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  1. I just tried to head on too. It appears the beta is already closed! Guess I'll see you guys in April, then.
  2. Holy shit guys, I have figured out the beta. Use the auto matching while training feature (either in tower or park) and set the option to “use previous environment” and it just pings training mode on top of the stage and opponent you were just fighting so there’s no loading to endure before it starts matchmaking again!
  3. Anyone fancy a few? I’m in euro park 12.
  4. So now the base roster has been revealed, who do you all think are gonna be in the first season of DLC characters? Jonny and Venom are two pretty iconic characters that are missing that I think are solid bets. Baiken is really popular too, so might get a spot, although I don't think she's quite on their level. Sin was pretty popular in Xrd, and I'm sure he'll be returning, likely sooner than later. People have been talking about Testament or Zappa returning because of the surge in ACR popularity but IDK, that's probably too recent a thing unless either were in development already.
  5. Yeah, Nago seems amazing, but pretty tricky to master from the looks of things. Very hard for Ram in general as he outmatches her in her favoured range, making it very hard to get in! And GGs indeed!
  6. Alright, I think it’s bed time for me after this one @Escape. Cheers for the games!
  7. Yeah, I think she’s fairly pick up and play but might find it hard to hang with the top tiers as she is now, due to her left-right mixes not leading to extended combos. IDK, probably too early to call! Yellow RC defensively is legit and something I need to incorporate into my game!
  8. Oh, it’s happening. I didn’t want to be a Ky player but I think I might be a Ky player.
  9. Ah, you press L1 on the match result screen after fighting someone IIRC.
  10. I’ll come back for a little bit! Be on in 10 or so. Which park are you in?
  11. Don’t worry about it dude, everyone you played today is a pretty die hard fighting game player. If you’re on later or Monday or Tuesday night, I’ll be happy to learn another character. Just wanted to get Ram’s combos better dialled in by focusing on her alone today!
  12. Thank you for the games everyone, especially Benny for allowing the long set just now. G-GG-Gs, to borrow JLM’s joke.
  13. Oh! And I’ve put the dash macro where MK is in Street Fighter which is working really nicely. Better than having it as the taunt button like I have in ACR!
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