcSys games too complex to have a secondary character, but since this one is so much simpler I'm toying with the idea of picking up a zoner. JLM, is Ferry much like Birdie in SFV? She's got things to put on the ground, stupidly far reaching normals and a full screen grab. Or is she more of a Dhalsim with setups? I'm not sure I could use Metera, I have no idea how I'd live without a DP. I like how she's sort of an uber Sagat with her fireball game though! Other than that Zeta really seems like the full package with insane zoning and tricksy movement and big damage combos, but I just don't like those 66X moves...
  9. I think it was worth the gamble. Possibly the hardest act 1 boss to do with low health, but 50% is a fair chunk. I'd guess the problem is getting a good split with a poison deck - sometimes you can't stop him from splitting because of the automatic poison tick and then all your hard work is down the drain as your poison is wiped away and the fight gets even harder!
  10. I looked into it this weekend and that 27th March date is placeholder... It could be earlier, but also it could be much, much later. Which is why I caved and bought it already... (do itttt) Anyway, I played a little online and it's WILD out there. So much Lowain! So much delay netcode! Somehow everyone is already ridiculously comfortable, and I can't even decide where I want my buttons yet! I've settled for now on a GG-style layout: M H U A L X B X Also Gran definitely feels like a nice character to start with. He's got some nice confirms and a super satisfying anti-air combo that does ridiculous damage. Here's a super helpful beginner's guide I found if anyone's interested:
  11. Capcom vs Arcsys would be my dream pick right now. (Or at least SF vs GG). Just because out of all the 2D fighting games out there, they have the most variety in character silhouettes. (And the biggest roster of collective weirdos!)
  12. If you like fast paced 3D arena shooters and choice driven open world RPGs, you can't go wrong with Slay the Spire.
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