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  1. You said their games 'slip and slip and slip' which suggests they delay the release of most of their games multiple times which is obvious nonsense, a handful of their games were delayed mostly once and generally, with a small number of notable exceptions, by a matter of a few months. Looking at announce dates versus release dates tells us little about whether the game was delayed, nearly all publishers announce their games several years ahead of release. Given we're discussing launch PS5 titles a more meaningful comparison would be PS4 launch titles - curiously you've omitted them all. Killzone SF and Knack, god love it, was announced in Feb 2013, released in November of the same year. Resogun, August 2013, released three months later. Infamous was announced Feb 2013 and released in March 2014. Not much evidence of launch games slipping repeatedly there. Also, TLoU2 was announced in Dec 2016, not 2015.
  2. Strange sentiments. Sony seem to release quite a few of their big first party games in spring to avoid the glut of games released in October/November, not sure how that's shit. Also unclear how releasing in spring is related to their games slipping. Besides the two big games slightly delayed this year during a pandemic I'm not sure there's any significant systemic pattern of delays in their releases in the first place.
  3. I've done it a few times with multiple upgraded Catalysts and once recently with Barricade/Entrench/Body Slam combo.
  4. Quite the opposite, Microsoft are paying third parties to make Series exclusive/timed exclusive games, presumably as a way to get round their promise of first parties supporting both generations for the next few years. Makes sense as a means to drive people to upgrade to their next gen console.
  5. It's possible, sure - FIFA does this. Fundamentally you're creating two games at that stage which is no small undertaking.
  6. Those are all parameters of a single simulation. Having two simulations interacting, one of which can't begin to run on the the others CPU would be pretty tricky without maybe some massive amount of work being done server-side. Can't see it happening.
  7. That's not quite true though, Kindle books can be more expensive than physical books, it can certainly be more expensive to stream a film from Amazon than to buy the Blu-ray or DVD. The simple fact is that companies sell a product for what the market is prepared to pay for it, very little else enters the equation.
  8. I've recently got back into it on PC in glorious 4k@60 and I have to agree, I love Mario Kart but I think this is just that little bit better, the courses, the handling, the flying and boating bits are all just superb. A real shame that there hasn't been a new iteration this gen.
  9. At least one Recursion is pretty important if you want to play dark orbs.
  10. All your examples are just a model name and a year, this is an Xbox [name] One [name for 3rd and 4th generation] Series [4th generation] X/S [GPU power differential]. None of that seems especially intuitive. Compare with an iPad [name] Pro [power differential] it seems needlessly convoluted. I'm not saying most people won't be able to figure it out but it seems an odd hurdle to place in front of consumers given where Microsoft are in the market.
  11. It's pretty well established that cars keep model names but update every x years. Not so for consoles and that isn't what's happening either - it's not quite the same name. Also the Series X/S will be temporarily compatible with the X/S for a few years for first party stuff then won't. People like us understand the difference but then we're not close to being your average console buyer. You're also much more likely to do some research and figure out slightly confusing product names and compatability windows if you're spending £22k - less so for a £400 - £500 gaming device. Given Microsoft are going to finish this gen in a distant third place it seems odd to obfuscate their product line to any degree.
  12. Not if it's PhysX on CPU. My understanding is that's how nearly all current gen console games run PhysX.
  13. Also, always always pick up the Orange Pellets relic playing as Defect - it makes cards like Biased Cog and Wraith Form stupidly powerful.
  14. The series S is likely to sell more from the off. A change of chip with different thermal profiles and so forth doesn't strike me as an easy swap. All told it seems like a pretty convoluted approach, makes more sense to me that the S just has a bespoke chipset.
  15. Sure, even then does it seem likely that the proportion of binned chips good enough to support a Series S, but not an X will be in anything like the right proportion? Seems unlikely to me given the S will presumably require the CPU part of the SoC to be exactly as functional as the X.
  16. Is it? I thought AMD's 7mm process was pretty robust, there's chip yield figures of 70-80% floating around. Given the cheaper console is likely to significantly outsell the more expensive one I'm not sure the economics of that make much sense.
  17. Were I a betting man I'd say the Series S won't have an optical drive either.
  18. I'd say so, it ramps up the difficulty quite slowly. Ascension 1 is, if anything, easier as it spawns more elites.
  19. Agreed, I found some of his 'overexplained' videos really helpful early on and still watch the occasional run to pick up tips. Some of his synergies still surprise me, several hundred hours in.
  20. Astros + Mixamp for FPS where some sense of directionality is important. Oppo PM3's for everything else.
  21. The surround stuff works about as well as that stuff works, maybe not quite as good the Astro - it’s the actual sound quality I don’t rate at all. That said mine were bought back in 2014 and they’ve had at least one significant hardware revision since so they might have improved.
  22. Contrariwise, I have one of the original Gold headsets which is still very much in one piece - probably because I hardly ever use it as I think they sound awful - the worst sounding earphones I’ve used by a long shot.
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