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  1. New character announced (no gameplay), coming out at the end of January. Here's hoping they don't hark back to her pre-Xrd design where she could punish you on block for having the temerity to attack her. In other news, I've made the adaptation to 1.10 Sol over the past few weeks and am feeling pretty comfortable with him again. He's still great once you get used to the differences in general strategy and execution, but I do miss the consistency of his old combo routes, especially in the corner. Also I'm so glad the general consensus has caught up to the fact that Nagoriyuki is VERY GOOD, lol. CEO took place this weekend just past BTW, and it was great to watch some in-person action again, although the thought of omicron makes it a bit scary. Really enjoyed the top 8 though - great stuff!
  2. I watched the first episode of this, but found it quite hard to enjoy despite the great cast and fascinating/horrifying subject matter. The show looks very distractingly cheap, and I spent most of the episode feeling like I was being pelted with exposition - honestly it felt a bit like a dramatisation of a wikipedia article. First episodes tend to pack in a lot of setup, so I'm willing to give it another go. Am I going to be wasting my time?
  3. 14: Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist?
  4. The quotes in that article on how the "Bloodborne vibes weren't intentional" is pretty hilarious... Right. I see.
  5. DNF Duel, developed by Arcsys is starting to ramp up promotion, having released a short new teaser and a couple of character videos this week. It looks to have auto combos like Persona or Granblue, and while the character design is a bit on the teen-tastic side for my taste, I'm really excited as I absolutely love Granblue, and if this plays at all similarly while also having good rollback netcode I'll definitely be giving it a fair bit of my time! I also really wish Granblue could be patched with rollback netcode though. I miss the foozies!
  6. Well, GGST has come out with the best netcode of all and been a huge success, which at least made SNK and French Bread switch to rollback netcode for Melty Blood: Type Lumina and KoF XV respectively. MB's code needs a bit of touching up, but has at least been better than old delay based stuff. KoF apparently is rife with one-sided rollbacks which seems pretty rough, but at least they have time to try and fix it... I have no doubt the Canon bros' rollback will be superlative in Project L though! Good point, on them not specifying if it is a proper tag fighter, but either way what I failed to express was that I'm not generally a big fan of Marvel-assist style gameplay - I don't like the long bouts of difficult-to-blockables into reeeeally long combos into oki. The combos look a lot like MVC3 to me in terms of the character movement and physics, but obviously it's too early to know how it'll actually play!
  7. I'm not a tag fighter guy, but I'll definitely give that a go in 2023! Graphical style looks nice, I like the cel shading. Wish they'd cut a few more in between frames in the animations to give it more of a 2D feel like SFIV or a modern GG though. At the moment it looks to suffer a bit from the indistinct silhouettes that you get in most 2.5D fighting games.
  8. Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas at the weekend is well worth a watch. Being able to skip through the downtime, it's actually only a couple of hours to watch all the way through, but if you don't have the time I whole heartedly recommend watching grand finals at 3:26:00 at least. New favourite player right there!
  9. Probably that walking forward while shooting animation being very similar to Naoto's in P4A! I like him, he looks fun, although a character with a gun does elicit cold sweats when I remember Elphelt. I've managed to dabble with learning Nu-Sol over the last couple of weeks and am over the muscle memory hump of old combo knowledge tripping me up for the most part. He's still a great character, and fun to play, but none of his new combos come close to the old ones in term of satisfaction in execution or consistency. They're all far more situational and finicky, and much less reliable from midscreen. Still, cancelling into air combos and wall bouncing with jD is fun!
