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  1. I mean they clearly aren’t but I’m not going to engage further with this tiresome ‘you’re just a cheerleader’ nonsense. If you knew that it was a completely different scale of game targeting a different generation of console then presumably you also realised it was a daft comparison.
  2. Demons isn’t open world like Elden Ring, it isn’t even open world like Dark Souls - it’s a series of relatively small levels and is targeted at next gen only. Bluepoint are also technically very good and their engine produces excellent results. From’s engine doesn’t seem to support anti-aliasing which is the most jarring thing and reminiscent of DS3 - but this is all technical. Their art and design is peerless and I can’t think of many open world games with the same impact as Elding Ring and looks better than anything From have done before, the effects work with magic and fire looks superb.
  3. I’ve not tried anything that bumper dependant on Series X yet. I agree that the new bumpers feel better but still find the controllers ergonomics slightly off so that your hands don’t quite sit in the right position to use them comfortably with much regularity.
  4. Brave. I can’t get on with parry on the Xbox bumpers at all. Be interesting to see if Eldin Ring is anything like as parry heavy as Sekiro or even Bloodborne.
  5. Definitely. The giant cloaked beasts from Bloodborne they stealthed past for instance.
  6. Enjoyed Elden Ring's Siegmeyer-alike. Every Souls game needs one.
  7. At the end of that vid they mention a 'digital adventure guide' as one of the preorder bonuses.
  8. Sweet Jesus, a fusion of BotW x Soulsborne - I'm not sure I can take the anticipation for this - it looks incredible. Anyone heard back about the beta?
  9. Characters are generally rejigged to accommodate their role in the story so it'll be interesting to see what they do with Connor and Naomi. I got a friend into The Thick of It after loving Succession. He's watched it fresh and pointed out the similarities in character between Greg and Ollie which I thought interesting, they do occupy a similar sort of role. Also, I thought the last episode was about the best episode I've ever watched, and not just of Succession either - quite incredible television. Amazing how it's developed from a slightly clumsy start.
  10. His character, a bit like Naomi, seems to have shifted a little this season. Previously he came across as irredeemably daft and delusional with his plans to run for President and so forth. This season he seems a have more wit about him and is less unlike his other siblings. I agree he hasn’t been used much, other than as the butt of the odd joke but you sense he’s building to something.
  11. Targeting in Soulsborne? Crouching in shooters or whatever you non-tactical heathen use R3 for? Both pretty critical and work just fine for a click. Obviously holding it in is another matter altogether
  12. petrolgirls

    The Spurs Thread

    Don't follow that. Both have won the CL twice, Pep has won 31 trophies to Mourinho's 25. In their head to head Pep has won 12, drawn 6, lost 7.
  13. Talking of zero quality control - the original FX version had this peach in episode 2: That was about the most interesting thing to happen in the six episodes I've watched, sadly they fixed it for the BBC release. To pledge's point - I liked OJ and Versace fine but they both felt a bit a bit loose and overlong - this though is glacial. The last six hours of this you could tell, comfortably, in 45 minutes. An hour tops. A shame really, it's an important story and Beanie Feldstein is is good despite having little to work with, particularly given Tripp, Jones, Clinton and every other character are completely two dimensional. I'm going to stick with it to see how they portray the grand jury testimony.
  14. Internet suggest Halo 3 campaign had fall damage, multiplayer didn’t.
  15. CE and possibly 2 had fall damage but I think it was removed from then on. I doubt they’d bring it back with the grappling hook to contend with.
  16. petrolgirls


    Best goalkeeping performance for us I’ve seen since Jens vs United.
  17. Death’s Door is still the best thing I’ve played this year. Devil Inside looks intriguing at least.
  18. I'd be surprised them doing a Demon's Souls type full rework of Bloodborne as it still looks amazing today. All it needs is a consistent 60fps and resolution along with anti-aliasing cranked up to ten. They don't need to touch the lighting and texturing - I'd probably rather they didn't anyway.
  19. Just signed up for the network test, fingers crossed. For me only Zelda comes close to the excitement of a new From game.
  20. It absolutely does but only for block, not attack.
  21. Kena's controls are identical to From's games, R1 light attack, R2 heavy attack, L1 hold to block and tap to parry. R3 camera locks and switches target. Kena effectively has a stamina bar too - all of this is derived from the Soulsborne series and bears no real relationship to either Ninja Gaiden or DMC. Weird that you'd lump GoW in there, assuming you're referring to the recent reboot, as its mechanics are also heavily borrowed from the Souls games. You can make a limited argument that Kena's combat is faster than Demons and Dark Souls but it's no faster than Bloodborne and certainly slower than Sekiro - not that pace defines mechanics in the first place. I love Ninja Gaiden but it's all about combos, abusing cancels and wall jumps along with lashings of Ninpos and Ultimate Technique - there's little to nothing there that bears much similarity to the combat in Kena.
  22. All those games have great combat but Kena's is closer to Soulsborne - it's just not as tight. I'm not sure there's much fruitful discussion to be had here though, describing Souls combat as 'simplistic and clunky' strikes me as mindless contrarianism.
  23. I don't think the combat here is good or fair enough to be as tough as it is on harder difficulties. I really don't like how some of the bosses are almost impossible to space effectively and how the solution is often to jump about loads and abuse the bow slowdown - not very satisfying at all. Makes you appreciate how good the combat is in From games, currently getting my arse handed to me in the Ringed City DLC but I rarely feel much frustration at failing - not so this.
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