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  1. Is this down for everyone else on PS4?
  2. For me that stage is pure Takeshi's Castle.
  3. Not sure there's much of a difference beyond not having to render the Hitman, likely massively offset by the wider FOV. In all likelihood they're going to have to turn off all shinies, drop the resolution and use all the temporal reproject tricks they can muster to get it running in VR.
  4. PSVR's FOV is around 100deg, Hitman on console will be around 60-70 at most. If anything you'll see more of your environment in VR see despite shifting to a first person view.
  5. You inherently have a wider FOV in VR, that and being able to freely move your head along with working depth perception means this isn't an issue IMO.
  6. I'm guessing the square is meant to represent a more limited field of vision? Not sure that follows, there's a number of issues with VR but I wouldn't have said a loss of spatial awareness was one of them, quite the opposite.
  7. I reckon, given we're discussing anti-consumer practices, Microsoft giving up customers details worldwide to the US government just a few years ago is somewhat germane. It is possible for Gamepass to be great value and for Microsoft to have questionable privacy policies - the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  8. It was only seven years ago we discovered that Microsoft had been aiding the US government by granting them full access to customers emails, Skype calls etc all over the world. Other tech companies had too but none as early or as enthusiastically as Microsoft. This was never that big a story in the UK where we just assume this sort of thing happens all the time but I know from friends in Europe there was much more outrage - plenty of it directed at Microsoft. I know the narrative here is Xbox struggled early on due to TV, TV, TV but I reckon worldwide PRISM hurt them much more, particularly given the next Xbox launched a few months after those revelations with a mandatory camera.
  9. Yeah, you have to assume there's been a 180 somewhere at Sony HQ.
  10. I hope Nintendo's paying attention to this. Their mechanics and attention to detail in this format would be something - if they could get the online bit right.
  11. Great fun despite the servers falling over every few games. You sense there's going to be quite a lot of this sort of stuff next gen - bring it on I say, ideally at 120fps.
  12. Quite different games, no? Horizon's combat is fantastic but there's hardly any sense of exploration - it's barely openworld - whereas exploring Zelda's world is an absolutely incredible experience, it's completely unrivalled in that regard. I loved Horizon but for me Zelda is by far the better game - I can see why some would thing otherwise though.
  13. I powered through the main quest till halfway through Act 2 and then decided to clear out the southern Island. Initially exploration under my own steam was great but the side quests are very similar and leveling up quickly makes the combat pretty trivial, even on hard. The Nioh style stance changes seem great on first impression but their implimentation is pretty mundane. The combat skill tree reminds me of God of War in as much as it's not very interesting and mostly serves to make things too easy. It still does a lot of stuff right, I love the wind directing you, the look of the game and the core combat mechanics are great even if they don't evolve into anything more interesting. Going to get back to the main quest now and ignore the side stuff but for all the potential in the first ten or so hours it's starting to feel a bit disappointing. As others have mentioned the exact opposite is true of Days Gone.
  14. Far as I can figure out, everything that can stack does.
  15. It's always randomised throughout unless you pick up the Frozen Eye relic.
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