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  1. Just signed up for the network test, fingers crossed. For me only Zelda comes close to the excitement of a new From game.
  2. It absolutely does but only for block, not attack.
  3. Kena's controls are identical to From's games, R1 light attack, R2 heavy attack, L1 hold to block and tap to parry. R3 camera locks and switches target. Kena effectively has a stamina bar too - all of this is derived from the Soulsborne series and bears no real relationship to either Ninja Gaiden or DMC. Weird that you'd lump GoW in there, assuming you're referring to the recent reboot, as its mechanics are also heavily borrowed from the Souls games. You can make a limited argument that Kena's combat is faster than Demons and Dark Souls but it's no faster than Bloodborne and certainly slower than Sekiro - not that pace defines mechanics in the first place. I love Ninja Gaiden but it's all about combos, abusing cancels and wall jumps along with lashings of Ninpos and Ultimate Technique - there's little to nothing there that bears much similarity to the combat in Kena.
  4. All those games have great combat but Kena's is closer to Soulsborne - it's just not as tight. I'm not sure there's much fruitful discussion to be had here though, describing Souls combat as 'simplistic and clunky' strikes me as mindless contrarianism.
  5. I don't think the combat here is good or fair enough to be as tough as it is on harder difficulties. I really don't like how some of the bosses are almost impossible to space effectively and how the solution is often to jump about loads and abuse the bow slowdown - not very satisfying at all. Makes you appreciate how good the combat is in From games, currently getting my arse handed to me in the Ringed City DLC but I rarely feel much frustration at failing - not so this.
  6. Here's a question, for Scotlands second - was Dykes yellow card rescinded then? One of those odd ones as VAR isn't meant to intervene over yellows but, in allowing the goal, the yellow was clearly given in error.
  7. I loved the KLF as a lad, my The White Room cassette got played till it fell apart. I've only recently discovered this though: Bill Drummond was born in South Africa on the 29th of April 1953 to a Scottish Dad - when he was young his family moved to Newton Stewart in Scotland. I was born in South Africa on the 29th of April 1975 to a Scottish Dad - when I was young my family moved to Newton Mearns in Scotland. Whodathunk.
  8. It's literally the only time I ever hear it. Mostly seems like a competition between the host and their callers as to who has the most idiotic take on subjects none of them have any grasp of. Around this time last year I was going into town, my cab driver had LBC on so loud you couldn't ignore it. The subject: a group of doctors and health specialists were campaigning to expand medical protocols so they made more sense for people with darker skin. So for example paramedics looking for blue lips or pale features in someone of African descent isn't especially helpful. Consequently a handful of people die every year largely because medical training is too predicated on people with Caucasian skin. My cabby seemed outraged by this, "Why don't people just leave things the way they are?!" he spluttered. For my part I was baffled as to how anyone could object to this so, foolishly, I put that to him as a question. He replied with some incoherent rant that started with the evils of BLM and ended with "some of my best mates are black". I asked him how he'd feel if one of his definitely real black best friends had a heart attack and ended up dead because the medical advice given to paramedics didn't take into account their skin colour. He exploded into a sweary mess about "the problem with this fahkin' country is do-gooders like you just want to fahkin' pick at things until everything's just scabs". I got out his fahkin' cab and walked the rest of the way. Stupid cunt.
  9. Didn't love the btb stuff but then I don't generally for any shooter. 4v4 is still good clean fun though.
  10. All crowd replication is imperfect - it's the devil's work. In this instance though it's the same company using the same techniques as the first season. They might have been able to use less tiling during the pandemic but that's only a viable technique for a small number of shots in the first place.
  11. No, Ii's how crowds are nearly always done since well before the pandemic. It's generally much more expensive to shoot with real people. Building the initial assets are expensive but once you've got them rolling it out over x number of shots isn't too costly.
  12. It is, sadly it's completely unoptimised so at best it's 30fps at 720p with little to no antialiasing. The best way to play by far is PC, I just set up Parsec to stream it to the htpc in my living room and it's glorious.
  13. Sure but those reflections look raytraced to me. There's no issues at the edge of frame and the reflect looks grainy exactly as you'd expect from a low sample raytraced pass.
  14. Ironclad is amazing - there's so many viable strategies that slowly reveal themselves to you after tens if not hundreds of hours of play. My favourite class by far.
  15. I always thought that the Super Famicoms design was something to do with the US having more stringent rules on products emitting electromagnetic radiation or somesuch. A quick Google suggests that Nintendo America's product designer, Lance Barr, decided that Japan's SNES design wasn't up to par so decided to redo it purely for aesthetic reasons. What's more extraordinary, Lance only left the company a few months ago - seemingly of his own volition.
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