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  1. Hah yep, that sounds about right. I’ve noticed as his health goes down to about a third sometimes he just stands there like a lemon for a while. I think this is when he wants you to throw him.
  2. I believe mine is the greatly imaginative imp086. Looking forward to pressing buttons!
  3. Yeah, it does. Apparently not if you’re in Japan though, then it’s lightning quick. btw if you do fancy some games both Jonster and I have double dipped so we’re fightable on PC as well.
  4. I didn’t know this until I’d done it once either. Restarted after losing a round in stage 7. On PS4. With PS4 load times!
  5. Also you’re in for a treat with Big Levo. Both NA and EU editions had some great matches.
  6. You have to win every fight without losing a round. Don’t worry though, you can use as many continues as you like. It’s a bit tedious in theory letting the AI body you if you drop a round, but I think you’ll be fine until stage 8 anyway! Stage 8 is kinda tedious for that reason though, but weirdly the first time I ever got there I did it by accident. I think being aggressive helps.
  7. Is there any way to manipulate his AI using Ky? With Sol you can double jump away and do bandit bringer on his wake up and if you time it well he’ll get hit, so the strategy becomes finding an opportunity to land one and repeat until dizzy, then do a dust combo, rinse and repeat. I’ve heard Anji has an easier way of beating him, if anyone is after the trophy without wanting to put in too much effort. Anyway, I’m stupid enough to have fought and beaten the secret boss twice now as trophies do not carry over between PS4 and PS5, and I was close enough to the platinum on both I actually went through it all again. He’s much less difficult the second time. I think it still took me like 45 minutes in attempts before I was successful though!
  8. Holy heck, it's been a good day for watching Guilty Gear! First there was a Japanese 15v15 exhibition today which featured Nage, Fab, Daru, Summit and loads of other absolute killers, and it was a total joy to watch. It's reeeeally long, so I hope the youtube archive condenses some of the downtime, but I think it's well worth watching as it's been a wild, wild ride. It has some convoluted rules, but I'll try and summarise the main ones that differentiate it: Pokemon rules. Each player has two lives. A player can only win three in a row. Winning three in a row also loses a life. When down to the final three players in a team, the win limit is removed. Absolute madness ensued during the home stretch. I'll try and link it when it's available on YT, but for now anime illuminati restreamed it and did English commentary over the top. Big Levo EU also just finished and top 8 was excellent. Grand finals in particular was superb. Now I go to bed before I'm tempted to watch the NA tourney!
  9. Top 8 of Big Levo starting soon!
  10. So, the season one DLC characters have apparently been data mined, and the with the new intro added to the game in the latest patch, it looks like they're right about them: Also, Big Levo EU has started!
  11. Fucking get in there! VIP status restored on PSN after four failed attempts yesterday. The first I lost to level 500 Gio VIP, then won 4 against two separate challengers and lost the fifth to a VIP Zato. Second attempt I won three straight against a VIP Faust, got greedy and challenged him again and lost two in a row. Third attempt I got to four yet again, and lost the last game to former VIP Faust trying to get back in. The fourth time I think I got to 3 wins again, and then a guy called Heapski came up to the cabinet. He had a red aura around him, which meant he was in the top 10% who kept their VIP status after the reset. I'd actually played him before and I think he's second only to BlackAce as the strongest player I've faced so far. I did take one game off him in the best of 3 set we'd played however. And this time, when he strolled up to the cab he was using Anji, not his main chicken Ky, so I thought I'd chance it. That is a mistake I won't be making again! I'll definitely have to rethink my position on Sol having favourable matchups against Faust and Zato! Much simpler today - I only fought challengers instead of VIPs. First match was against a Gio. I usually crumble during these and start getting hit by everything as I desperately try to get out of the plus frame pressure (ironic, I know), but I managed to curb her first attempt to get in and maintained the pressure. She was clearly playing scared the second round, and despite doing some big combos gave me too many opportunities to do big old Sol damage. She got kicked out of heaven from this loss. Second was a Chipp player. I'm really happy to report that although both matches were touch and go at times, things were definitely in hand once I'd weathered some of his pressure, I managed to hit my combos on him without trouble and even interrupt some of his disappearing nonsense. In the latter rounds he was hail Marying out the unsafe overhead rekka to finish out strings and BOY does Chipp explode when Sol gets a CH starter! Definitely feeling good about my progress in the matchup. Last was an Axl player. Thanks to a lovely long set with Joffo earlier, I was solidly in tune with the matchup - not once did I get hit by his command grab . I got an early hit in the first round and pushed him to the corner, where I bullied him until it was done. He bit back pretty hard in the second round, but I took the third without too much trouble, despite a couple of nervous drops. Second game went smooth as butter. Got a big combo off and pressed the advantage. The second round I got pretty cheeky, pressing when it wasn't my turn but it paid off. He was cornered again and didn't have much of a chance. VIP again, baby! @joffocakes Thank you for the games earlier, your Axl is already much better than before - I was working hard the entire set, and as I said, had a great time doing so. Looking forward to more games soon!
