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  1. Hard mode is still very handholdy tbh. It's most noticeable at the start, but characters will often give a prompt upon picking up an item or solving a puzzle on what to do next before giving you back control. It wasn't too bad for the majority of the game, but I definitely found myself a bit annoyed when the game spelled out something I'd already thought of trying, denying me a modicum of satisfaction. I'm sure there will be sticking points where you'll want to resort to just trying everything with everything, but as Thor mentioned the UI will tell you if there's an interaction available for an item meaning you don't have to wait for Guybrush to deliver a little quip every single time you try something that won't work, which speeds up the process immeasurably. I think it's one of, if not the most frictionless game I've played in the genre in terms of the puzzles, but it was still satisfying enough I would say.
  2. Hard, and I turned on the “writer’s cut” in the menu, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just a gag option that didn’t actually change anything.
  3. Rolled credits on this earlier, found it really compelling and enjoyable throughout but perhaps a little mild on the humour. I’m not sure what to think about it on the whole, on one hand I think it was miraculously well-paced—having a continual stream of well judged puzzles to solve felt great, even though a small part of me found the lack of friction a teensy but disappointing in its own way. I guess they can’t really win in that regard! I definitely prefer a gentler puzzle approach compared to something like Thimbleweed Park though, which was pitched a touch too hard for my liking. I won’t go into detail about the story, but I did find it less engaging than the first three games. I found myself really quite warming to the visuals during play, but still wouldn’t go so far as to describe myself as a fan of the art style. The music was great though, they absolutely nailed the vibe for this game. So yeah, I think gameplay-wise this is an all time great in the genre, but I’m really not sure how I feel about it as a whole just yet.
  4. I really like the button layout on that second stick! Before I got my Okiboard I was tempted to get or make something like this: OOO OOOOO But y’know, in the ergonomic viewlix layout for the main six, and the extra bottom row button where the up button goes on a hitbox layout. I specifically wanted it because I get counter hit a lot in Strive when trying to FD. I had FD set to the bottom right button in the layout when I was playing stick, but couldn’t seem to develop the muscle memory to use my little finger instinctively on defence. So yeah, I figured a button that my thumb could slide to would work out much better in the heat of battle. Anyway, now I’m on full hitbox layout, so no chance of that for the time being. Maybe I’ll get a stick that has the above layout some day though.
  5. Street Fighter V is set to be a main stage game at Evo Japan at the end of March next year, so I reckon it won’t come out till after that, unless they’re planning to run VI simultaneously, but I think they’ll want to give it a proper send-off. I’m hopeful for an immediate release as soon as grand finals is over! Or at least in the week following Evo Japan!
  6. I would keep my eyes out before launch, as I'm sure peripheral manufacturers will be wanting to get stuff on the market for this game's release, but a Qanba Drone is likely your best bet for a decent stick on the affordable end of the scale. Wireless is not an incredibly popular feature as most sticks are aimed at tournament play and wireless introduces lag (not to mention occasionally causing issues when not properly decoupled from a console), but 8bitdo make a similarly priced stick that offers it.
  7. Justin Wong got invited to Capcom's US offices to play Ken. He does a great job going into real depth explaining some of the intricacies of the character. Nice to see footage of the character in the hands of a master too. Also, Ken, with the blonde bob and brown jacket with the white collar... ARE YOU OK?
  8. Yeah, Ken is looking good, interesting to see how complex he is in this version with all the extra moves and property changes to specials he gets out of run. I'm leaning towards him or Juri at the moment from the current roster. I'm not that keen on Juri though, as her super activation where she literally bends over backwards makes me wince every time I see it.
  9. Playing old Capcom arcade games in the hub is pretty sick. I’m kind of excited, despite the announcement of Blanka.
  10. Polished off the remaining early access content and generally had a great time! I'm happy it looks like the game will likely be a mix of densely packed areas to explore and traversal through more linear spaces, it's always nice to have things varied a bit. I have to say I have a couple of gripes. Firstly I think it's cool how you move faster when you holster your weapon, I like the risk/reward inherent in that choice, but I do think the movement speed is a bit too far on the slow side when you're trying to cover big distances in areas you've fully cleared out. I can see they want to limit your move speed to increase the tension of stalking an enemy, but it makes backtracking a bit of a chore. Other than that, I'm not keen on save points. While I was learning the mechanics early on, it basically incentivised me to keep journeying back each time I killed a guard or two so I wouldn't lose progress or have to repeat stealth kills over and over, totally ruining the rhythm and tension of pushing into the unknown. I know it's done to disincentivise save-scumming, but I think I might have preferred that over tediously trudging back and forth. I found myself less inclined to do this as I grew more familiar with the game though, as my bag of tricks increased and I became more proficient at dealing with guards both stealthily and non-stealthily, so I'm not super worried about this in the long run. Inventory management was a bit of a bummer. I was carrying a lot of stuff I couldn't figure out how to use (or maybe doesn't have a use as of yet), and by the time I finished the available content most of the limited space was taken up by weaponry. One thing I really like about the game is how it doesn't incentivise non-lethal gameplay at all. Obviously I don't know if that will become a thing down the line, but I hate it when these sorts of games give you a puritanical way of playing that steers you away from just having fun. Another thing I liked about the game after it tells you you've finished all available content: Anyway, I guess it'll be a while off, but I'm looking forward to coming back in the next update!
  11. I picked this up yesterday and played through the first area. I've never played Thief, not being a PC gamer as a kid, but have played most of Arkane's modern immersive sims and System Shock 2 many years ago. I thought it was very solid - a great opening level, full of secrets and tempting avenues to explore. The stealth felt fairly intuitive to me, and even the voice acting was shockingly good for an indie project. I'm sold, looking forward to seeing how the game develops!
  12. imp