  10. New patch feels very weird! Been too busy to play very much recently, and also been dabbling in learning Melty the last fewe weeks when I have had spare time - that game seems fun to mess around with, but no chance of it replacing Strive in the long run - but I managed to sneak in a couple of hours of STRIVING this morning. For the system-wide stuff, I really like the counter slowdown on air normals now, that definitely feels nice as you can consistently get more reward from a correct guess. I hate the changes to RC timings on throws though, I've been punished for being a fraction too early on cancelling the throw more often than I've been punished for trying to OS. As for the other system wide changes to air gatlings and dash cancels, I just haven't played enough to really know what's going on there yet, and it's a bit early for people to have properly adapted so I haven't seen much of it. As for Sol's changes - he just feels really weird right now. I think you're supposed to be using his new air stuff to replace the utility of 6P wall-bouncing in the corner for combos, but none of his new routes feel anywhere near as satisfying (or consistent) as the old. And on that note all of his new combos look really janky. Especially the ones which require you to do one hit of BR on an airborne opponent, then catch then with a run-cancel 2K run-cancel 2K jump cancel jS or whatever. The change to BR so the second hit is optional is cool though. I think once I'm used to it, it'll have a lot more utility - especially being able to not accidentally break the wall in corner combos. For now you can get away with some absolutely nonsense by throwing it out on block and then following with a strike or throw mixup, but people will wise up before long, I'm sure. But yeah, I keep dropping combos because I forget I need to press K twice now! This is precisely what I hoped wouldn't happen with this game though - sweeping changes that just outright nullify a lot of knowledge and muscle memory. This happened in BlazBlue CS when I played Ragna, too. The first major patch just took away all of his standard BNBs, and I just fell off the game afterwards. I doubt that will happen this time, as I'm still enjoying the game a lot, it's just going to be a bit of a long road back until the new stuff gets figured out and I've internalised some reliable combos for each situation. I think that's probably going to be the rub with the character now - combos are going to be extremely situation specific. Also how the heck did Ramlethal get so buffed in this patch?!
  11. Hey, PC players! There's a little program you can download called totsugeki.exe which cuts time spent "connecting to server" by up to 75%! Fingers crossed the update in November brings this time down on console as well.
  12. I just had my most fun run in ages. After smashing through act 1 with hyperbeam and very little else, I got offered my first snecko eye in flipping ages. I didn’t have any frost orbs, or even any other 2 cost cards, but since didn’t have any card draw either I thought it would be worth the investment. Payed off almost immediately with meteor strike early in act 2, followed by necronomicon (no curse thanks to omamori) and two echo forms. Also found capacitors and a consume before the end of the act, which was basically a joke thanks two either low cost or double/triple hyperbeams and meteor strikes. Took busted crown as I basically didn’t have much left to scrounge up by that point. I knew it could beat the heart so went for the keys in act three and somehow my deck went from strength to strength, getting me the loops, frost orbs and heatsink I needed to really get WILD. Plus an electrodynamics because why not! Unsurprisingly, it was smooth sailing all the way!
  13. Yeah, I'm basically playing New Game+ on mobile. I've done the grind on PC already!
  14. I also have been finding the Watcher a grind. I think she's more balanced now, but was far more fun to play during the middle period of her development when she was way, way overtuned. It's been quite weird going back to low ascensions after a break of at least a year and a half, some skills have remained while others have completely fallen by the wayside. Also looking at my stats so far, I've been pretty surprised by how they stack up against my impressions of how I've felt I've been playing. I've just been rotating through the characters until they're all the same ascension level, and I got off to a perfect start - 1 win for each character before dying even once (was tempted to call it quits there, tbh!) I assumed I was hot shit because I got to ascension 5 with the Ironclad before dying with that character even once, but have been feeling like Silent and Watcher have been huge struggles so far. Defect is basically a coin toss, in my memory. Very easy to get going at low level but sometimes it just falls apart in act 2 when nothing's working. It felt like the not-fully-unlocked cardpool was holding me back with both Defect and Silent, but I doubt that opinion holds up to any scrutiny! BTW, my last run with Defect I didn't get offered a single frost orb card until mid way through act 3. Anyway, looking at my stats, Ironclad, Silent and Defect are all 6 or 7 wins and 4 losses, and Watcher is 6 wins 1 loss! Despite me feeling like I'm an Ironclad GENIUS, apparently at low ascension and low sample size, I'm pretty much the same with all the characters. Except Watcher, who feels boring to play but is actually busted. Brains are weeeird, man!
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