  12. Also, starting this afternoon is The Big Levo, EU edition, streaming on https://www.twitch.tv/leffen The registration cut off is 3:30, and pools start at 5pm. There's also the NA version happening tonight at 11pm, which I look forward to watching tomorrow. The last one was good and top 8 is worth watching if you haven't already. Over a thousand entrants apparently!
  13. Been trying to get into the habit of doing throw OSes this morning, and had some good success: For anyone who doesn't know how to do it, you just press roman cancel after inputting the throw command. If the throw lands nothing happens as throws can't be roman canceled right away. If the throw whiffs, a PRC will come out and put you in a position to counter your opponent - and woe betide them if they're backdashing. WOE BETIDE THEM.
  14. I really hope we see this absolute cursed nonsense in a tournament before it gets patched out:
  15. Man, I learnt something this morning that has totally upturned my understanding of the game: Properly timed meaties actually beat throw attempts on wake-up! I'd been thrown out of pressure a lot in the first week and basically became too scared of running right up to an opponent and meatying them on their wakeup for fear of getting grabbed - I would always back off and try and catch something after they wake up. I think it's going to take a while to adjust to the timing but will be worth it in the long run, as capitalising on plus buttons is the best thing Sol can do, and there ain't nothing more plus than meaty cS. Well, except Fafnir. Also, I'm now trying to rewrite my combo muscle memory for the third time since the game's come out. I'm finally learning run cancel combos to use which allow Sol to take the opponent fully coast to coast, and actually set up clean hit combos easier than the previous one I was using if you take them from midscreen to the corner. I've got these down very consistently in training mode, but I'm a bit inconsistent with them during actual matches right now since character weight affects the timing. Also figured out an easier (and more consistent between character weight classes) version of the corner combo I took such pains to learn just last week. Glad I did though:
  16. There's a lot to learn when you're just starting out, for sure. Apologies if you already know this, but when you've been learning new stuff in training mode, only try and implement one or two of those things in competitive play each time, or your concentration can be too thinly stretched to land any of it!
  17. Ah, I woulda been there but I was playing Choo on PC.
  18. Switched it up and decided to play some PC where my level is more modest. Almost made it back into heaven, but lost the first to an expert Zato and the 5th game to sickeningly good Faust. IDK, maybe trying to get into heaven the day after your second jab is not the one.
  19. Oh no, I got kicked out of heaven by an I-no and now no-one will play me on floor 10. I've had 6 separate players dodge me in the last 5 minutes.
  20. In Strive or in general? I've never had any issues with it either way.
  21. Yeah, that's where having a PS5 becomes very, very nice. No communicating with server for me, provided I never play any other games again.
  22. Oh man, there was server maintenance this morning, and as it's a new month VIP status has been reset. Guess that answers the question of when the resets will occur and to whom. Man, I thought it would be mid-month since the game came out on the 11th, but nope! It was a nice four days in heaven... Guess I know what I'll have to do later...
  23. Also, yeah, it's so annoying when you think you're about to land a sick combo and the wall breaks half way through it.
  24. Yeah, Chipp's j.2K is just very pesky to deal with, as are all moves that come down from squarely above you in GG. (See May's j.2H as well!) If Chipp's doing it from really high up, I can pre-emptively 2H or 6P it with Sol, but tbh I don't think the risk is worth it. If he's doing the move midscreen, I sometimes try to backdash, but the homing on the move can mess things up. In the corner though, the best meterless thing I've been able to lab is just jumping forwards and thereby automatically blocking it as it hits crossup. It puts enough space between you and Chipp that you can counter poke as well. I've managed to get an auto-cross-cut DP some times in the lab, but can't manage this consistently so don't try it in actual games. IMO the best answer is just block and FD - if you do this while he's in the air you can counter and beat his 2K when he's on the floor. And even if you're late FDing and only push back the 2K 2D when he's landed you'll still put enough space between you that his command grab will whiff if he tries that, so you won't need to worry about it.
  25. This game is funny, I think I've posted about gaining confidence in the May matchup about six times now, but I swear, this time it's true! I went a whole day without losing a set to a May yesterday, including in sets against players who had 3-0'd me repeatedly in the past. I'm not sure May is actually the Ken of GGST now though - I find Leo players are much more raggo in general at this point. I think only Sol players wake up DP more than Leos. Also managed to gain some more confidence against Chipp yesterday as well. It's like a whole different game if you can force them to sit still and respect you early. Also played a bit of Chipp in training mode for the first time. I don't think he's a character I'll ever totally get on with, but he is definitely fun to zip around the screen doing nonsense. Also his wall run corner combo looks gloriously stupid when executed. I'm enjoying fighting Zatos the most at the moment though - you get put in such interesting situations with weird move interactions, but unlike in previous games, it doesn't feel totally insurmountable when you get sandwiched. @JLM How are your puppeteering skills coming along? I get the feeling you're going to be a monster considering your proclivity for clean, clean play.
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