    Fighting game video essayist Leon Massey has done a very good job explaining what makes this game so special. Give it a watch if you're interested in this.
  13. Caught this on the weekend, not really sure what to think. Each shot is beautifully framed, but the film wasn't quite there for me. I wonder if covid meant certain plans had to be scaled back at all. George Miller really is a master of visual storytelling, but most of the time it was talking heads it fell a bit flat IMO.
  14. Fight for your right to parry
  15. Ahh, no wonder all the fighting game streamers and YouTubers did sponsored content on this! Most seem to enjoy the footsies and combo aspect of the game. I have to admit to being a little curious about Rumbleverse but would rather spend my time playing actual fighting games if I’m taking the time to go online at the moment!
  16. East coast throwdown has started. Pools now: https://www.twitch.tv/ifcyipes 48-8 tomorrow afternoon and top 8...probably after my bedtime.
  17. imp


    Ahh, I love how there are no mechanics in this game that don't have unexpected interactions. Post 2-4 spoilers
  18. Capcom let Yipes and his pals play SF6 for the whole weekend and he streamed some matches where the people playing are on lagless monitors with their own controllers, and most importantly, actually have a decent idea of how to play the game! Yipes also gives a lot of detail about the mechanics of the game as they stand - how punish counters affect combos, explaining drive system stuff, how links feel, etc.
  19. That video is indeed very good! Makes me miss the weekly online tourneys I was doing last year. Gonna keep an eye out for Strive events at that suspicious esports bar Meltdown I think.
  20. imp


    Yeah, it's definitely game over if they all gang up on you!
  21. imp


    Hmm, let me guess, the room where three malicious faces spawn after you clear the first wave? I found that a bit of a sticking point first time round as well. Tips for those enemies: I actually found whenever I got stuck I quite liked going back through the previous levels finding secrets, doing challenges and aiming for P ranks. It's really fun tearing through older levels with the skills you acquire by playing through. There's also a specific set of secrets (not the orbs) in 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 that are worth hunting down.
  22. OK, when people said hitbox was cheating, I thought they meant because of the SOCD* thing where Daigo's hitbox got banned at a tournament before they standardised what SOCD presses should resolve to in the hardware. Or I thought they were talking about how good it was for charge characters, where you can do flashkick style motions without letting go of down, or the general efficiency of not having the deadzones you find on stick... Little did I realise there are shortcuts for motion characters too! There's a really neat shortcut for shoryukens: hold towards, then tap and release down and back simultaneously, attack button. It cuts a shoryu down to two directional inputs! I've found it really helpful for combos when facing left and my ring finger isn't consistently dextrous enough to do it the old fashioned way with tight timing yet. I find it especially helpful in this combo where you need to go from down+K into the DP motion. Likewise there's a very nifty double QCF shortcut where you hold towards and double tap back and down at the same time before pressing the attack button. Massively useful for supering on reaction when you're knocked down, etc. Or even just running head on at the enemy to bait an attack... It's been a week now since I started using the hitbox layout and I'm really enjoying it. I'm definitely still a touch awkward with my movement, but it's becoming more natural each time I play. There are certain inputs I'm struggling to do consistently during matches, namely IAD back air grave reaper with Testament, but I feel like the important parts of my strategy are mostly there now. And I'm a bit more confident in consistently hitting combos into overdrive now I know the shortcut. Altogether, it bodes well, I'd say! *Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions - basically what inputs resolve when you press either left and right or up and down at the same time. Left and right together result in no input (neutral on the stick), while up always takes priority over down. The left and right resolution might sound terrible as you can accidentally make yourself not block while trying to block crossup, but it does mean that all sorts of shortcuts become possible as a result.
  23. imp


    My favourite way to do damage to him:
  24. imp


    Yep! Took me quite a few attempts first time through! Reading that made me want to boot up the game RIGHT NOW, but there's work to be done fist I actually love that fight now, it's kind of my go-to place for experimenting with new weapons. Which reminds me, I got the newest weapon from the latest update...
  25. Top 8 at VSFighting on now at twitch.tv/ArcSystemWorksU
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