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  1. Not sure how true that is, I'd say it's clearly a small minority of people who give much of a shit about stuff like that - a distressingly vocal minority, granted. There's those who haven't got either console but might get one in the future interested in which performs better, those with both consoles wondering which format to buy the game on and those with one of the next-gen consoles just interested in how a game performs technically. Dirt 5, one of their most contentious multiplatform reviews has 477k views, their Demon's Souls piece, only available on one platform and with no c
  2. Exactly my issue too. I wish there was an option to switch it back as it's so hard wired I keep getting it wrong. Rest of the UI is fine though, bar the lack of folders.
  3. They're both on short runs of cat6 into a good gigabit ethernet switch. The Series X has a new cable going into a previously unused port on the switch and it's performing a little faster than my One but not massively. First world problems and all that but with the limited space available on both machines I reckon being able to download quickly is pretty important What connection do you have? Wired or wifi? I've heard some folk say the same as yourself but assumed it was due to the PS4's crap wifi.
  4. I've rebooted/quit apps and checked NAT and so forth - sometimes that's helped a bit, sometimes not. Even at it's fastest Live is still a good 100mbit slower than PSN on my connection.
  5. You can upgrade your weapons with souls pre first boss. Also, the first boss is possibly the easiest boss in any Souls game.
  6. Not for me. PS5 consistently maxes my 400Mbit connection, Series X fluctuates from 40-300Mbit, and I'm seeing the lower end of that scale much more than I'd like (both consoles are hardwired directly to my router). It was the same last gen too, I nearly always got faster dl speeds via PSN.
  7. One thing, variable refresh rate has the potential to bridge the gap between locked 30fps with RT and locked 60fps with none. If you can hit say 40-50fps in something like Spiderman with RT I'd be a happy man. It's a shame Sony haven't got that as an option at the moment.
  8. It's interesting, for me I completely agree with you about Demons Souls, definitely plays better in 60fps mode given how precise and focused the combat is and that there's almost no difference in picture quality as it doesn't employ ray tracing in either mode. The motion blur isn't great either in 30fps either which really accentuates the lower frame rate. Spiderman though is a different beast for me. The combat is a bit mindless and mashy so 30fps doesn't matter that much and the moblur looks great which helps cover up the sins of 30fps. But my god the ray tracing looks incredibl
  9. My Digital's here, obligatory pointless box pic: All set up now. PSN seems to be in surprisingly good shape. I've always got decent speeds out of PS4 era PSN but this is maxing out my 400mbit fibre. Demons Souls took 13 minutes to download, not bad for launch day.
  10. I'm reasonably sure that's not the case. I mean there's settings like black levels and you can maybe fiddle with the HDR curve a little if the fancy takes you but that's a different thing - there is only one way to decode h.264/h.265 - there's no room for artistic interpretation. You can decode the same source using a computer, a dedicated player and a games console and, and the basis your settings are identical (or fundamentally broken like the Series X currently), there won't be a pixel out of place.
  11. I was in the same boat with Smyths, but just checked their website and DPD say they now have my parcel. Good news.
  12. A languid third-person game with lots of environmental puzzles is exactly the sort of game to benefit from high frame rate? Not, say, a twitch based shooter or a racing game? Struggling to understand that perspective.
  13. Much as high frame rates can be transformative for some types of games it's equally true that many gaming genres don't benefit much from 60+ fps. I'd argue a third-person puzzle heavy exploration game like Last Guardian falls squarely into the latter category. For an equivalent game this gen I'd rather have sumptuous ray-traced 1440p visuals at 30fps than some bare arsed shocker running at native 4K60 just because of this weird dogma that all games must run at the highest frame rate and resolution possible. It doesn't make sense in many cases.
  14. Smyth's have just sent through the despatch details for my PS5 digital preorder, I'd not ordered from them before but believe they're sound and payment has gone through so I reckon I'm in good shape. I also have a preorder for a full fat PS5 from Amazon which I was going to cancel but thought I'd offer it up here first. Barring any disaster with the Smyths order it can be picked up from West London once I've got it (should arrive on launch day according to Amazon). I don't want any mark up - forum regulars only please. Edit: a forumite has it claimed now.
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