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  1. Given Far Cry 5 continued the series downward trajectory and the two bits of DLC for it were total shit by most accounts, I'd be surprised if there were many takers.
  2. That crossed my mind but it can't be done on a per game basis and I've already got an alt controller profile set up for my daughter so didn't want to make things confusing for her. I've kinda got used to it now but I know it'll play merry havoc when I go back to my Dark Souls 3 playthrough
  3. My only issue with the controls is you can't customize them - I find the default with one attack on a trigger and the other on a face button a bit odd and wish I could stick roll on B like Souls. That aside I think this is just lovely so far. Level design is excellent, combat's tight and some of the bosses are incredible (I loved the Witch boss). It's all wrapped up in a delightfully Ghibli'esque aesthetic too - best thing I've played this year.
  4. I'm reaching the end of my second DS3 playthrough but have never played the DLC. Assume it's the usual From thing where I need to do the the DLC prior to the final boss?
  5. I should have clarified, I didn't mean to imply that large companies are all full of overt sexual harassers. Hopefully that sort of thing is relatively rare. I said they were likely to be more dysfunctional and meant that in its broadest possible sense, be it a general climate of fear, an inability to make decisions, the capacity to waste vast sums of money on nonsensical projects and so forth.
  6. As a rule of thumb the larger the company the more dysfunctional it is. To counterbalance this they also generally have much larger and more effective legal teams who are very good at keeping this sort of behaviour out of the public spotlight.
  7. FIFA 08 was a complete rewrite from previous FIFA titles. It was essentially a clone of PES - shooting, through balls and one-twos worked exactly like PES and idiosyncrasies like triple tap to low cross were all present and correct. There was even an 'alternate' control scheme which mirrored PES's setup. It's still there to this day and I assume is the most widely used control scheme, I can't imagine what sort of deviant shoots with O/B. It played a bit stiff but there was little of the jank common to PES and the netcode was miles better. As you say, Euro08 came along - upped the tempo, took the training wheels off and, for me at least, has played a better game of football than PES every year since.
  8. Depends, no? OLEDs power draw varies on screen luminance whereas LCD's are constant. On phones if you've set everything to dark display then OLEDs might draw a little less power but for most gaming I think your average power consumption will be slightly higher than LCD.
  9. In truth even if I got a pre-order I'd probably cancel at some point in the future. I dunno, my daughter's been going on about getting a Switch so I could give her mine but this is some tenuous justification. I do love an OLED screen on a handheld though.
  10. Yes, completely unnecessary upgrade Nintendo - must do better. Oh balls, Smyths have sold out of the white one.
  11. Just finished up the Dark Souls remaster after finishing the Demon's Souls remaster. It's funny how your perception shifts over time - I preferred Dark over Demon's first time round but I think I preferred Demon's more ten years later - maybe the lavish remake of Demon's is the main culprit and I'm more of a graphics whore than I like to admit to myself but I found the last third of Dark Souls really dragged this time round, from Tomb of Giants onwards really. Demon's doesn't have that sort of flab to it which I appreciate what with having less time to play games as I get older.
  12. Exactly so. Narcolepsy inducing adventure games too, I'm easily scared but kept falling asleep trying to make my way through The Medium.
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